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Monday, July 15, 2013

Episodes: True Crime Series, Pedophile Priests

(In every Archdiocese in every city, the pattern of crime is the same. There is more to the story of pedophile priests in the Catholic Church than has yet been told. Today several hundred thousand victims live with unanswered questions and unique damages from these astonishing sex crimes against children. Linked below are stories on the topic published at CofA Blog since January 2007. To learn about this series email cityofangelslady @ yahoo . com ) 

From Boston and The Vatican

THURSDAY, MAY 29, 2014

Basta! And Still Not Enough!

2 trips to Vatican since 2002
Still no communication with Pope 
So Birmingham victim makes documentary 
Basta. Bernie and guard
In a memorable segment of the film, Basta, Bernie McDaid tries to deliver a letter to a Vatican office. Dozens of other people enter as the Guards nod them in, but Bernie is left gesturing and pointing to papers in his hands. The caption reads “for 45 minutes, while negotiating, Bernie watches as people simply walk in.”  On screen the guards look like Punch and Judy dolls as they keep blocking Bernie from entering the building.
"Basta! No Pity, No Shame, No Silence" documents years of Vatican runaround experienced by two survivors of pedophile priest Joseph Birmingham of Boston trying to communicate with The Vatican about the extent of the pedophile priest crisis.  The film covers two trips to Rome in their effort to talk to a Pope. 
“At the second screening a survivor in his fifties stood up, talked about his life briefly, then mentioned for the first time in public that he was a survivor,” said Gary Bergeron who put together the film.  “I still meet Birmingham survivors who I knew personally who I didn't know were Birmingham survivors, they had never come forward before.”

From West Virginia

Attacked by Judge, Media, Parish etc, Survivor Perseveres and Fr. Robert Poandl Gets Convicted

Nowhere is the church's strategy to attack the victim more obvious than in the case of Father Robert Poandl, convicted in federal court September 20 of transporting a minor across state lines for illicit purposes.   

Falsely Accused of Falsely Accusing
It became open season for attacks on the accuser in August 2010 when molestation charges against Poandl were dismissed in Roane County, West Virginia.  The judge badmouthed the accuser in open court and defense attorneys made false claims about the crime victim to reporters.  Church devotees went online with adoring comments about the priest and hateful assumptions about the victim. David Pierre devoted an entire chapter to Father Poandl being “Falsely Accused” in one of his books.  The day of the dismissal a guy named Steve in the UK wrote me that I need to update a blog post from April 2010 about Poandl’s indictment because, the emailer wrote, “This good man has been devastated by someone seeking a large payout.”  
Worse yet, after his dismissal Father Bob Poandl himself wrote to parishioners of the Holy Redeemer parish in Spencer, West Virginia, in a letter to be read at Mass: "Of course, I had known that this man was not trustworthy from the moment that he accused me. I knew that.,, (UPDATE: Poandl was sentenced Feb 2014 to 7.5 years)
From Philadelphia and Iowa, 
Boys Town, re Fr. Peter Dunne


This story makes me so angry it will take at least three posts to even begin to tell it. Here is part one of Peter Dunne, Flagrant Pedophile Priest

By Kay Ebeling

Peter J. Dunne could be yet another "worst pedophile priest ever," as his series of crimes stretches one's already over expanded capacity to absorb. Here yet another predator maneuvers himself into the role of priest so he can use the sacraments and other resources of the Catholic Church to gain access to children.

In Philadelphia, Rev. Peter Dunne ran the Boy Scouts, St. Francis vocational school for troubled boys, he taught in several parish schools, he counseled at summer camps, he had his own cabin in the woods where he took his victims - I mean...

Reading about this perp, it begs logic and reason to think none of the priests who lived and worked with Dunne, no lay teachers, housekeepers, nuns, parent volunteers, NO ONE realized there was something wrong with Rev. Peter J. Dunne, with his bravo flagrante manner of manipulating the Roman Catholic Church heirarchy to give him ready access to little boys.

At the end of this post is a work history for Peter J. Dunne, listing his seventeen assignments in the Philadelphia Archdiocese, seventeen (17) transfers and new assignments in a 40-year career.

Typical. Blatant.

Last year survivor Joseph Hart, pictured at left at the age Fr. Dunne started raping him, filed a civil lawsuit, where his attorney writes, “The actions and inactions of the Archdiocese were outrageous and beyond the bounds of decency in any civilized society.” I read those words and it sparked real anger in me. I called the author, attorney Patrick Hopkins of Des Moines, and asked him if by any chance he was raging when he wrote Paragraph 55 of the complaint.

“The whole thing makes you angry," Hopkins said. "Not just focusing on my plaintiff, but in the grander scheme of things.”

Truth is anyone with a lick of sense would have seen what Father Dunne was up to.

From Hart's Complaint: (Continue reading here )

From Camden NJ
Grounds for a national investigation in one case:


I took my son to the bishop. I said, you broke him you fix him. They said, not our problem as perp a Franciscan. Now my son is dead

By Kay Ebeling
"I would like to see the Legislature provide a 'window' for those who have been abused as children. And I would be grateful if it was named Arthur's Law after our son 'Arthur III.'" 

(Pictured Arthur Baselice III (1978-2006)

The day Pennsylvania passed a law that worked against most victims of pedophile priests in the state, Arthur Baselice III left the house for an NA meeting. Next morning police found him dead in a drug house in nearby Camden, New Jersey. Months earlier Arthur II had brought his son to the Philadelphia Archdiocese begging them for help. “This kid couldn't even walk,” said the dad. “We went in there and poured our hearts out. They told me they can’t help me. The perpetrator is not Roman Catholic he’s Franciscan.”
More slaps in the face: The only time Fr. Charles Newman ever stood in front of a judge was for Embezzlement from the Catholic Church. He stole cash to buy drugs and other extravagances for the boys he was grooming, and the pedophile priest went to prison for embezzlement, not pedophilia. He pled guilty March 2009 and is serving a 3-6 year sentence.

