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Friday, August 26, 2016

Judge got it right, just for wrong reason

I laughed out loud when I read this sentence in the judgment against SNAP yesterday

 "At no time have the SNAP defendants attempted to address their purported confidentiality concerns through other means beyond their repeated assertions of a nonexistent privilege," 

I laughed because "repeated assertions of nonexistent privilege" is all that SNAP is. For decades SNAP has been nothing more than the sentences they say in the news. There is NEVER anything more there. Survivors who've been trying to get past the obstruction that is SNAP to Prosecute the Bishops have known this for decades. 

Quote is from this story at Courthouse News Service in St. Louis


SNAP gives Survivors a Bad Name - once again

As if they are self destructing, now that damage control over the pedophile priest crisis is no longer needed, SNAP screws up royally once again: 
Judge sanctions advocacy group in Missouri clergy abuse suit
A federal judge has admonished an advocacy group for clergy abuse victims ... Xiu Hui “Joseph” Jiang the information the group deems confidential.
the end result is all survivors are put in this bad light. Once again, SNAP chooses to publicize a case that has no foundation, ignoring about 99,000 other cases that cry for public exposure, and ends up with horrible press, sanctioned by the Courts, and None of Us had anything to do with it. 
Still the result is all of us lose credibility
Gotta hand it to them, for counter intelligence- a support group to the public while defeating survivors behind the scenes- the people who run SNAP are really good at what they do


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Cardinal Pell 2014 testimony is still here to watch

Kay Ebeling shared a memory.
2 mins
Hey John Brown remember this!?!?
The only place on Earth to watch last week's testimony in royal commission hearings is on John Brown's YouTube channel, embedded at City of Angels Blog, including footage of Cardinal Pell comparing the Catholic Church to a trucking company. Just want to make sure people realize, the Commission is not broadcasting these vids, nor is CNN. John Brown is doing this from his garage, I'm doing this from my one-room apartment. We are not a nonprofit creating jobs for ourselves while we control release of information. We are releasing it.…/video-australia-royal-…
Copyright by my statement Comments have to be emailed to to be…
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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

It Ain't Over

the survivor movement may have fizzled away with last year's Oscars but God Is Still Really Pissed about the pedophile priests, so this ain't the end of the story.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Priest suing SNAP looks like bad guy in Man in High Castle

I do not know the story behind the reverend’s charges, but have to point out: The priest who is suing SNAP looks an awful lot like Inspector Kido on The Man in the High Castle series by Amazon Studios.

Inspector Kido
Rev. Xiu Hui Jiang

I'm just saying. . . 

Kido played by Joel de la Fuente is one of The Scariest and Most Effective Antagonists I've seen in a while, and I keep rewatching episodes just to see de la Fuente’s performance, so when I saw Jiang's photo, the resemblance Jumped Out at me. 
As to SNAP, I haven't believed anything that's come from them in ages, but always think it’s funny when they claim other organizations are too secretive. . .  

Here is one of few news articles on the Rev. Jo Jiang's lawsuit against Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests from St. Louis Post Dispatch:

Priest asks for sanctions against group withholding information about accusers

"SNAP had until July 22 to comply with the order, which also required turning over all records of donations attorneys for SNAP have made to the organization. The order said federal law does not guarantee privacy in the production of pre-trial evidence."

A lot of us would like to know where SNAP gets its money as I bet it would be a big surprise for everyone to find out who is really pulling their strings. 

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Justice Interruptus: Not Forgotten never will be

The bishops should have been prosecuted in Federal Courts across the land for the pedophile priests they let loose on America. Instead worst they experienced was a little niggling irritation from a handful of protesters right outside their door. That was It.

Justice Interruptus: at this point I can't even read a story about the pedophile priests or the bishops who aided and abetted them. It triggers PTSD effects that mess with everything else in my life. I Am So Pissed, and probably will always be, by the way the "survivor movement" was coopted right before our eyes and made to be totally ineffective and, well, where is everyone?

 I have to accept that the end result is long lonely days and nights. People with lots of friends and family keep their mouths shut much better than I do. But at age 67 am I going to change now? Not likely in fact it seems like it's getting worse. I'm turning into one of those old women who you don't know what is going to pop out of her mouth. Hmm, maybe I should leverage that.
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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Was going to write they finally fired a bishop and then I saw this

Latest Vatican spin and way to leverage the pedophile priests to their advantage: they used our issue as an excuse to get rid of a gay bishop. wow

VATICAN CITY ( - A Brazilian archbishop accused of shielding sexually abusive priests has resigned. Among other things, Pagotto has also…


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Monday, June 27, 2016

An Archbishop, a congressman, and a doctor walk into a bar...

trying to get a congressmember to respond to you is like trying to get a doctor to listen to you is like trying to get an Archbishop to admit that hundreds of thousands of children raped by priests shows systematic issues within the Catholic Church that need to be addressed. But instead. . .