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Monday, September 26, 2016

Figgers won't leave me alone still

Weird situation, I'm sure my apt has been broken in to twice last 2 weeks, not to steal anything, just to do something so I'd know they are there. I'm not paranoid, honest, this really happened. I thought when I stopped doing the blog weird stuff like this would stop happening. I wrote one post last month and it started again. All I can say is, I'm a little old lady with a blog and I wrote something on it that scared these powerful bad guys who people think are good. Or pissed them off. Whatever. I stand by everything I wrote, and next time they break in, I wish they'd leave a bottle of Jack D, as I'm out and broke 'til end of the month. Not going to let this affect my life, NOT going to move again bk of it like last three times. If they want to poison me again like in West Virginia, I've got health insurance now, so they'd get discovered. I'm just going to post stuff here so Someone Knows if something bad does happen to me. I'm in Tahoe trying to restart my life and the figgers still won't leave me alone, wow. what does that say about the whole pedophile priest thing? A little old lady blogger writes what she discovers and they mess with her the rest of her life


Only thing different that I wrote that would cause me to be harassed so much more than others who were / are activists on the pedophile priest issue is here:

I hope I'm imagining this. I posted this yesterday, went out on bus couple hours, and just now realized that a kitchen thing I keep by my bed for protection is gone. Gone. I'm freaking out. first thought is the creep read this post and broke in again. will spend most of today looking under furniture etc trying to figure out where the thing went, can buy another one in a grocery store but still, I Really Hope I Am Imagining This as I don't have energy for another move. My second thought is they are trying to intimidate me. But who the F are "they"? I'm not doing the blog anymore, so trying not to suspect the usual suspects. Would they still be messing with me? Is it my drunk neighbors who are really connected mountain mafia types and they're tired of me complaining about noise? No. Maybe I'll find the thing, if I don't then someone has been in here now twice in two weeks...

Kay Ebeling
OK. I think someone broke into my apt last week, have not been able to shake the sense- I have a lamp next to my desk, only way to turn it on and off is plug into extension cord as on-off switch is broken. In 3 years I've had the old (beautiful) lamp, I have turned it on and off that way, never touch the switch. Other day after being out, I plugged it in and the on-off switch had been clicked. I thought right then, someone must have been in here but nothing was moved or stolen. A whole week later I'm still thinking about it bk, as many know, weird shit happened to me in Chicago when I was working on the pedophile priest thing. So now I'm sitting here, decided, oh well, if they put a keyboard stroke tracker on my computer again, like I think they did in Chicago- if they did it again, oh well. Hope they are intrigued by the reality TV show videos I drone through on a daily basis for work. Am I paranoid? Do I look good in my laptop camera, you spook? la de dah, would a Private Dick in Tahoe be stupid enough to click an on off switch on a half broken lamp in a dark room? Yes.
still can't find it, trying not to freak out
-oh well

Friday, September 9, 2016

With pedophile priests, Twin Towers, and war crimes, USA is now The Falling Man

"There was something going on that was not familiar American territory about dealing with tragedy.  There were things about that day that you weren’t supposed to say, you weren’t supposed to see."  – Tom Junot, The Falling Man

I've seen the mentality to which Junot refers in the pedophile priest crisis, and as a result we get news like this:

Cardinal Vincent Nichols wants to ban employers asking about criminal records - Tue 06 Sep 2016 By Antony Bushfield - The leader of Catholics in England and Wales says employers should not be allowed to ask about a person's criminal record on a job application form.  Normally applications require a declaration of any past dealings with police but Cardinal Vincent Nichols said people should not be compelled to disclose their conviction.  Speaking at the Conference of Prison Chaplains, he said stopping the practice would allow convicts to "put their past in context and show who they really are.  It is hard to envisage the crushing disappointment of someone who has worked hard to move away from crime and learn new skills, only to be rejected for job after job and never even given the opportunity to explain how he or she has changed since being convicted years before.   (Read the entire story here  at Premier UK.)
The British Cardinal delivers a wonderful well-timed, compassionate argument but-

Did any reporter ask the Cardinal if pedophile priests are included in his advocacy for recovering criminals? 