"When my son was an altar boy, Newman gave him opiods so he’d go into a haze while the priest raped him, sodomized him," Arthur II said.  (Click here to continue reading) 


From Scranton, PA


Michael Baumann started a blog and in weeks found more victims of Robert Gibson and other Scranton area pedophile priests

(Summer Rerun, this story first appeared at City of Angels July 13, 2009.)

When Michael Baumann started Off My Knees Blog in fall 2008, he found other victims of pedophile priest Robert Gibson “who told almost exactly the exact same story as mine.”

Baumann told City of Angels, “The first emails were kind of strange, asking leading questions. I decided to email back, did he abuse you as well?" They were victims of Robert Gibson, or a sibling of a victim, one was a neighbor and Gibson as his parish priest raped him. "Names came back from our very small high school," Baumann said. "There were only 42 kids in the graduating class of Notre Dame in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.”

Since starting Off My Knees, Baumann is convinced blogs bring power and control of the message to the survivors. “To use a military term, we should use blogs and technology as a Force Multiplier, to make us more effective,” Baumann says. (See more on Network of Bloggers idea at bottom of blog.)

Left: Michael Baumann, Commander, US Navy, 2007

“Since starting the blog last October, I’ve talked to or corresponded with probably fifteen people from the Scranton area that had a connection to Father Gibson. They write they're concerned if siblings had been abused by him. One wrote an email, I recognized her name from my classmate, she was a friend of the family.

"She said her biggest fear when her mother passed away was that Gibson would show up at the funeral, because she was pretty sure that her two older brothers were abused by him. She was pretty sure they had been raped by Gibson.

From Syracuse NY 
30 more victims of one pedophile priest come forward when book published, probably just the tip of the iceberg  

By Kay Ebeling

"I’ve sent the bishop eight survivors of Neary and each one said the bishop told them they were the only person that had come forward about Neary," said Charles Bailey, pictured at right. He is getting justice today for brutal sex crimes committed against him at age ten byFather Thomas Neary, by putting his story out in the public. His book In The Shadow Of The Cross gives graphic shocking disgusting PTSD-inducing detail of the serial felonies, and you cannot put it down. More alarming, Bailey went on a small book tour in the Syracuse area where the book takes place, and in venue after venue, people came up after he spoke and said, "my brother was also raped by Neary," or my uncle, my husband, my dad - dozens of people with the same horrid story of the same horrid modus operandi.

With young Bailey and numerous others, Neary insinuated himself into families, convinced reverent mothers that their young boys were almost perfect for the priesthood, they just needed personal counseling. In household after household in towns like Onondaga Hill, Hannibal, Jordan, and Skaneateles, Father Neary convinced mothers to keep the rest of the children aside as he took a 9 or 10 year old boy into a room - then while reciting The Lord’s Prayer he sodomized them, prepubescent boys, or forced his face-sized penis into the their mouths, all the time telling the boys that sodomy and fellatio are part of their training to be a priest.


From Newport Beach, 
one of first Southern California cases:


‘It terrified me, I knew it was going to happen again.’ Ryan DiMaria, in his own words, about his 1997 case and Michael Harris, “Hollywood priest"

By Kay Ebeling
Ryan DiMaria held a gun to his head. He was 25 years old in a college dorm his head reeling. Father Harris had said he wouldn't really go to hell if he killed himself, but Father Harris, in that same role of priest and counselor, had also assaulted DiMaria sexually over and over again from his sophomore to senior year at Santa Margarita High School. Somehow DiMaria put down the gun that day and instead called his parents and told them everything. As devoted Catholics would do, they contacted the diocese.

Six years later Ryan DiMaria's 1997 case in Orange County settled for $5.2 million and DiMaria became a plaintiff attorney himself, attending law school as his case went through Orange County Superior Court. When he first approached the church there was no intent to file a lawsuit. Even after years of talking to blank faces and getting no response from church hierarchy, the DiMarias were still asking the church for help.


Father Sullivan used to take us to the Conrad Hilton mansion, say two L.A. pedophile priest assault survivors

By Kay Ebeling

"How good is this. I’m swimming with God’s best friend at Conrad Hilton’s Castle. Definitely, a triple thrill," writes Ken.

The story of two victims of a pedophile priest in L.A. in the 1950s shows the need for lawsuits to continue to go forward in cases that invole decades old sex crimes. Father Thomas J. Sullivan apparently used the same M.O. with both boys, taking them to swim at the Conrad Hilton mansion, then sexually assaulting them in the pool and around the poolhouse. The first man, Udo, got a settlement from the Church in 2007, the second man, Ken, is waiting for a state Supreme Court action to know if he can go forward with his claim.

Ken wrote his story, got it approved by his attorney, and sent it to City of Angels. We also interviewed Udo, whose story of sex assault by the same pedophile-ephebophile priest is eerily similar.  


From Richmond CA
Sex crimes can be funny, especially when it's the Salesians, as pedophile priests and their bosses continue to defend their behavior
If I’m going to spend the next 50 years writing about sex crimes in the Catholic Church at least there’ll be a lot of laughter in my life, as I have to admit, the more I research and learn about the schemes and lies of men in robes flitting around altars and rectories, the more I have outbursts of uncontrollable laughter. The Catholic priests in America provide so much fodder for off-color jokes that Comedy Central and Mad TV writers will never be without filler material.

With a Salesian case headed for jury trial November 5, I called Joey Piscitelli to talk about his case against the Salesians that went to trial in July 2006 in Northern California. “What happened in my case," he said, "is you have to have notice that they knew or should have known. And how I had enough notice was the very first time Whelan masturbated in front of me Brother Sal Billante was watching.”
I burst out laughing and so did Joey. I mean they established prior notice by showing that another priest from the same order was taking part in the sex act as a voyeur? That's notice for ya. And with each laugh comes a flush of healing.

