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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ysrael Bien Updates

Thanks to Abuse Tracker
and Bishop Accountability

Police: Receipt and shipping information links Sherwood priest to hidden bathroom camera

By FOX 12 Staff
Police say a receipt and shipping information linking a Sherwood priest to a hidden bathroom camera, is what prompted them to issue a warrant for his arrest Tuesday.
Investigators say a security company in Dallas, Texas is to thank for essentially breaking the case wide open.
Sherwood police say they were suspicious of Priest Ysrael Bien for months, but did not have enough evidence to arrest him, for hiding that camera in a church bathroom.

Priest at center of hidden camera scandal refuses church order to return

The Oregonian
By Emily E. Smith | The Oregonian/OregonLive
on August 19, 2015
The Archdiocese of Portland learned that one of its priests had left the country this summer during an investigation into a hidden camera found at his church. The archbishop says he tried to convince the priest to return, but he refused.
Church leaders discovered on July 29 that the Rev. Ysrael Bien was in The Philippines, an archdiocese spokesman said. But they don't know whether the priest, who is now wanted on misdemeanor charges, plans to return.
Acting on new information that linked Bien, 34, to the spy camera, Sherwood police were ready to arrest him on Tuesday.

August 19, 2015

Arrest warrant issued for priest

Catholic Sentinel
Ed Langlois
Of the Catholic Sentinel
SHERWOOD — Police now say Father Ysrael Bien, on administrative leave from his role as pastor of St. Francis Parish in Sherwood, purchased a spy camera later found in a church bathroom.
Records uncovered by the Oregonian newspaper show the 34-year-old priest logged onto a spy gear website in March to buy the $295 camera, which was disguised as an electrical outlet. A Washington County judge on Tuesday issued an arrest warrant for Father Bien on charges of invasion of privacy, tampering with evidence and initiating a false report — all misdemeanors.
“It is gravely troubling to find out that one of our priests has been charged with criminal misconduct, but we appreciate the diligence of the Sherwood Police Department in pursuing its investigation of the incident,” says Archbishop Alexander Sample. “We will continue to cooperate with authorities in the resolution of this matter. Our prayers are with parishioners of Saint Francis Church, Sherwood, and all who have been affected.”
Meanwhile, Father Bien has left the country to visit family in The Philippines.

Posted by Kay Ebeling
The City of Angels is Everywhere

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Open Letter to Fr. Tom Doyle, by Jay Nelson

Jay Nelson posted this Open Letter after Tom Doyle gave the same speech he gives every year last night at this year's SNAP conference near D.C. Doesn't anyone wonder why so much of what you hear is the same every year from SNAP, no matter what else happens? They do not even report on their own accomplishments, just press statements with sound bytes, this annual fest that hardly any survivor ever returns to, damage control, and since they keep anything else from happening, no heads ever roll. Jay's post:

Fr Tom, you’ve finally gotten the recognition from the Vatican and also from victims and survivors that’s been so long in coming. It hasn’t been easy; conservatives among the hierarchy have marked you as an enemy of the faith, and many victims have treated you even worse. Truly, in your clerical career you have paid a heavy price, and all the accolades and awards you have received for your work as a victim’s advocate probably don’t make up for it.
So why are so many victims still suspicious of you? You, sir, have given us the answer yourself, in youraddress to the latest SNAP conference, which appears on the National Catholic Reporter website – both organizations who have long been your most faithful supporters.
Could it be because you were doing your job for the Church when you first got involved, monitoring conditions in the United States at the Vatican embassy for Rome? Or could it be... (Click link below to continue reading) )
Link takes you to Jay Nelson's Renegade Catholic blog. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

This kind of manipulation of media and victims has been done before

If they were a real support network, the whole world would know about the UN hearings in Fall 2013 and how the Pope was almost brought to his knees. SNAP would have used the local groups they set up in cities across the country over last 20 years to publicize such an accomplishment.  Instead, crickets. Now hardly anyone knows the UN sanctioned the Vatican for clergy sex abuse. And the Pope was not brought to his knees at all. That kind of manipulation of the message is easy today in the USA:

On the effort to discredit Michael Moore by health insurance industry, from Deadly Spin chapter 4* -  "The Campaign Against Sicko"

"APCO, a D.C. PR firm, worked behind the scenes to 'reframe the debate. They set up a front group called 'Health Care America' who tested the phrase ‘government takeover.’ 

