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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Open Letter to Fr. Tom Doyle, by Jay Nelson

Jay Nelson posted this Open Letter after Tom Doyle gave the same speech he gives every year last night at this year's SNAP conference near D.C. Doesn't anyone wonder why so much of what you hear is the same every year from SNAP, no matter what else happens? They do not even report on their own accomplishments, just press statements with sound bytes, this annual fest that hardly any survivor ever returns to, damage control, and since they keep anything else from happening, no heads ever roll. Jay's post:

Fr Tom, you’ve finally gotten the recognition from the Vatican and also from victims and survivors that’s been so long in coming. It hasn’t been easy; conservatives among the hierarchy have marked you as an enemy of the faith, and many victims have treated you even worse. Truly, in your clerical career you have paid a heavy price, and all the accolades and awards you have received for your work as a victim’s advocate probably don’t make up for it.
So why are so many victims still suspicious of you? You, sir, have given us the answer yourself, in youraddress to the latest SNAP conference, which appears on the National Catholic Reporter website – both organizations who have long been your most faithful supporters.
Could it be because you were doing your job for the Church when you first got involved, monitoring conditions in the United States at the Vatican embassy for Rome? Or could it be... (Click link below to continue reading) )
Link takes you to Jay Nelson's Renegade Catholic blog. 

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