From Ward, South Carolina

Mom would drop us off with the priest for the weekend. He would get us drunk. He called it bug juice. Then he would start taking off his clothes

By Kay Ebeling

The affable priest convinced the mother of five it would be better to leave the children with him when she came to Ward, South Carolina, to visit her family, who were Methodists. The priest served a mix of Kool-Aid and alcohol he called “bug juice” and I know I’ve heard of that concoction before in other stories, maybe in New Orleans? Does anyone else remember?

“One thing my sisters and brother and I have all talked about is we know he had alcohol in there. We’d feel dizzy and kind of sick feeling, you know."

The person on the phone put a video on YouTube last month “Betrayed” captured here at City of Angels about sexual assault by Fr. James McCarthy of Ward, South Carolina.  

FRIDAY, MARCH 28, 2009

From Toowoomba, Australia

TUESDAY, JULY 15, 2014, (Part 2 coming August 2014)

Parallel Hells

Crimes of pedophile priests 
in Australia and USA 
too similar to be coincidence 

By Kay Ebeling

“Hello, John it's C from the Royal Commission here, how are you.  John: Good, thanks.”  John Brown agreed to let me transcribe and publish his submission to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Australia. 

The commission report released last week shows that when a nation looks into child sex abuse at an institutional level, "well over half" took place in Catholic Church properties. Why Can't the USA do an inquiry like the one just completed in Australia?  

As I transcribe John’s testimony, he says, "“I found myself in a school that the teacher happened to be the nun who sexually interfered with me before ... and I was groomed by Kevin O’Donnell who’s a pedophile priest.”  I realize that's eerily similar to Ted’s story from the USA, which I'd been working on in Chicago, but then he'd said, don't publish it. In that case the perpetrator was Gilbert Gauthe, who like O’Donnell, is a prolific and now-infamous pedophile priest in his region. Both boys were sexualized by nuns who then were party to the crimes of the priests. I got back in touch with Ted Lausche, said, you have to let me publish your story along with John’s, because they're so much alike. Ted said, yeah okay go ahead. 

So below is John Brown's story from Australia, in the form of a transcript of his Royal Commission testimony, illustrated with memes John created about the subject. Next month City of Angels Blog will publish Ted’s story from Louisiana (Ted now lives near Chicago) and because the two men’s stories are so alike, this project is titled:   

Parallel Hells: Crimes of pedophile priests in Australia and USA too similar to be coincidence, Parts One and Two.
More from 
Los Angeles  

He got to them at Arrow Bear Camp, in his car, in hotel rooms, in his office at St. John Bosco School, in family homes, now Motion to Strike April 1st

By Kay Ebeling
Catholic Church Attorneys try again to have civil cases against them thrown out of court next week in a hearing that was first on calendar April 7th then moved up to March 19th, then slipped to March 21st. Now the Motion to Strike hearing takes place on April Fools’ Day. First jury trial in LA regarding a Salesian pedophile priest is still on calendar April 14th.

Re Father Titian Miani: “The first documented incident of child molestation took place in 1947," reads a plaintiff motion from June 2007. "On a retreat with other clerics Miani ‘attempted a dishonest act’ with a 13 year old boy who ‘knew how to resist.’ (Salesians try again to have the 1947 exhibit dismissed in hearings on motions in limine April 10th.)

In Miani’s personnel file translated into English are several documents from the 1940s from reverends and others with very Italian names that City of Angels unfortunately did not copy into notes last June
From Nashville:

TUESDAY, JUNE 30, 2009

A Summer Read: Tennessee survivor Mike Coode writing book as adult victim of pedophile priest, here is part of the story

By City of Angels

Soon to be a major book, maybe a movie or at least part of one, here is Mike Coode’s story, something to read on a beach chair this weekend. Based on his experience going public as an adult victim of a pedophile priest in the early 1990s, Coode's manuscript should be ready for a publisher in mid-July, he told me today. I hope so, as Coode spins a good yarn in Tennessee straight talk style, as revealed in the speech copied here, which he delivered at a Nashville VOTF meeting in 2004. Enjoy this summer read, a taste of what Mike Coode’s upcoming book will be like.

I have a story to tell, and the question I ask myself is Why would I want to tell it? It is so painful this telling of my personal loss; the humiliation, the spiritual confusion, and the debasement. It’s difficult to publicly share my story with my sons and daughters, brothers and sisters and lifetime Friends. It’s difficult to see the pain in the eyes of those of you who share this terrible experience with me. It’s difficult to share my story with strangers.

But I must share it, because if by telling this story, one child is spared this horrible experience, if my story moves one person to see that the wrongs committed by the leaders of my church, our church, are corrected, then it’s worth the telling. If there are tears, it’s okay. When I see the pain in your eyes, it’s okay. That anguish you feel, that horrible pit in your stomach must forever be a reminder to you that this must stop. We must see that our children and our grandchildren are never caught up in this terrible tragedy.

When I was in grade school, I think the 7th grade, a priest at the cathedral, Father Riley, took me to Memphis on a weekend visit with his family. I remember we did a lot of drinking at his sister’s home. I knew nothing about drinking, but if a priest said it was okay, I guess it was. I remember getting very drunk, I remember getting very sick. And, I remember waking up in the middle of the night with Father Riley performing fellatio on me. I turned over and I went back to sleep.

This scared the hell out of me, and it was never spoken of again.

From Sioux City, Iowa

31 allegations against Bishop of Sioux City, a pedophile who preyed on young boys, though Iowa diocese does its best to hide the story

By Kay Ebeling

“31? Did you say 31?”

“Uh-huh, there are 31 credible accusations against Soens,” Janet Clark said, so I went to the Davenport Iowa Catholic diocese website and there it was at
"Accused by 31 male minors." 
The November 3, 2008, press release barely mentions retired bishop Lawrence Soens (pictured at left). Instead the diocese headline reads: “Msgr. Drake Shafer found not guilty of abuse,” with a nice little bio of the one monsignor who was found Not Guilty in the recent diocese review board report. You have to go to the Amended List of Accused Priest Assignments at the home page and then go down to the middle of page 2 in the middle of a chart to find out about the midwestern bishop: "Lawrence Soens: Accused by 31 male minors."