After the release of Sicko, Health Care America, a "non-partisan non-profit health care advocacy organization released the following statement:  'The reality is government run health systems around the world are failing patients, forcing them to forgo treatments or seek out of pocket care in other countries.' Sicko made $20 million as opposed to $125 million made by Fahrenheit 9/11.  APCO had succeeded in getting their talking points into most of the stories that appeared about the movie.

“AND NOT A SINGLE REPORTER had done enough investigative work to find out that insurers had provided the lions’ share of funding to set up Health Care America.”  [CofA emphasis] 

Just like not one reporter ever dug to find out who SNAP was and why the same two or three people showed up everywhere in the world when the pedophile priest story broke, claiming to represent the survivors. 

-Kay Ebeling 

* Quotes are from Deadly spin : an insurance company insider speaks out on how corporate PR is killing health care and deceiving Americans
Author: Wendell Potter

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Nothing they did was illegal either, in blocking pedophile priest victims from taking action. You can't report it to law enforcement, you can't get a news reporter interested in it. Brilliant maneuver on their part to kinda sorta pull off a fraud and to kinda sorta screw people, but not enough to ever be called on it. . .

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

One pervert after another in USA news, does anyone see a connection with thousands of pedophile priests let loose on the population over the last century, like they may have affected and empowered other predators? Thanks again, Catholic Church.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Pope traded Pedo-Priests for Left Wing Politics, (my theory only)

Considering what the Pope has done so far, what I wrote Dec 2013 is probably true: "My theory: It was a deal. Francis got named Pope to derail child sex abuse charges with a Sudden Left Wing Turn in the church. He gets to steer to the left and help the poor, and the old monarchs get to keep the pedophile priest files secret. Just my paranoid, plot seeing brain at work as always"
A bishop told me in 1955 to stop babbling about a pedophile priest. Another bishop told me in 2011 to stop writing about pedophile priests. Today, read about pedophile priest crimes at CityofAngels 1-30.
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Friday, June 19, 2015

The Pope Is Right

I Stand with Francis 
Earth is Priority One
I have a feeling after the summer we are in for, when the Pope meets with President Obama in September about how man lives on the planet, it will be of biblical proportions. 

"In the encyclical, Francis called for a bold cultural revolution, framing climate change as an urgent moral issue and blaming global warming on an unfair, fossil fuel-based industrial model that harms the poor most. He urged people of every faith to save God's creation for future generations. Francis is to address lawmakers in September in the first speech by a pope to Congress." (NYT calling it "a landmark foray by the Vatican")  ' "I think the pope needs to continue to study this," said Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala.'

Pope Urges World To Clean up its Filth 

Francis views climate change as being the result of a wasteful, materialistic society in which the rich exploit the poor.  (Thank you, Dubuque Telegraph Herald, more)

Pope Francis' Climate Message Yields Little GOP Response
New York Times - ‎1 hour ago‎
WASHINGTON — Pope Francis' call for dramatic action on climate change drew a round of shrugs from congressional Republicans on Thursday, while many of the party's presidential candidates ignored it entirely. "I don't want to be disrespectful, but I don't ...
KRIS Corpus Christi News - ‎25 minutes ago‎
The Week Magazine - ‎32 minutes ago‎
CleanTechnica - ‎34 minutes ago‎
Dubuque Telegraph Herald - ‎4 minutes ago‎
I'll be blogging on the same side as the Pope on this one over at CofAPundit aka CofA25

  • Kay Ebeling there is absolutely no reason to reject the pope on this just bk of pedo priests and coverups, that seems to not be happening anymore, I seem to be about only survivor willing to say that as well.
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  • Kay Ebeling at some point admit, we got them to change their policy, it probably won't happen again. Look at what a mess the planet is in, onward.

