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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Vatican on Showtime to shoot in present day Rome

To be shot on location in Rome for current era Vatican episodes: 
Ridley Scott declares that he will shoot Vatican TV ... -
Ridley Scott during the press conference declaring his next TV series about Vatican life located in Rome. The Vatican, a contemporary thriller about spirituality, ... scott-declares-he-will-shoot- vatic...

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bring CofA Blog back to life

If you love the work of City of Angels Blog and want to see it start back up again, please respond to the appeal in this post.  Main reason I'm not blogging lately is I'm really sick. Since I'm a California resident and I'm staying in a different state, I can’t get access to health care and medicine I need.  So I need to ask my readers to please help me get home by clicking the PayPal button on the left and using your credit card on PayPal's secure server to send me High $5’s and help me get back home. The PayPal "Donate" button is in the left hand column here at City of Angels Blog 

It was probably a mistake for me to have left L.A. in the first place.  In Fall 2010, trying to make the blog better by going national, I put myself in this precarious situation where now I'm sick and since I'm not in my home state, I can’t get health care.   By clicking five dollars or higher onto my PayPal account you can help me raise the funds I need to get back to L.A. or if you'd rather, send me an email at cityofangelslady @ yahoo dot com. 

I need to get back to California for several reasons.

I still have the same job I've had since 1998, doing transcription for TV shows.  In the past few months my work has been disappearing.  When I get back to L.A. I can meet with people in person and line up more work, which I can’t do from two thousand miles away.  I have to get home to L.A. to find out where the jobs have gone. 

I thought going on the road would help City of Angels Blog but it didn't.

I left L.A. in November 2010 in an attempt to take City of Angels Blog to a higher level by interviewing pedophile priest victims in cities where they live. I  also hoped to go document diving at different courthouses around the country.  I just didn't realize how much being sick and not having a car would make that investigative journalism almost impossible.  Instead of producing groundbreaking stories, the last two and a half years I've been scrambling to keep a roof over my head.  I couldn't ride around New Mexico finding sources for pedophile priest stories in 2011, and now I can’t get around in Illinois to work on stories here.  I'm pretty much immobilized. 

Please Help

This is an appeal to people who have been reading City of Angels Blog in the years since it started in January 2007 with coverage ofthe L.A. Clergy Cases.  If a hundred persons put just five dollars on my PayPal account it would cover a big part of my moving expenses. 

Your five dollar or higher click on my PayPal account will help me get back to Los Angeles, get medical help, and hopefully bring City of Angels Blog back to life.

I just want to go home.  I'm making the move in June whether I have enough money or not.  It would just be so much safer and less scary if I had a little more cash to pay for train fare and to get into an apartment in L.A. [I'll probably get an apartment with my daughter who is also “housing challenged” right now].  

So I'm asking my readers for help. 

When City of Angels Blog was really rocking in 2007-2008, I was able to make a few hundred dollars a month extra with these “PayPal high Five campaigns.”

Now I just need a few hundred dollars to help me get back home.  (I report the PayPal cash to the IRS as freelance writing income.) 

I believe that when I get back to L.A. and get the medical care I need, I'll feel good enough to do the stories I've been promising readers at City of Angels Blog.  I've been unable to do the work it takes to produce a good blog post because I just don't feel good enough.  I need medical care, medicine, and transportation, all of which I'll be able to access once I get back to L.A. and I can’t access here in “Chicagoland.”

So I'm asking my readers to please click on the “donate” button in the left-hand column of City of Angels Blog, which will take you to PayPal.  There you can use any credit card to send me $5 or more on PayPal's secure server.  If PayPal does not work for you, email me at cityofangelslady @ yahoo dot com so we can make other arrangements. 

Hopefully when I'm back in L.A., City of Angels Blog will come back to life.  But right now, I'm just too sick and un-treated to be able to do the work I want to do with the blog.  I have several researched stories that I could finish and post, if I just felt good enough.  Getting back to California will make a big difference. 

Hope you can help. 

Kay Ebeling

Thanking you in advance for whatever help you can give me.

I'm crippled most of the time, unable to walk, because of what I think is lupus but without health care I don't know for sure what it is.  I have no way to get a diagnosis, let alone treatment.  I have other medical issues I'll be able to address when I get back to California, as well.  My teeth are falling out, I'm using drug store eye glasses.  When I get back to California hopefully I'll be able to tend to all these issues and feel good enough to start blogging again.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Something left out of last post, to be elaborated on soon

While in Illinois I've found evidence that my story of being told by Cardinal Stritch to "stop babbling" about Father Horne in Chicago 1955

really did happen.