“The Review Board found that certain allegations of sexual abuse against Retired Bishop Lawrence Soens are credible," reads a paragraph in the middle of the previous page of the pdf file and continues: "Then-Father Soens was accused of sexually abusing students at Iowa City Regina High School in the 1950's and 1960's when he was its Principal. He was also accused of sexually abusing a male minor when 
Another from L.A.

MONDAY, MAY 12, 2008

Cardboard Cardinal meets with LA plaintiff from 07 civil cases, says her perpetrator George Rucker laicized this year, no one knows where he is, shrug

By Kay Ebeling

When drawing a picture of Cardinal Roger Mahony, the face becomes more lifelike when you begin to erase lines. I sat in on a conference Saturday with the Cardinal and Cindy Falter, one of the LA plaintiffs from last year’s civil cases, in response to Mahony's call for victims of church sex crimes to come to him, meet with him. (Above is raw video, a standup interview with Cindy right after the meeting.) At one point she kept asking the cardinal to answer, “How do you explain George Neville Rucker openly taking children out of the classroom to the rectory to be raped on school days?”

“Well, it’s evil, it’s just pure evil,” was the Cardinal’s response. The room was silent so he repeated, “It was evil pure evil.” That was all he had to say.

Mahony did tell us that Cindy’s perpetrator, George Neville Rucker, was laicized earlier this year, and the archdiocese confirmed to me today by phone, that by a decree from Rome, Rucker was removed in 2008 from the priesthood. Mahony assured us we no longer have to worry about the church expending funds to pay for Rucker’s stay in Nazareth House, where he’s apparently been the past few years.

“He’s on Social Security now,” Mahony told us, which means the pedophile priest George Neville Rucker will have a steady income, he'll stay healthy with MediCare, probably get section 8 housing before long or county funded board and care help until he dies. Rucker was convicted once but the 2003 US Supreme Court Stogner decision released him and a lot of priests from their crimes.

So Rucker won't be on any offenders lists. The archdiocese would not give any information about when or where George Neville Rucker was laicized and turned out for the taxpayers to support.

Where are the documents? Cindy asked, and learned that a lot of plaintiffs ask that question. Apparently they have to get a lawyer and request their perpetrator’s personnel files, then the priest inevitably appeals release of documents claiming privacy issues, inevitably then you have a hearing in front of a judge who finally decides how much of your perpetrator’s documents you can have. So plaintiffs have to take the initial step requesting the documents through lawyers. Mahony held up his hands and flecks of cardboard dust fell to the floor, he is not part of this process.

At one point while Cindy was puking, I took advantage of the break in her talk to pipe in like the ever dreaming flower child I am, seizing the moment to say (Click here to keep reading.) 

Geneva IL activists harassed


Attack of the Bishops: What happens when you advocate for sex crime victims in the Catholic Church in Geneva, Illinois

By Kay Ebeling
One priest ranted in daily Mass sermons against “those who go to the media.” The monsignor visited choir practice and called them sons and daughters of Satan. Their sin? When they found out Father Mark Campobello who taught at their high school was an ephebophile with a predilection for eighth grade girls, they wanted to help the victims. Then the Rockford Diocese refused to cooperate with the local DA and a few church members spoke to the media. St. Peter’s parish responded by attacking the crime victims and anyone brave enough to be a victims’ advocate.

Campobello was released from prison in Illinois last week, after serving four years of an eight year sentence, and he now lives in Crystal Lake where he’s registered as a sex offender, but the damages his crimes caused at St. Peter’s parish are probably permanent. 
From Rural San Diego County
One of my favorite posts, from March 2007
about my friend Mike Shoemaker's case,
in San Diego County aka
The Naked Priest


Cover-ups, Destruction of Documents, Concern for Pedophile Pederast Priests Over Children in Just One Clergy Case on San Diego Archdiocese

Dive in the files and find the felonies 

"Out came Father John Daly totally naked, holding the doors wide open."

It had been one short wet ride after another for days. Now they’d been on this onramp for hours. More rain came and the two boys held out their thumbs as occasional cars and trucks drove past. The Arizona-Calexico region got 14 inches of rain after Hurricane Heather in August 1977, but two teenagers hitchhiking to the Haight Ashbury weren't thinking about the weather.   Finally headlights approach and stop. The boys don’t even look inside the car, just jump in. The driver tells them in an Irish brogue that he works at a Catholic Church where hitchhikers can clean up, even have a bed to sleep in.

Around two AM the two boys burst out church doors. They tumble into the town of Holtville. Mike vomits on the side of the road.  
“Police, open up,” the officers stood with weapons drawn listening to loud thumps coming from inside the room at the back of the church. Then…

Out came Father John Daly totally naked, holding the right and left doors wide open with the light pouring down on him, all 250 pounds of his body billowing in the rain and early morning light for all to see.   The naked priest snarled as Mike identified him through the police car 

Last summer the arresting officer testified in deposition for Mike’s case.

A: “I’ve looked at the report you've handed me and it’s incomplete.”

Q: When you say it’s incomplete, what do you mean?

DUTTON: Well the statements aren’t there, the evidence list isn’t there, the copies of the reports that I received from La Mesa and other places about him aren’t there.
By Kay Ebeling

With 24 perpetrators and 59 children assaulted in one town, the Franciscans constitute a public nuisance against the entire community, reads a lawsuit progressing towards pre-trial hearings in Santa Barbara.

There is no SOL on these charges. "Because the cause of action is based on conduct that is a continuing Public Nuisance, it is not subject to any statute of limitations set forth in 340.1," the lawsuit states.

Giuliani as president would mean advisors like Alan Placa, the pedophile priest/attorney who created Church policy for pedophile priests

By Kay Ebeling
Usually pedophiles target children who are meek, not likely to stop their advances. Alan Placa miscalculated when he went after the teenaged Richard Tollner. The January 2003 Grand Jury Report described it: “The tragic death of a victim’s father led, finally, to the end of Priest F’s sexual abuse of him. At the funeral home, Priest F approached the boy and the boy told Priest F, ‘Don’t ever fucking touch me again or I’ll kill you.’"