  • Kay Ebeling
    I know Pedo Priest activists and Republicans disagree with me on this, so what, i've been disagreed with before.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Always a work in progress

Right now Most my work 
is at CofA15 
but here's a thought
Imagine how bad news reporting would be if this corporate takeover had happened without an internet. Blogs and alternative news websites are Protecting The First Amendment where abc cbs NYTimes et all are failing us. Yay for us. 
Cardinal Stritch stood over me in 1955 in Chicago and said I had to stop "babbling" to everyone about what Father Horne had done to me. So I kept quiet for 40 years. Now in my late 50s -- I babble.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Media Whores produce similar results

Any other priest victims out there getting weirdly triggered by this Dugger family stuff? There is that "church" protecting a pedophile connection, a weird similarity especially in the way it was handled. It's really making me ... sick. When the parents found out, they went to the church who said, Pray on it and ask forgiveness, and no one reported as mandated by law to the police. The perpetrator went onto be influential and respected and as far as I know, nothing was ever done to address how this affected the five young girls. They used the Church to heal the sex-crime instead of reporting it to the law and getting help for the young victims. The similarity in the Duggers and the Catholic Church pedophilia is running through my head. They are an Influential family, they ran the Family Research Council, that's what's bugging me, the Influential stuff and thus the response from media and public- that's my trigger. that's the correlation to the Catholic Church in this that is driving me a bit wack, that they can do this and still be Influential and Respected even. The family that condones diddling among siblings is also the power behind the Family Research Council... Aaarrghghghbi!  

       onward reference

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Duggars in Backwoods, must have missed pedophile priest crisis

It's like the pedophile priest crisis in the Catholic Church did not even happen. They must have been back in the backwoods last twenty years and missed it.

Josh Duggar has finally found some outside support.
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Friday, May 22, 2015

Santa Barbara and the Vatican

Humans are the same race of beings who keep going to a church where the priests rape children. No wonder we let oil companies rape our planet.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Good Morning

The Vatican put together the Bible two thousand years ago as they knew the myth they created would Keep People Stupid and Controllable and Exploitable. Meanwhile the real "god" is watching and disgusted with humans, ready to smote us all.  Have fun.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

You Can Blame the Vatican for Ted Cruz

As I watch the news become less and less credible and misinformation become the norm, I often think, this started in the Vatican. In the hundreds of thousands of pedophile priest cases last thirty years, the Catholic Church set the tone for saying one thing when everyone knows the opposite thing is true, and saying the lie in such a persuasive way that the world blindly goes along with it.  That's how we have the same bishops who aided and abetted pedophile priests now advising the Pope, that's how we get presidential candidates such as Ted Cruz.  If there's enough power, nee cash, behind them, politicians and bishops can say anything.  Truth is a thing of the past. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Copied from a friend on Facebook:
Thankyou for sharing this story of how the all-powerful Church has damaged so many lives of both victims and their families by its cover-ups and lies, denying the widespread clergy sexual abuse of innocent children and vulnerable adults around the world. I believe that the clergy themselves are victims of an institution that is focused only on its own survival and not on Jesus, nor on the needs of the faithful. Mandatory celibacy and homophobia by the Church have played a large part in the sexual frustration of the clergy and the risk of the sexual abuse of children, in my view.
Victim says school refused to act after parents told them.
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  • Kay Ebeling my perp got to me in First Confession class, taught me to talk dirty...

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Friday, April 3, 2015


For some reason, I keep writing posts and not posting them.

A Maine sex offender accused of trying to sexually assault a little girl was hospitalized after his girlfriend allegedly ran him down with her car. The Lincoln County Sheriff's...
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