More to come.

Also, one of the main reasons I'm not writing right now is I need access to my medicine to feel good enough to write.  In Illinois it is not legal (troglodytes) so I am filling the time with much reading and watching videos for research.

When I get back to California, I will continue writing the pilot for a true crime series based on pedophile priests and the notes I have from doing City of Angels Blog since January 2007.

Mahony, George, all cardinals guilty in pedophile priest epidemic. Sign a petition. Help a victim

It's disheartening when the media quote any of the cardinals who are in Rome this week to select a new Pope.  The news is peppered with articles:  How the disgraced Roger Mahony of L.A. is still able to vote, how the elevated Francis George of Chicago shows concern for his crime victims. Why do any Catholic Church leaders deserve any news coverage other than reports about each cardinal's complicity in the cover-up of a hundred thousand children being molested by their priests in the last 70 years in the USA alone? 

Last week mainstream news copied down the words of Cardinal George of Chicago as he found microphones in the Vatican and pontificated about zero tolerance.  George was quoted throughout the world saying, "Because there are victims, cardinals must address the issue of sexual misconduct in the pre-conclave meetings" (for example in Chicago Tribune March 7).   
Well I know from experience how Cardinal George treats victims of pedophile priests in his archdiocese as I reported here: 

“There’s a problem, it's your blog,” said the the "mediator" beside me, as the Chicago Archdiocese tried to silence City of Angels Blog on April 8, 2011. Church attorneys had lured me to the windy city by  . . . "

When reporters just write down what the cardinals claim, without bothering to find anyone who’s had a direct experience of their policies, it's more damage done to the pedophile priest victims

However, just like we see in the U.S. today in stories about the economy and how the poor and not the last two wars are responsible for budget deficits, mainstream reporters just write down what spokesmen say and publish it, performing as corporate stenographers, instead of journalists.

Meanwhile the only victims advocacy group visible, SNAP, is in Rome this week releasing statements about which cardinal would be a better pick for next Pope.

As if it makes a difference.

Roger Mahony is not the only guilty cardinal

As awful as Mahony of Los Angeles may be* he’s not the only scarlet cardinal.  His current role as demon serves more as a diversionary tactic orchestrated by the church than a news story.  

Only reason Mahony appears to be so bad is his files were released.  In reality, he’s likely not any worse than every other Catholic cardinal or bishop across the globe.   The pedophile priest crimes were an epidemic throughout the church, the same pattern of hiding the crimes and transferring the perpetrators was repeated in every archdiocese.   

If prosecutors could go through Pedophile Priest Personnel Files in every archdiocese as they are doing in Los Angeles, they would likely find that every bishop in the Catholic Church is guilty of the same crimes committed by Roger Mahony.  

So Mahony gets to put himself in martyr mode and all across the land, news reporters fall for it and report exactly the story the church wants reported: 

Focus on Mahony, don't write about every other archdiocese in the world doing the same thing. 
There are more than a hundred thousand victims of pedophile priests living with our damages in the USA right now.  Roger Mahony is no more guilty than every bishop in the United States, he’s just been forced to release internal documents.  

Mahony Might Even Be One of the Better Ones

Considering the size of settlements Mahony approved to be paid, $660 million to 510 plaintiffs in 2007, plus more in 2006 and since 2007, he might be one of the more decent bishops, in the end, if you can call any of them decent. At least Mahony seemed to realize the scope of the damage done to a kid being raped by a priest, and he approved an average of a million dollars to any victim who found their way to a lawyer during the one-year window that was opened in California in 2003 to file lawsuits.  One million  average, per victim, when bishops in other cities have only paid out in the low five figures.   

To Change Illinois SOL
for sex abuse victims.

You can sign a petition to try to get Illinois law changed so Cardinal George could be forced to help the victims he claims to care about and maybe even release documents from the Chicago Archdiocese the way they were released in Los Angeles by clicking here:

ILLINOIS JUSTICE FOR CHILD VICTIMS petition reached 107 signers last week. But if we are going to have an impact, it's critical that more people contact The Illinois State House.  With your help, we can reach our goal! Share this link   Thank you 

Cardinal George of Chicago had the audacity to offer me Five Thousand Dollars as a settlement for molestation by pedophile priest Thomas Barry Horne in Bartlett Illinois, sex crimes committed on me at preschool age that ruined my sexuality for the rest of my life, and as a result ruined my ability to hold a job or maintain a relationship for life.  Five thousand dollars was what I was offered from the Chicago Archdiocese and a threat that I better stop blogging about my experiences or someone in the church might sue me. 