Tollner described the funeral scene in a recent phone call: “My father had just died and I said, you know what, it’s all over now. He happened to be walking behind me and I poked him and said, ‘I’ll fucking hill you.’ “He said nothing I said nothing.

From L.A. Clergy Cases

Friday Dec 7, 2007

It’s likely there are thousands more crime victims of pedophile priests in LA, considering case #BC307934 alone

By Kay Ebeling
California Seminarians recruited boys into the priesthood and pedophilia at the same time. The older pedophiles developed younger pedophiles who then became parish priests around Southern California. Church hierarchy did not just allow pedophilia to take place, but they regularly promoted known perpetrators to high places in Education, Recruiting, and Advocacy, with titles such as Director of the Office of Family Life. 

Quotes from the Complaint # BC307934, filed December 17, 2003: 

From 1955 through 2002 at least 28 high ranking priests within the LA Archdiocese inner circle who have been accused or convicted of sex abuse, occupied the highest positions.

Well placed priests including Bishops Juan Arzube and G. Patrick Ziemann “used their prominence in the archdiocese administration to cover up for other priests.



His perp is still a parish priest. A scream inside says children are at risk, go public with the story from Immaculate Heart seminary in New York

By Kay Ebeling

The church finally admits that thousands of children were damaged by sexual predator priests and pays close to a billion in settlements to adult survivors the last decade. As crime victims we should feel vindicated. But thousands of us got no acknowledgement. The church only responds to cases that come with fully documented lawsuits. If you can’t find other victims, if there is no hard evidence, if local law makes prosecution impossible, the Catholic Church does not count your crime in with its statistics about the clergy crisis. You feel your case counts for nothing.
From New York City


New one act play shows passion of going public about crimes of pedophile priest

By Kay Ebeling

It's yet another case of a Catholic priest insinuating himself on a parish family then raping the children. Survivor Joe Capozzi of New York City is also an artist, so as he went public with his charges against Monsignor Peter Cheplic of New Jersey, Capozzi also burst out his story in a one-act play. The result is "For Pete's Sake" a portrayal of the anguish of Capozzi's first dealing with the crimes, and the obliqueness of being an adult victim of pedophile priests.

Capozzi is an actor-writer building professionalcredits and living in Manhattan. In "For Pete's Sake" he writes and performs what he went through before going to the media and law enforcement in 2006 to report a Catholic priest's sexual assaults that started in Joe's early adolescence. Capozzi used his art as a way of coming to terms with the serial crimes. Today performances of "For Pete's Sake" raise money for Road to Recovery, a support organization for adult victims of pedophile priests in New Jersey and New York.

Capozzi knew he couldn't just tell one or two people what happened and then let the secret continue to fester inside. So he put the angst and confusion of the experience into a one act play that is moving and dynamic and brings the experience alive.

Joe told me about the play in a recent phone conversation and sent me the script. Below are quotes from that conversation along with, in italics, quotes from the play. In the scene below Joe sees that his friend's son is the next target being groomed by Father Pete, and he has to say or do something:

Pete: He is special.
Joe: I would see-
Voice3: Those hugs
New Jersey:


Pedophile priests at large in New Jersey. James Tully in Wayne and Robert Petrella in North Arlington. Survivors alert neighborhoods

By Kay Ebeling

Pedophile priest Robert Petrella got an eighteen month sentence, convicted of unnatural and perverted sex practices against children. He served nine. The pedophile priest finished parole in Maryland last year and David Fortwengler, whose testimony as one of the victims helped get the conviction, followed his tracks, as Petrella moved in with his mother, at 106 Ilford Ave, North Arlington, New Jersey.

Around the same time last October, as Bill Nash packed for his trip to confront his perpetrator in Italy, the ephebophile priestJames Tully (recent photo at left) came back back to the United States,
and now lives at the Xaverian Religious Order headquarters at 12 Helene Court in Wayne, New Jersey.

Both Fortwengler and Nash produced flyers to hand out to people where their perpetrators now live in New Jersey. Those flyers are copy and pasted below, first Bill Nash's flyer about James Tully:

more and more and more

Survival in New Orleans:


Gauthe forced a gun in my mouth and said what he was going to do. He was at our orphanage for the summer- Louisiana Plaintiff

By Kay Ebeling

Almost forty years after Father Gilbert Gauthe stuck a gun into his mouth and forced him into a violent sex act, Ted Lausche is part of the $5.1 million settlement for twenty-one persons this week in Louisiana, because of abuse at the hands of priests and nuns in and around New Orleans Archdiocese and Lafayette.

The charges from 1971 push the years of reported sex crime activity by renowned pedophile Catholic priest Gilbert Gauthe forward by several years.

"I woke up and Gauthe was doing me in the ass," says Lausche. "I couldn't breathe, because he had the pillow over my head. Then he said he’d kill me if I told."

That night when Ted got back to his Catholic boarding school near New Orleans, he still did try to tell what happened with Gauthe, but before he got the word "gun" out of his mouth, the nun at Madonna Manor was beating the anally injured thirteen-year-old in the face with her fist.


This One Is About Me
Singing in the choir at Hollywood Pres
trying to find my way back to church.
It didn't work.


Follow-up: A church is just a building. Stained glass is just a way to play with light. From burlesque to Mass it is all just entertainment...

