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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Sunday surmise:

Soon after pedophilia was found in the Catholic Church on an epidemic scale then covered up like a Mafia crisis, the U.S. government became dominated by politicians who are enthusiastic Catholics. Hmm.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Calling Joe Biden a pedophile for kissing a child DIMINISHES the real crime of child rape, which has produced thousands of victims now adults struggling to survive.  It is Never Okay to shout Pedophile in a crowd:

It is not okay to shout 'Pedophile' in a crowd

Thing is, months later, I'm still repeating to myself things I should have said to the jerk shouting "Democrats are pedophiles" on the bus. I'd tell him, "Pedophilia is a serious crime, people who are victims live with repercussions the rest of our lives, last thing we want is

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Trump and Catholic bishops display same Evil

One other time in my life I encountered evil like I see every time Trump speaks. Last night his claim that Democrats are using covid to steal the election, knowing he's really using covid to engineer, to me, a genocide of Americans- watching that made me quiver and have the same revolting shaking reaction I had that other time I encountered shocking evil. It was while writing the pedophile priest stories, realizing the person I was talking to was not really a victims' advocate but was really working for the church. I can't go into detail the words that gave him away, it was more a compilation in my head of what he'd done compared to what he was saying to me, knowing the opposite was true, then getting a glimmer of who benefits from this lie. In the case of USA it's death of more Americans, exactly what Putin and the Prince have worked to accomplish with Trump as their tool. In the case of the church, it was using vulnerable people's vulnerabilities to make them think you're helping them when you're really doing subterfuge for the bishops. The base humanity was the same, an evil that to me is worse than murder or robbery or most felonies, an evil that transcends basic human instinct, all done just to benefit an even more evil presence that stays secretly in the shadows.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

While TV producers waste time on housewives and serial killers

I'd like to see a TV series where an investigative group goes out and finds all the perp priests that got "fired" from the church and are now in our communities such as George B. McFadden:
Jul 13, 2003 - George McFadden, 79, said that he has no formal ties with the Fort Wayne-South Bend Roman Catholic Diocese and moved to Indiana to be ...
and George Neville Rucker
Jul 29, 2019 - (AP) — The visiting priests arrived discreetly, day and night. ... When a serial pedophile was sent to jail for abusing dozens of minors, .... of the Canon Law Society of America and an early Opus Bono adviser, records show.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Anyone seen The Two Popes?

Anyone seen "The Two Popes"? I can't watch, in fact a reason I'm canceling Netflix is they keep shoving the preview in my face and trying to take me to The Two Popes after other shows. I bet it is just PR for the Vatican saying 'These bishops and all are just nice guys like the rest of us, innocent, childlike, unable to do any wrong.'
so wondered if anyone else did watch, so they can tell me, do The Two Celebrity Popes even Mention The Pedophiles they protected in this Innocent Church trope?
Kay Ebeling 

Saturday, October 26, 2019

The Two Popes on Netflix and whitewash of thousands of sex crimes against children continues

It's my job. I'm working on press kit for The Two Popes now, where great actors and production crews pay homage and deliver lustful adoration to the Vatican... 
The whitewash continues. Harvey Weinstein gets more shocked outraged news coverage than 10,000 pedophile priests in the US media bk, you know, chicks... 
I am very incorrect politically but I think Ronan Farrow is no journalist, and adult women in Hollywood who think they are not going to get sexually approached while working in films should move to Des Moines. Female producers harass men and young women too. It's called Sexual Attraction between attractive people. Adults. 
More than six thousand priests raped Hundreds of Thousands of CHILDREN and I do not remember anyone in the press being as angry as they are now about Harvey Weinstein. 
Plus: The Two Popes starring Anthony Hopkins as Benedict is coming soon to Netflix. 
So I'll know more about the upcoming papal internet series than I'll want to know, tonight I'm working on interview with a set designer, a guy with an Italian accent who sounds like he's Praying out and Calling to God as he answers design questions. For a TV show.  

