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Monday, June 9, 2014

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As CofA Blog carries on,
think of this as an appeal, 
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In 2008 Google blocked ads on my blogs with no explanation, while I was at the SNAP conference in Chicago. That block is still active, who knows who was behind it. 
Now even though I get thousands of clicks a week here at City of Angels the only way I can make money from the blog is to ask readers directly for cash.  I also never got  a settlement from the Chicago Archdiocese, so this blog is really my only asset.

Now and then I have to hold a PayPal campaign to raise funds.
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Meanwhile journalism on the pedophile priest topic from a survivor’s perspective continues at CofA 12  and CofA 15  Thank you for your readership. 
Here are links to recent posts:
At CofA 12:
THURSDAY, MAY 29, 2014
2 trips to Vatican since 2002
Still no communication with Pope 
So Birmingham victim makes documentary 
In a memorable segment of the film, Basta, Bernie McDaid tries to deliver a letter to a Vatican office. Dozens of other people enter as the Guards nod them in, but Bernie is left gesturing and pointing to papers in his hands. The caption reads “for 45 minutes, while negotiating, Bernie watches as people simply walk in.”  On screen the guards look like Punch and Judy dolls as they keep blocking Bernie from entering the building.  "Basta! No Pity, No Shame, No Silence" documents years of Vatican runaround experienced by two survivors of pedophile priest Joseph Birmingham of Boston trying to communicate with The Vatican about the extent of the pedophile priest crisis.  The film covers two trips to Rome in their effort to talk to a Pope. “At the second screening a survivor in his fifties stood up, talked about his life briefly, then mentioned for the first time in public that he was a survivor,” said Gary Bergeron

AND AT CofA 15 where I'm writing my story:
Here is the rest of it, all copy and pasted from a 2012 journal:
Part 2 is here and Part 1 is here ) 

Faster than the Speed of Life follows a pedophile priest survivor in L.A. who starts a blog exposing crimes of the Catholic Church on the internet, and repercussions that result, my story that I'm publishing as a book online to be completed by the end of 2015 at CofA 15.

So Please Support this Effort with PayPal clicks now and then.

Throughout the month I publish posts at CofA 12 such as

SATURDAY, MAY 24, 2014
While the world yawns, survivors hear crickets
I think what they accomplished at the UN yesterday, so twice this year, was amazing, yet not one mainstream paper has reported it with any significance and now the Pope is visiting the Middle East. Forget that the UN torture / clergy sex abuse announcement came out on the Friday before Memorial Day, it's astonishing that SNAP doesn't have every one of its local groups doing significant events locally to spread word about the UN committee decision yesterday.  I'm ready to mend fences, I emailed a couple L.A. SNAP people saying, why don't we do something to publicize this and I got . . . crickets, nothing, no one has anything planned, they say they haven't heard anything. 

AND occasional comedy:
When I started CofA Blog in Jan 2007, I showed up out of nowhere and clerks in L.A. Superior Court helped me find my way around the maze of documents exposing crimes of the Cardinal and Archdiocese in the L.A. Clergy Cases.  I would copy type those documents and post them here at CofA 3.  Then along with other events, the file room closed and strange things began to happen in my life.

I also post dozens of short posts at CofA 12 each month, such as these News Updates


PLUS at CofA 15 – Faster I regularly publish short posts that I call backstory such as:

SUNDAY, MAY 11, 2014
(More back story found in old journals)
he judge said, let’s acknowledge the victims, and all in the court turned to the viewing area. Men who had been raped by pedophile priest Clinton Hagenbach from the 1960s to 1980s were in many of the seats, and as they rose a wave of pheromones and testosterone filled the room. They each emanated an internal rage, but also they shared a remarkable characteristic.  Beautiful angelic faces.   I had seen the phenomenon once before among pedophile priest survivors, at an event in 2006. They asked everyone in the room who had been molested by a priest to stand up, and again, it was a sea of angelic faces, all in different stages of aging, all showing different signs of damage, but still stunning and beautiful faces.


FRIDAY, MAY 2, 2014
In Dallas in 1970 I ran the kitchen at a Yoga ashram. My title was House Mother. With the windows open I cooked up vegetarian meals for the 20-25 people who lived there, beginning around five in the AM packing lunches for the yogis who went off each day to their jobs.  The entire household got up at four AM to meditate each day and 



To the flight controllers at NASA in the eighties who probably wrote about me on the men’s room walls, like they did in the Daily Texan newsroom in Austin in the seventies, and to all the women who gunned for me after what I did with their husbands, I'm sorry. 

I hope you can support City of Angels Blog with clicks on my PayPal button to help keep me and the blog alive.

-kay ebeling
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