Here is Mabel from the planet Oblique - infiltrating one of these so called church places by becoming a member of the choir.
More of My Story


Recovered Memory was Reconciliation for me. It even explained lies I told as a spokeswoman for NASA

By Kay Ebeling

People wonder about recovered memory. I can understand why. I would wonder myself about stories like mine that are part of the clergy crisis in the Catholic Church, if it hadn’t happened to me. Even as a teenager, I was drawn like in a fugue state to movies like Sybil and parts of The Chapman Report that 
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Produced Six-Part Series
on Santa Barbara Cases:


PROOF: Santa Barbara was Dumping Ground for problem priests. PROOF: Franciscan sex crime ploys continue in 2009

By Kay Ebeling

Part One: The bishop of San Diego used the words "dumping ground" in 1950 when he complained to Rome that too many problem priests were ending up in Banning, Beaumont and other towns in the developing region. By the 1960s the Franciscans had moved 26 priests from San Diego to Santa Barbara, where they then raped more than 60 children. The letter to Rev. James T. Booth in Rome April 26, 1950, is Exhibit A attached to two new lawsuits filed Nov. 3, 2009, in Santa Barbara Superior Court.

Franciscan pedophiles removed from the priesthood in past years, are now showing up as therapists and teachers - Working with Teenagers, Living near Children - in towns around the Northwestern United States, because the Francicans continue to hide the crimes of their pedophile priests, other evidence in the Complaints shows.

There are so many new charges, so much new evidence, new stories about old pedophile priests and old stories about new ones in the pages of these two new lawsuits filed November 3 in Santa Barbara that City of Angels has to break our reporting into several different parts.

Part 2


New sex crime ploy of Franciscans: Only take pedophilia reports in Confession then claim religious privilege: Plus a Phoenix-Santa Barbara connection

By Kay Ebeling

Part 2:
 A parishioner walks into Sts. Simon and Jude Catholic Church in Orange County saying he wants to talk about a predator priest. He tells the Franciscan Father Michael Harvey he wants to discuss Gus Krumm. The parishioner barely gets the name Krumm out of his mouth when Father Harvey ushers him into the Confessional to continue the conversation. Harvey’s response "was immediate and premeditated," reads the opening paragraphs of First Amended Complaints in Cases 1337577 and 1338070 filed in Santa Barbara Superior Court, Oct. 5 and Nov. 3, 2009.

"Before the parishioner could say anything further about Krumm, Harvey insisted that any discussion regarding Krumm be in the context of the confessional, thus rendering the communication penitential," read 1st Amended Complaints in the two civil lawsuits.
Part 3


Santa Barbara Story Part 3

By Kay Ebeling

Medical Exams of freshmen by Friars for "undescended testicles"

As to Gus Krumm, long before the Franciscans assigned him to St. Anthony’s Seminary he and another notorious Franciscan perpetrator, Father Philip Wolfe, contracted the sexually transmitted disease known as "crabs" while doing field work as novices (training to become Franciscans). The source of the crabs were adolescent boys Wolfe and Krumm encountered who, according to Krumm, were willing to do anything for money.

And according to Krumm, Wolfe contracted not only crabs but other sexually transmitted diseases from these adolescent boys, prompting Wolfe’s and Krumm’s novice master (also a Franciscan) to lecture both men angrily and repeatedly with regards to the sexual promiscuity with these boys that resulted in Wolfe and Krumm contracting crabs.
Part 4
Santa Barbara:

The Franciscan grabbed the freshman by the testicles and instructed the boy to cough as if it were a hernia exam. Just another day of Seminary Life.

Franciscan friars with no medical training tested boys for "undescended testacles" at St. Anthony's high school seminary in the 1960s and '70s, as revealed in a new lawsuit filed in Santa Barbara last month and reported here in Part 4of the Santa Barbara Story November 2009 here at City of Angels. Soon after the testicle exam, an assault by a group of unruly Franciscan friars fills out the plaintiff's first year of high school, apparently just another part of life at the seminary. 
Part 5


Pedophilia is a Privacy Right, and other Appeals arguments of the Catholic Church, as Franciscan Friars fight release of documents

By Kay Ebeling

Part 5: The Franciscans of Santa Barbara are filing mounds of briefs with the Courts of California, fighting release of documents regarding pedophile priests among the friars. The Church is now working to obstruct release of files that would reveal its own crimes, because, as they say in their appeal briefs, the cases settled “without any finding of fact on the plaintiffs’ allegations by the court.” In other words, the cases never went to trial, so the Church never has to release the documents. 
Part 6


In Ernesto & Craig case Perps took boys to Yosemite, openly touched, massaged, and wrestled with them. Santa Barbara Story Part 6

[In the 1980s, seeking refuge from a broken home, Ernesto becomes an altar boy and dreams of becoming a priest. He ends up living in a nightmare when he goes away to high school at St. Anthony's Seminary in Santa Barbara. A Franciscan would mishandle him in the hallways "on a sometimes weekly basis." Then two Franciscan perpetrators take Ernesto and another boy for a camping trip to Yosemite, the experience in the tent haunts Ernesto to this day. Ernesto's experience is documented here in the words from another lawsuit. Here is Part 6 of the Santa Barbara story (2009), direct quotes from First Amended Complaint in Case 1337577 filed October 5, 2009 in Santa Barbara Superior Court (more attribution below):]

10. Plaintiff Ernesto C. grew up in Richmond, CA, and was raised in a devout Roman Catholic family. They attended Mass every Sunday and Ernesto served as an altar boy. He began attending Catholic School in sixth grade, and soon thereafter decided he wanted to become a priest. During 8th grade he applied to several seminaries, ultimately deciding on St. Anthony’s.

Like so many victims of clergy abuse he also was the product of a broken home. The absence of a father figure in his life made Ernesto all the more dependent on paternal figures such as priests, and made him all the more vulnerable to predators willing to exploit this void in Ernesto’s life. St. Anthony’s was home to a horrific number of such predators. 