Friday, October 11, 2019

They Invented Confession yet

The whole idea of Confession and doing penance and then being forgiven is rooted in the Catholic Church yet from Vatican down no church spokesperson has ever really admitted what they let happen to hundreds of thousands of children and the torturous battle they put victims through to cover up their crimes.
Where is the Confession?
When are the Bishops and archdioceses going to serve Penance?
I know I'm repeating myself, I wrote it a few days ago here
bk this concept keeps running through my head.
Christians everywhere talk about this concept of Forgiving the perpetrator, forgive your enemy, but the very persons who started that propaganda did not confess their own sins or serve penance in the worst crimes against children by clergy in history.
It just makes me... wonder about Everything that is labeled Christian. All of it is rooted Constantine taking back Rome around the year 300 then monks in the Vatican gathering writings and calling it a Bible.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

I have to move again bk I'm surrounded by catholic red staters

I forgot and let it slip that I'm a pedophile priest victim to a neighbor here and showed her City of Angels blog. Within days people in the lobby here in Tahoe Senior Plaza were turning their backs on me and there have been a couple of incidents that leave me so uncomfortable that I am looking to move again. I forgot that this happened in Chicago and Lancaster. As soon as people find out about my blog, a simmering undercurrent of hatred and animosity is aimed at me, bk there are people out there so uninformed- misinformed- about why all of us came forward. 
-sigh, longing for stability but accepting that I'll never know it

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Pedophile priests turned loose on society after taken out of ministry for being pedophile priests

I wrote on this here at CofA Blog 10+ years ago, mainstream news finally noticed: "Nearly 1,700 priests and other clergy members that the Roman Catholic Church considers credibly accused of child sexual abuse are living under the radar with little to no oversight from religious authorities or law enforcement, decades after the first wave of the church abuse scandal roiled U.S. dioceses, an Associated Press investigation has found. These priests, deacons, monks and lay people now teach middle-school math. They counsel survivors of sexual assault. They work as nurses and volunteer at nonprofits aimed at helping at-risk kids. They live next to playgrounds and day care centers. They foster and care for children."
In Trump land, this story will go unnoticed. CofA Blog was quashed years ago and I'm too swamped at work or I'd write more on it now anyway.... Somewhere in these pages are stories I wrote in 2008-09 on this same subject... priests turned loose on society after being taken out of ministry for molesting children:

About this website

Nearly 1,700 priests and other clergy members that the Roman Catholic Church considers credibly accused of child sexual abuse are living under the radar with little to no oversight from religious...

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Confession and Coverup

Trickle-Down Morality is what we all live with now, coming from the top, the Vatican. As after Catholic Church engaged in global coverup of pedophile priest crimes for decades, they set the tone for the world.
I mean they are the guys who invented Confession and Penance.
Just not for them.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Valerie Plame and me and a pedophile priest

At the news that Joe Wilson died, I was concerned that Valerie Plame would falter in her New Mexico Congressional campaign, then read here that he was now her ex husband. 
I identify with Valerie Plame in two weird ways. One, she's the woman I would have been if I hadn’t been so screwed up, a sentiment I have often now in my seventies. The second connection I have with Plame is I was once almost recruited into the CIA but was rejected bk of what happened to me at the hands of a pedophile priest. Ah what a small world.
My generation of women was not encouraged to go onto higher education unless we were really exceptional or really rich with unusually progressive parents.  To me, planning for college in the 1960s would have kept me outside of the popular crowd in high school, to which I didn't belong anyway.  Still I know that if I been born twenty, even ten years later, I’d have studied the sciences or planned for college and become a lawyer, even an astronaut. 
Instead I became a journalist for NASA with the title “Public Information Specialist” working with astronauts in the late 1970s working at LBJ Space Center in Houston.  That's where my identification with Valerie Plame comes in. 
Because at one point the CIA recruited me, then rejected me.
I was rejected from the CIA because of my sexual problems. 
More than a decade later I realized being molested by a priest at age five was the root of those sexual problems.  But in 1980, I had not made that connection.
Honest.  In about 1980 I was talking to guys in the CIA about working for them, then Their Behavioral Profilers identified that I had a sexual problem that would make me “unreliable. ” I knew something weird had happened when I was around age five with Father Horne but did not remember enough details to realize it was a cause of my weird sexuality.  I thought I just had more sex than most people because I had some special spiritual sex thing that I shared with men and all those women who hated me for it were secretly jealous of me for all the guys I’d been with.
Sigh. It's hard to admit I was so screwed up, but I made it to seventy one and could have twenty-thirty more years now to make up for it. Slowly.
The CIA guys said, their rejecting me for sexual problems had nothing to do with how I act on one date or another.  They identified an issue, a sexual problem that showed a psychiatric incident in childhood perhaps, something that created a compulsion.  I don't remember all the words they said to me, I just remember how disappointed I was and how confused.  Because at that point I had not connected being molested at age five by Father Horne-y with how really confused I was about sex and how much that sexual compulsion affected my life.
I remember the incident dimly now.  It was when I was 31 at the oldest, 1979 or so working in the Newsroom at NASA Houston (713 483 5111 call them and confirm it). I was amazingly hot in those days, looked a lot like Valerie Plame, still have the same hair as her only now it's white, and I'm shorter, and I liked the extra power and sex looking good got me.
Valerie Plame for Congress