In the USA we have not been willing to "show who we really are," as the Cardinal says, for decades. Instead we think if we act like something is not there, it will go away, an attitude that was blatant in the pedophile priest crisis. I think this refusal to admit our wrongs and make amends is at the root of all America’s problems, the whole country needs to learn from a program that works and do the Fourth Step all the way to the Ninth Step, starting with the Catholic Church. 
Journalist Tom Junot talks about this phenomenon of not facing the truth in The Falling Man documentary from 2006.
In the film we see that as the Twin Towers burned, people were jumping out of the buildings, an image that few of us can forget who watched that day.  But as shown in the film, when Junot tried to write about the people who were in the images, no one wanted to talk about the people who jumped, or even admit the jumping happened.
This is dialogue from the film:

Junot: I never saw that picture again.
Narrator: Newspapers and magazines decided not to run it again.   No one wanted to confront the existence of the jumpers.  Americans had recoiled from the falling man, but now pictures of heroes were something people could celebrate and rally around.
Junot: The images that lasted are in the most case heroic pictures.  There was a spin that came out of our feeling of being so deeply wounded which was that we're Americans… the American spirit shall prevail. Whereas Richard Drew’s picture, the Falling Man  picture became for whatever reason the one that nobody wanted to look at.
Narrator: But Tom Junot decided to investigate why the jumpers had been air brushed from the day. 
Junot: The coroner said nobody jumped that day. They were blown out, they were forced out, we don’t say that they jumped, nobody jumped.  That just made me feel that there was just something going on that was not familiar American territory about dealing with tragedy. . . . There were just things about that day that you weren’t supposed to say, you weren’t supposed to see, you weren’t supposed to talk about and for me that resistance wound up centering on and attaching itself to Richard Drew’s picture.  

(From Falling Man, the documentary released in 2006)

The same thing happened when Nancy Pelosi first took the gavel as Speaker of the House in 2007. First words out of her mouth were “Impeachment is off the table.” We never faced the war crimes of the Bush Administration and today we are still embroiled in the Middle East and those Bushwacko war criminals are still calling the shots.   

The U.S. is not going to recover until we stop pretending we can vibe our problems away.  Thinking good thoughts to make everything all right does not work. 

There's a defeated sense in the land, where we don’t want to look at crime if it is at such a high level that prosecution will be. . . work.

Globally the Roman Catholic Church protected thousands of priests who were molesting children, and aided and abetted their crimes, with the same pattern of criminal activity and cover-up in countries all over the world.

And yet Catholic Church hierarchy are the people we have advising us on morals and civil behavior?

If so, then the Church should lead the way and start admitting it aided and abetted pedophile priests, tell "the exact nature of its wrongs" per the Twelve Steps as opposed to deflective media events, then start making amends. Globally. Maybe then the rest of the world will follow. 

The full film 9/11: The Falling Man is available on YouTube for free
Posted by Kay Ebeling
City of Angels blogger
not just L.A., the city of angels is everywhere

Post Note: The "jumpers had been air brushed from the day" and now will hundreds of thousands of pedophile priest victims / survivors be air brushed from church history?

Monday, August 29, 2016

If SNAP were real, so much would have been different

If SNAP were real, there would have been events all over the country to coincide with release of the film Spotlight.

Gotta hand it to SNAP, their scheme was unique and it worked. When I talk to mainstream Americans, I find that no one knows what happened with the pedophile priests except for the people involved in the crisis.  SNAP managed to control release of the story as it broke from one city to another and, looking back on it, whatever CIA type spook who came up with this plan, it’s creative, it’s information management right out of what people think NASA does but it doesn't

One extremely effective technique used by Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests was, in every city, gathering all the contact information and keeping it from anyone else in the group.  .
Wherever the story broke about pedophile priests, from 2002 to today, SNAP would show up, traveling all over the world on short notice. 
What I witnessed was, SNAP flew in, became “in charge” of whatever media events were taking place, SNAP got all the media contact information from that new area where the story was breaking. SNAP also got all the contact information of new survivors. 
Then SNAP would fly away and take all the contact information with them. 
After a few years, SNAP became the organization every news person called. It was always a new reporter who did not realize the SNAP spokesperson was saying the exact same phrases they'd been saying for ten years, and nothing more. 
Even the local regional SNAP leaders were not given access to media and new survivor information, Blaine Clohessy and Dorris kept all that.
And never shared it.
As a result SNAP sent out all the press releases even if it was about a local story or media event. And they were really awful press releases with incorrect information and wrong addresses, times off by a few hours, etcetera, really bizarre.
As a result when a major event such as the release of the film Spotlight took place, the local SNAP leaders did not have press or local survivor contact information, it was all up to national SNAP to run any kind of campaign.
And SNAP did nothing.
SNAP was poised, with local branches in something like ninety cities around the country. And they did nothing. 
The biggest most obvious proof that SNAP is not really a survivor organization working for survivors, but is really working for someone else, is the lack of response to the film Spotlight.  
There should have used those local SNAP branches to hold press conferences and media events events in every one of those cities to coincide with the opening of Spotllight.
Instead the only public event for survivors connected to the film was Barbara Blaine smiling at the cameras on Oscar night from a cafĂ© around the corner from the Kodak Theater. 
The scam that is SNAP is, to me, the biggest part of the pedophile priest story, because SNAP prevented the story from breaking the way it would, without their damage control.
Now all those pervert priests are still in communities around the world, all the bishops who enabled them and profited from covering up their crimes are continuing to run what can’t be a legitimate religion as long as they are in charge. This is fraud at an extremely high level. 
Somewhere in David Clohessy’s basement in St. Louis is the truth about all this, although by now any evidence is probably hidden pretty well.  But ask any victim who used to be active with SNAP and then quit (there are thousands of us by now). We know the truth, but reporters, on tight time and cash budgets, always seem to go to no one but SNAP and the people SNAP sends them to, usually a newcomer who has not yet figured out the scam, to ask questions. 
That Is Not Journalism. 
Since American reporters don’t have beats, since the powerful own the media today- reporters just report what is said at press conferences, no one has the resources to dig into this part of the story. 

