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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Video: Australia Royal Commission, Cardinal Pell et al testimony Here Aug 2014

New videos at bottom, more testimony added 8.27
Pell's Infamous Truck Co. Reference
Below: Cardinal George Pell likens priests raping children to a truck driver raping a hitchhiker, in that the trucking company is no more responsible for sexual predation of its employee than is the Catholic Church for sex crimes of its priests. You can hear the horrified crowd.
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VIDEOS: Royal Commission Hearing Testimony

(See bottom of post for most recent videos, including testimony from 8.25-26 Archbishop Denis Hart)
George Pell "Truck company" reference begins in video below at 10:40 (due to "Audio problem" from Vatican for six minutes, testimony starts at 9:44) 

Official word was the files were "too long" to post on the Commission website, but John Brown is downloading, digitizing, and uploading these videos of testimony in progress from his garage.

More Pell Evidence

Once again, in order to get the truth out, Guerrilla Journalists are doing the work that paid journalists don't have time to do, Brown will be posting testimony from The Royal Commission on his YouTube channel and City of Angels Blog will be embedding the videos here, like the ones below, over the coming weeks.  
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More from Cardinal Pell

From his suburban garage, Brown is posting all Testimony on the Melbourne Response, which both CNN and the Royal Commission refuse to do. 
More Testimony: Richard Leder I:

Richard Leder Testimony 2
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From Abuse Tracker on topic:

The Vatican refuses to release files of Australian priests accused of abusing children

AUSTRALIA AUGUST 22, 2014 - THE Vatican has refused to hand over the files of Australian priests accused of sex crimes to the child abuse royal commission. Claiming the internal documents were the property of the Holy See, the Vatican argued the commission’s request was “neither possible nor appropriate”.

-posted by Kay Ebeling, producer CofA Blog.

From his suburban garage, Brown is posting all Testimony on the Melbourne Response, which both CNN and the Royal Commission refuse to do. 

More testimony:

ABOVE: August 25 Session 1, Unable to post Session 2 as it came in with no audio.  
Session 3 from 8.25.14  is below:


BELOW: Denis Hart from August 25

More from Archbishop Hart

More Denis Hart testimony:

More Denis Hart testimony

More videos coming

John Brown just sent this email (Aug 27, 2014 5 PM PST)
Tomorrow's forecast is for a light sprinkling of sanity and secularism in Canberra clearing by early morning. The winds of change will be stopped in their tracks through the mental processes of George Brandis and Tony Abbott resulting large degrees of introversion and reliance on Pell as a guide to further obscenities.
A low pressure system in the cerebral cortex of Abbott accompanied by momentary mental flashes of Joe Hockey will bring the nation to its knees by mid afternoon leading on to a dreary night reminiscent of the dark ages and the Catholic Inquisition.
All common sense will be deeply repressed by early morning resulting from a combined front of Jesuit thinking and a full frontal justification for child sexual abuse will be left to high altitude processes as a result of an earlier inculcation.
There is little in the long range forecast that indicates any progress towards progressive thinking and equality. In the meantime the PM implores the population to adore human sacrifice and to drink the blood and to eat the flesh of a long dead mythical preacher who talks to Tony via similar connections to those his brain has in relation to his sphincter.

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