About this website

I'm running for Congress because we're going backwards on national security, health care, and women's rights. We need to turn our country around. https://val...

Had that same sassy attitude  and I worked out and jogged and pretended I was training with the astronauts, so at that time I could tuck a blouse in a size six skirt and look good.  The men who were “recruiting” me for CIA were with a public relations firm in downtown Houston, a sub contractor to Hill and Knowlton and I've since seen the name of that PR firm a few times in stories that concerned intelligence ops in D.C., but I cannot for the life of me remember its name. 
I thought I was going on to a new exciting career, or maybe occasional assignments. I thought I was about to become part of the Intelligence Community that today is being hounded by Trump so for the first time in my life I'm glad I wasn’t.
Instead I was confronted for one of the first times with the reality of my skewed sexuality, that everyone in the world did not want to live the promiscuous life I was living; indeed, if I met someone today who lives like I lived then, I’d know they must have been been molested as a child.
Again. If I had been born twenty, even ten years later, people would have identified my behavior in preteen years as that of a kid who’d been molested.  Instead I just wore green makeup and isolated and shocked and jumped on men’s laps and humped them to the embarrassment of my mother and lived on so that forty years later I could write City of Angels Blog at starting at and continuing at and about the pedophile priests crimes and coverups by the Catholic bishops forty years later.

Life goes on. 

Links in this story:

-Kay Ebeling
(First posted today at City of Angels 25 (

Friday, September 13, 2019

This strange noise came up from inside, if I did not leave the Church fast I'd scream something embarrassing

I tried again to go to a Catholic church last Sunday. It seems every time I try to get a social life here, everything leads to St. T’s, Saint Theresa’s the local Catholic place that is apparently doing a real good job at what they do, when not looking the other way while Father Horney gets his horns off with a kid in the confessional… but I digress.
I've sort of made a few friends in town and they all go to Saint T’s. The people I'm interested in meeting in Tahoe it turns out go to St. T’s.  People I've met who I like will go into long conversations about great things that happen when they're at St. T’s, so I thought, well, I could just see what it's like. I mean my last time as a practicing Catholic they were still doing it in Latin. Dad let me and Trish leave the church after we became teenage whores, as dad then saw what Father Horne did to us… he even got a settlement from the Chicago archdiocese in 1955… but I digress.
So Sunday AM I'm dressed to go out and Denny’s is just not an option, nor is any of the other churches… Presbyterian to me is Catholic light although at least their priests are married. Still they wear the robes and sound so Catholic that I've gotten triggered when I went there before and also… I don't know.
I went Sunday to Saint T’s to try to be part of the town where I'm living.  I walked in enough past the beginning to be un-noticed sat in the back and listened to some nice singing, then looked around. A guy I think I recognized, Hispanic with his family, was bent forward holding his prayer book, trying, trying so hard to have the spiritual experience he came there to have, pushing it kind of, but determined.  I remember feeling that way a long time ago, a spiritual feeling, in several churches since adulthood.  I know what that Mexican man across the aisle was trying to get to.  I wanted to get there too. 
But then as I looked around more, this thing inside just would not stay silent.  I knew if I sat there much longer, I was going to holler something, I was thinking it and soon I’d be thinking it out loud or maybe screaming, “You are all being conned at such a deep level!”
My mouth opened, this strange noise came out.  It started deep in the stomach but I choked on it, so instead it turned into a cough, a gaseous cough that hiccupped out and people kind of jumped nearby, I think the priest even jerked his hand… not sure.  I thought, if I do not get out of here in this moment I am going to scream out something and embarrass myself and I'm already kind of getting known as a crazy old lady in town…
So I went back outside and walked around and I think I had one conversation, with a bus driver. The cafes are empty in the mornings here, this is a party city and I'm a morning person. 
By Kay Ebeling 
also posted at CofA 25 