Priest Takes Boys on a Drunken Camping Trip to Yosemite. Santa Barbara Story Part 8, wait until you see Parts 9 and 10

We continue to run direct quotes from two lawsuits filed Fall 2009 regarding priests at St. Anthony's Seminary, which closed in 1987.
Then someone handed me a piece of evidence from a 1990s lawsuit against those same Franciscans, this a "sexual diary" of Van Handel. After we post documents concerning a third lawsuit, from another adult victim of the Franciscans of St. Anthony's Seminary, we will have figured out what to do with the contents of the sexual diary. The document was apparently copied and passed around a bit during the early 1990s, I guess before Church attorneys realized they better scrounge everything up and find a way to con-vince a judge to keep everything sealed. I'm reading it now, a few pages at a time as it is hard to take. This is what I read this morning, from the period early 1980s when the predator priest was Rector of the high school for boys, expect more to come soon:

Van Handel wrote: "A Franciscan priest and former faculty member was accused of molesting two young men while they were students at St. Anthony's. Not only was I best of friends wiwth this family, but unknown to them at the time, I had molested the same two boys when they were in choir, by tickling them and touching their genitals. Now I was expected to console the families, deal with the anger of the parents, because the offender was in the faculty."

In a state Van Handel goes to his therapist: "I explained..."  (Click here to continue reading)


the Santa Barbara Series, 
we were covering 
SB Franciscans


When 24 pedophile priests from one town rape 60 children, it is a Public Nuisance. SOL Breakthrough suit filed against Franciscans in Santa Barbara

Above: Entry to a new world, in the eyes of a Franciscan seminarian in Santa Barbara.

By Kay Ebeling

Since 1964, the Franciscan Friars of Santa Barbara have produced 24 pedophiles, resulting in 60 settled lawsuits, likely hundreds more victims. “This is a city of a hundred thousand people, and the Franciscans still have perpetrators hidden here,” said Tim Hale, who with his partners, obtained $28 million in the late 1990s, for victims of serial pedophiles among the Franciscan Friars.

More from Santa Barbara

Sexual Autobiography notes

Re Robert Van Handel
"Detective McGraw submitted a document the defendant prea straining out of those who were not suitable. senior class had thirty members, freshman class a hundred... 

Re Santa Barbara
Gotta figure this out:

Part One: SB was Dumping Ground

Part Two: A New Sex Crime Ploy by Franciscans

Part Three: Money Available for Therapy for Victims

Part Four: Franciscan Grabbed Freshman by the Genitals

Part Five: Pedophilia is a Privacy Right for Franciscans

AND I do not know what number is what part 1-10 so will be going through them again


First Year in Seminary, sex assaults by two different Franciscans: The Santa Barbara Story, Part 8

By Kay Ebeling

"Anonymous" keeps popping up in our Comments to point out that quotes from legal briefs in The Santa Barbara Story are "Allegations Only." That's true, and since the Church almost always settles before trial without admitting guilt, only part of the evidence becomes public record and it rarely gets published where the public can read it, like here at City of Angels. Still, Tim Hale, author of the briefs we are quoting confirms: "Everything alleged in these amended complaints is supported by admissible evidence assembled from investigation and discovery conducted during the last eleven years of litigation involving the Franciscans."

So here is Part 8 of The Santa Barbara Story, which started in 2009 and will go on until it's over. In this entry we are running direct quotes from Case #1338070, Santa Barbara Superior Court, filed November 3, 2009, Page 1 of First Amended Complaint scanned here, click to enlarge.

Some quotes you will encounter: "(Fr. Gus) Krumm pinned Craig from behind to the point the boy could not move, pushing Craig’s face against the wall, and began thrusting his groin against Craig’s buttocks," reads one paragraph. "(Later) Krumm said, 'you didn’t see anything here, you didn’t hear anything, and you’re not wanted. And you’re probably not coming back.'

And worse: "While sensing something was wrong, Craig could not comprehend why he felt ashamed and embarrassed after the supposed medical exams." The medical exams were at the probing hands of priests with no training, at St. Anthony's Seminary in Santa Barbara, until the Franciscans closed the boys' high school 1986.

"Craig thought the Church was his sanctuary from an abusive home life, instead Franciscans exploited his vulnerability."

Directly quoted, from here to end of post... (Click Here to continue reading)


Santa Barbara Boys Choir, 'constant supply of attractive little boys' for Franciscan pedophile priest (pages scanned here)


By Kay Ebeling

The Santa Barbara Boys Choir, "was clearly my choir, and the fulfillment of one of my fondest dreams," writes ex-priest Robert Van Handel in an attachment to his probation report called "Sexual Autobiography," from which we've scanned five pages here, for our readers to click-enlarge and read.

In his 9-point type single-spaced memoir, Van Handel (pictured above) admits, “Now I understand that [the choir] was also a constant supply of attractive little boys.”

It's likely Van Handel molested 150 eight- to twelve-year-olds as director of the Santa Barbara Boys Choir, according to a letter from his own therapist to the Court in 1994. (Read more in Santa Barbara Story Parts 9 and 10 coming soon.)  On these pages about his time as a Franciscan in Santa Barbara running the boys' choir, the pedophile priest talks his way through years of . . . (Continue Reading here

Not sure when Santa Barbara series stopped or if it ever did...
More from Santa Barbara


A Pedophile Mind: As sentencing approaches, priest pours out sexual history hoping for probation, gets notoriety instead

By Kay Ebeling
City of Angels in Santa Barbara

Fr. Van Handel felt he was “a failure with nothing to live for” soon after news broke that he molested choir boys, his therapist said. Facing justice, the pedophile priest wrote out a history of his sex life and gave it to the Court while requesting probation, answering questions about what is wrong inside the Church, inadvertently, and the role of priests that led to this nationwide epidemic of pedophilia.

His sexual outpouring did not earn the felon priest probation, he was sentenced to 8 years, served four in prison, four on parole, and since his release has lived close to his therapists outside Santa Cruz. Today at City of Angels we look at the state of Van Handel’s mind between arrest and sentencing and how his cooperation got his sexual autobiography into the public record.

He wanted to tell it to the world 

The arresting officer wrote, “Van Handel made it clear he wanted (Continue Reading Here)

The Pedophile Mind: In panic as his conviction for child molestation approached, the priest poured out his sexual history to give the Court

(Part 2: More from Sexual Autobiography of Franciscan Pedophile Priest, Robert Van Handel, actual Santa Barbara Story Part 8, Part 2)

Has anyone anywhere ever paid this much attention to the crime victims?