They got away with it.

The Catholic Church got away with thousands of pedophile priests raping hundreds of thousands of children MAINLY because the crime victims / "survivors" were not able to organize and conduct any kind of realistic advocacy to publicize our stories, because SNAP stood in the way in every city where the story broke.
They were working for the church all along.


If SNAP were real, this blog would have been incorporated, along with blogs by other survivors, into a network of information. There are hundreds of things SNAP could have been doing past twenty years, and all they did was suck up contact information while putting three or four people in the news, then disappear. 
We got screwed by a priest as a kid, by the church when we tried to get help, then by our own "support group" who just showed up in the middle of an already developing movement and took it over. 
Damage control 

POST NOTE: Since the first few scenes of Spotlight are full of "product placement" for SNAP in lines of dialogue mentioning the group, I wonder if the producers were expecting SNAP to produce events to help publicize the film, using SNAP's national resources. I'd love to know the true story of what happened there. 


If nothing else, silence around Spotlight was a Blatant Missed Opportunity for survivors to get out our stories to a much larger audience. 

But Blaine did tweet and retweet through the Oscars . . . to people who are already onboard. No one else hears about the advocacy but the other advocates.  It would be a study in Communications Control to see how they kept the survivor movement so insular.


Posted by Kay Ebeling
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Friday, August 26, 2016

Judge got it right, just for wrong reason

I laughed out loud when I read this sentence in the judgment against SNAP yesterday

 "At no time have the SNAP defendants attempted to address their purported confidentiality concerns through other means beyond their repeated assertions of a nonexistent privilege," 

I laughed because "repeated assertions of nonexistent privilege" is all that SNAP is. For decades SNAP has been nothing more than the sentences they say in the news. There is NEVER anything more there. Survivors who've been trying to get past the obstruction that is SNAP to Prosecute the Bishops have known this for decades.

The people who run SNAP just showed up and superimposed themselves on a nascent victims' rights movement, and had all the resources they needed to take over. By the time survivors realized what SNAP was doing in their town, the damage had already been done. There Is No Survivor Movement Because of SNAP.  

Quote is from this story at Courthouse News Service in St. Louis


SNAP gives Survivors a Bad Name - once again

As if they are self destructing, now that damage control over the pedophile priest crisis is no longer needed, SNAP screws up royally once again: 
Judge sanctions advocacy group in Missouri clergy abuse suit
A federal judge has admonished an advocacy group for clergy abuse victims ... Xiu Hui “Joseph” Jiang the information the group deems confidential.
the end result is all survivors are put in this bad light. Once again, SNAP chooses to publicize a case that has no foundation, ignoring about 99,000 other cases that cry for public exposure, and ends up with horrible press, sanctioned by the Courts, and None of Us had anything to do with it. 
Still the result is all of us lose credibility
Gotta hand it to them, for counter intelligence- a support group to the public while defeating survivors behind the scenes- the people who run SNAP are really good at what they do


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Cardinal Pell 2014 testimony is still here to watch

Kay Ebeling shared a memory.
2 mins
Hey John Brown remember this!?!?
The only place on Earth to watch last week's testimony in royal commission hearings is on John Brown's YouTube channel, embedded at City of Angels Blog, including footage of Cardinal Pell comparing the Catholic Church to a trucking company. Just want to make sure people realize, the Commission is not broadcasting these vids, nor is CNN. John Brown is doing this from his garage, I'm doing this from my one-room apartment. We are not a nonprofit creating jobs for ourselves while we control release of information. We are releasing it.…/video-australia-royal-…
Copyright by my statement Comments have to be emailed to to be…
Posted by Kay Ebeling
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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

It Ain't Over

the survivor movement may have fizzled away with last year's Oscars but God Is Still Really Pissed about the pedophile priests, so this ain't the end of the story.