Monday, August 19, 2019

If only Catholic Church would practice what it preaches

If the Church just Confessed, made an act of Contrition and paid a real penance to the world for its astounding number of pedophile priests, then I'd feel much better about them. Instead the bishops on down ignore this basic facet of their own religion. 
Very revealing

"Beset by clergy abuse claims, New Orleans Archbishop hopeful church can 'heal' and is 'being renewed"

“It’s one cross, but we’re all carrying it,” [Aymond] said, likening the church and the abuse crisis to Jesus Christ and his path to crucifixion. “There is hope in resurrection.” ' 

NO. Not if you don't repent first. Your Own Church teaches that. Yet you want to go forward as if nothing happened. 

The church acted NOTHING like Jesus Christ in its response to pedophile priest victims, how dare Aymond make that comparison. There is no humility remorse or guilt here or in any other statement made by the Church in fifty years about this issue.  

Dear Catholic Bishop: Just admit what you all did and stop trying to cover it up and talking about it with buzz words and euphemisms. Hundreds of thousands of children got raped on Catholic Church properties last 75 years and the church has yet to admit that it allowed this horrible thing to happen, and instead works hard to keep at least its own parishioners from finding out the truth.
Click above and start reading to find out the truth. 

Friday, July 12, 2019

Pedophile Priests and Climate Science

Climate scientists are going through something similar to what I went through doing blog about pedophile priests: 'Climate scientists face a distinct dilemma: “They have to deal with the surrealism of knowing what we know and living within a society choosing not to know or willing itself not to know…For them it’s incredibly difficult to find yourself in a role not asked for: ‘I didn’t choose to be suddenly in the midst of a swirl of political and cultural and social trauma.’”' (From Mother Jones article linked below)
(I'm not a scientist but I used to write press releases for scientists and so am going through a similar thing to climate scientists today:)
'So what is it like to be cursed with foreknowledge that others ignore? Peter Kalmus... says. '“Astrophysics... had no implication for the possible collapse of human civilization.” But the unrelenting momentum of climate change does. “I’m always thinking about it,” he says. “That can be a burden. Whenever friends talk about flying off to vacation, I feel compelled to point out the large carbon cost to flying. I’d like to take a vacation from thinking about it. I’m not sure that is psychologically possible.”
'During the recent wildfires in California, where he lives, Kalmus became irritable because the link between natural disasters and climate change was not front and center in media coverage. Like many climate scientists, he is often hit by waves of grief. Kalmus once called his congressional representative to support a piece of climate change legislation. “I was explaining to the staffer why it was urgent, and I started crying,” he says. “For me, the grief comes up unexpectedly.” '

About this website

The distinct burden of being a climate scientist
  • Kay Ebeling I sit here at 6000 feet in what should be an environmental masterpiece, yet every day this summer the smell of car exhaust greets me when I open my windows, walk outside and it feels like LA in the 1990s. There are So Many Tourists Driving Cars in town right now that it is unpleasant to breathe, until the wonderful wind comes and blows it away. But blows it to where?
  • Kay Ebeling 'Fossil fuel emissions killed 90 percent of this reef. But my dominant strategy is to intellectualize it and say, ‘What a crazy species we are.’ As a scientist, my only role is to generate useful information.” '
  • -ke