“At the end of the week at St. Luke’s my provincial flew o... (Click here to continue reading

CofA Blog
also covered 
the Politics
of Pedophile Priest 
Crime Cover-ups


Baker may still offend as ‘lewd fondling does not require an erection,’ reads pedophile priest 5th Amendment plea, hearing tomorrow

By Kay Ebeling

Because he might commit more sex crimes in the future, Michael Baker cannot release his answers in interrogatories about past sex crimes, according to a Defense motion be heard in L.A. Superior Court Tuesday morning. Baker's age is not relevant, reads the motion, because “Lewd touching with the hands does not require the ability to achieve an erection.”

Just when you think the you've read the most outrageous argument ever by an attorney defending a pedophile priest, something like Defense Motion for Protective Order by Donald Steier slaps you in the face. Steier is asking Superior Court Judge Emilie Elias to keep all discovery documents in the upcoming Luis C civil case regarding Baker secret until trial.

It is one of the more inventive mutilations of the Fifth Amendment yet by an attorney defending a predator priest.

by Church Defense Attorneys

THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2007

Rucker pleas for immunity before he talks in deposition; Rucker cases jury trial December 3, 2007

By City of Angels Lady

I’m breathless but have to go for one more Document Dive. At the Bottom of Page one, going down the JCCP documents in descending order, I find this plea re case BC307410 filed 5.23.07. “Motion for protective order and grant of immunity for defendant George Neville Rucker” -- 21 pages. I also have yet to report that Tony DeMarco was on his way to depose Wempe after court yesterday. Plus I found Kreutzer Cases jury instructions, evidence, and lists of witnesses. (See next post.)

The hearing on immunity for Rucker is on calendar for July 10, barring unanticipated date-shuffling. Rucker pleas for immunity as a way of “Protecting him and immunizing him from criminal prosecution.

“In particular Defendant moves (for) Order immunizing him from prosecution for any act of child molestation, sexual abuse of a minor, and any conspiracy to commit or conceal such acts by Defendant or any other person . . . 

Rucker asks for immunity re: “Conspiracy to defraud the public, failure to report, aiding and abetting any criminal act, acting as an accessory after the fact as to any criminal act, (any participation in) continuing criminal enterprise in any manner.” 

SUNDAY, APRIL 29, 2007

16 church attorneys at one deposition, no questions answered. Hundreds of documents filed each week, most by church, 20 are notices of new counsel

(City of Angels Lady has to take a break. Will be back as soon as possible. May 2, 2007)
Document diving last week I was stunned at the amount of pleadings, motions, and notices filed by church attorneys. Going down four screens, with about 30 documents per screen, there were motions to strike, motions to question jurisdiction, and in one stream 17 notices of Association of New Counsel. I was document diving in search of orders signed by the judge, and did find a couple, but they were from hearings at least two weeks back. In January a clerk showed me where paper copies of documents were placed and at that date five file cabinets overflowed into piles on a table in the room. By this week the entire room must be consumed by paper, as are likely the judge and plaintiffs’ attorneys. Where is the order from the judge re the April 12th conference that I’ve been looking for now for weeks?

Tony DeMarco says 16 attorneys showed up when they tried to depose Francis Weber and “Defense counsel completely frustrated plaintiffs’ discovery efforts by repeatedly instructing the witness not to answer.” As I document dive, a few motions on screen two are attempts by plaintiffs to get interrogatories from Weber and others
A Nationwide
Crime Spree


What's next? Same pattern repeated in city after city round the country for decades, why? Attempted murders? The investigation continues.

What are they still hiding?

By Kay Ebeling

The result of the news media reporting just the surface of this story is all over the world people are getting the wrong message. Forget about the money, it’s not even about molestation. It’s about finding out those so called holy men in robes and giant crosses are real genuine criminals, accessories to the crimes. It’s finding out that as a five year old I was disposable once I’d provided gratification for a sexually troubled priest. 



‘You're not worth the spit on the sidewalk.’ Victims speak at Baker’s sentencing: For nine counts he gets ten years of which he'll serve two

By Kay Ebeling

Ex-priest Michael Baker did not seem like a guilty man facing a just penance as he sauntered out of court Monday afternoon. Several victims at his sentencing observed he looked more like a guy leaving a business meeting, a successful one. Baker shook hands “so long” with his attorneys and left court with a lilt in his gait. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison for oral copulation of two boys under age 18, but at a press conference after the hearing, Deputy District Attorney William Hodgman, calculated the amount of time Baker will actually serve.

“If he, in a sense, keeps his nose clean in prison, he will be entitled to 50 percent credits, that's good time and work time credits,” said Hodgman, who is head of target crimes in LA County.

“It appears the amount he will serve will be like a couple more years,” Hodgman said. 


It’s not the same with Baptists and other religions; Catholic secrecy created a haven for sex criminals and attracted pedophiles to priesthood.

We were fodder used to appease struggling priests.

By Kay Ebeling
It’s very suspicious to me that in every parish where pedophile priests operated from at least 1950 to 2000, the Catholic hierarchy responded in the exact same pattern. How in 1971 did the bishop in Minnesota know to respond in exactly the same way as the bishop in New Mexico, and the bishop in Southern California, and the bishop in Boston?


First Amendment Free Exercise Clause warped to mean priests can rape children; plus 6 priests molest 55 kids and church has more questions for victims

By Kay Ebeling, aka City of Angels Lady

I’m still reeling. In a document I read this morning was a Church Newspeak creation: "Ecclesiastical Cognizance:" where the right of priests to rape children is guaranteed by First Amendment Free Exercise Clause.

Archdiocese Attorneys make such a joke of the First Amendment -- not only do I want these lawyers to lose their cases, I want them deported, their very citizenship revoked.




I will be adding more stories here over the next weeks)
ke July 22, 2013

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