Monday, June 24, 2019

I find my inability to trust anyone a problem. However

I have started a new fantasy to get me through:
I am a  galactic anthropologist who spends one lifetime after another traveling to different planets and planes at times of crisis to observe, then report back.  I came to Earth in 1948 to live through this time of high crime and corruption.
I plan to report that the pedophile priest crimes coming out in late twentieth century was one last chance for humankind, and the Vatican blew it. 
Because I am on a galactic mission, nothing fazes me. When I die and leave the planet, I will report back... then my colleagues and i will watch together as this peculiar human species likely self destructs. Then I'll go somewhere else. 
If I live my fantasy of being an "eternal journalist" from another part of the galaxy, just here on assignment, nothing else, I'm not part of all this crazy earthly stuff anymore.
I was on assignment when I landed in Superior Court downtown L.A. in Jan 2007 and started CofA Blog about these crimes among other things. My peculiar billet also landed me in the middle of the anti-war movement and counter culture 1960s-70s, at NASA in years up to first Space Shuttle, at a PR firm in Beverly Hills repping movie stars as a kind of dalliance, and then in the "Movement" of pedophile priest victims.  I have a lot to say when I get back to HQ. 
As long as I live in this fantasy, I don't care about any of the insane things humans do, or take it personally, or even want to change it. I'm just a reporter... and who knows, maybe my "assignment" is not imagination, maybe it's my awakening.

Monday, April 1, 2019

I am seeking a literary agent to develop Pedophile Priest stories into a TV series

As a pedophile priest crime victim who is also a journalist, I've covered this true story of sex crimes against children for several years and now seek representation to continue my series of articles and produce them as a book and true crime TV series.
I wrote about specific cases around the world and posted them here “Pedophile Priest True Crime Series” proposed here: and I've continued to post an occasional story about recent developments at this City of Angels Blog site from 2012 to present here: The blog started here: City of Angels Blog 2007: L.A. Clergy Cases: I covered 660 civil lawsuits against the Los Angeles Archdiocese as they went through L.A. Superior Court. 
For three years I traveled the country writing these true stories of pedophile priest crimes and the victims until I could no longer support the investigation with my own resources alone.  So now I'm seeking a literary agent to help sell these stories as a TV true crime series and / or book, or a video series to be streamed online, in order to produce the rest of the story of pedophile priest crimes, the part of the story the Catholic Church worked for twenty years to prevent too many individuals from learning.
From doing my blog, I am certain that the complete story has not yet been told of these thousands of sex crimes against children, because no one has done what I was trying to do, go from archdiocese to archdiocese to research the crimes and point out similarities in every city.  So far I've interviewed dozens of victims and have noted patterns and similarities in the crimes in every archdiocese in the country.
I need a literary agent to help me, are you interested?
Thank you,
Kay Ebeling, South Lake Tahoe, California
PS:  I covered more pedophile priest cases around the country on these blogs as well.
The truth needs to be told, or this horror of sex crimes against children could be repeated. 
I hope you are interested in working with me.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

'Well, father, just like those Crips and Bloods, you're culpable, because you joined the gang, man.'

(Just got around to watching Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri and found this angry and effective dialogue from Mildred talking to a local priest, kinda shocking, showing how the pedophile priest crimes have ebbed into our cultural infrastructure [yay] so transcribed it, and posted it here:)

Mildred:  You know what I was thinking about today?  I was thinking about those street gangs they have down in Los Angeles the Crips and Bloods.   And I was thinking about those laws they came up with in the 1980s I think it was to combat those street gangs, those Crips and those Bloods.  And if I remember rightly the gist of what those new laws was saying was if you join one of these gangs and you run with them and down the block one night unbeknownst to you one of your fellow Crips or your fellow Bloods shoot up a place or stab a guy, well then even though you may not know nothing about it and even though you may have just been standing on the street corner minding your own business, what these new laws said was, you're still culpable.  You're still culpable by the very act of having joined those Crips and Bloods in the first place. 
Which got me thinking, father, that whole type of situation is kind of like you church boys ain’t it.  You got your colors, you got your club house, your for want of a better word a gang.  And if you're upstairs smoking a pipe and reading your Bible while one of your fellow gang members is downstairs fucking an altar boy, well, father, just like those Crips and just like those Bloods, you're culpable, because you joined the gang, man.  I don't care if you never did shit and you never saw shit and you never heard shit, you joined the gang, you're culpable.  And when a person is culpable to altar boy fucking or any kind of boy fucking, [or child fucking] because I know you guys didn't really narrow that down, then you kind of forfeit the right to come into my house and say anything about me or my life or my daughter  or my billboards.  So why don’t you just finish up your tea, there, father and get the fuck out of my kitchen.