So in that respect, poor dejected persecuted Roger Mahony might be one of the best of the cardinals. I think it's almost diversionary to single the former L.A. archbishop out as a bad guy when the pedophile priest crimes were epidemic all throughout the Church, Mahony is just the only one who's paid out huge settlements and released files, albeit after a long fight. He at least gave lip service to the amount of damage being raped by a priest as a child does to a person.   

Doubt we'll even get that far in other archdioceses, for example, Chicago.

God only knows how many more children were raped worldwide and over the centuries by perverts using their position as priest to get to children and cardinals who let them do it.


I'm trying to get back to California and need to raise two thousand dollars to drive a Uhaul home. 

I left L.A. in November 2010 thinking I’d be able to report on pedophile priest stories across the country, what I ambitiously called Murmur She Wrote.  But soon after arriving in Albuquerque, poverty became the dominant factor in my life and I realized it's impossible to do investigative journalism without a car. 

Now I find myself stranded in Illinois.  My job that I do over the internet seems to be disappearing in the morass of the American economy and I'm scared I'll never be able to even get back home.

If a few hundred persons put five dollars or more on my PayPal account it would help me at least get home so I can be near my daughter.  While Cardinal George and all the rest of them are luxuriating in the weeks long process of selecting a new Pope in Rome, I'm sick with lupus and have no health care as I'm not in my home state, I'm stranded with no car in a strange city, and I just want to go home.  PS I don't think of myself as a survivor at all.  I'm still a victim, broke and broken. 

Please use your credit or debit card and send a High $5 or higher by clicking the PayPal Donate button in the left hand column on this blog.  

Or email me at 

And help me get home.

UPDATE:  3:45 PM. 
I have found evidence while here in Illinois that my story about Fr. Horne in Bartlett and about being told to stop babbling by Cardinal Stritch really did happen.  



One political cartoonist captured the real story of selection of the next pope. 

Cartoon by Mike Luckovich  of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, February 2, 2013.  Published here so that when I post this post at Facebook there will be art connected to it.  


Link to article on my experience with Cardinal George's Attorneys in April 2011 here: 

Link to Illinois Petition: 

Link to my PayPal account: 

Linking to PayPal in the blog post does not work.

So please use one of the "Donate" buttons in the left hand column of this blog, to send me a high $5 or higher and help me get back to California. 

Link to Atlanta Journal Constitution cartoonist Mike Luckovich: 



    Controversy over Cardinal Mahony's conclave votereaches Vatican 

    Religion News Service-Feb 19, 2013
    The controversy over Cardinal Roger Mahony's vote in the conclave that ... “Cardinal Mahony should not only stay home from the conclave but ...


    Cardinal Mahony 'Should Skip Pope Vote' 

    Sky News-Feb 20, 2013
    California Cardinal Roger Mahony has come under pressure to skip the ... whether Cardinal Mahony should attend the conclave next month to elect a ... saying he had not been equipped to deal with the problem of sexual ...


    Cardinal: LA's Mahony should help select pope 

    KTVU San Francisco-Feb 25, 2013
    "There are some victims groups for whom enough is never enough, so we ... an investigation into Vatican leaks to cardinals voting on his successor. ... Levada and Mahony will join more than 100 cardinals on Thursday in ...


    Paul Begala: A Prayer for the Catholic Church 

    Daily Beast-11 hours ago
    And not a single cardinal has called for excluding Mahony...Mahony actually had the temerity to defend what he did and what he failed to do.


    Sistine chimney installed ahead of conclave hours ago
    US Cardinals Sean Patrick O'Malley, center, Roger Mahony, right, and ... Saturday installed the top of the Sistine Chapel chimney thatwill signal to the world ... "We're not going to send out text messages or SMS messages, you'll ... While the cardinals ponder their choices, preparations for the vote continue.


    A colourful cast of 115 cardinals are gathering to select a new pope ... 

    The Guardian-17 hours ago
    When it comes to the conclave of 115 cardinals who will choose the next pope in ... Cardinal Roger Mahony, archbishop emeritus of Los Angeles, and Cardinal ... a quarter of the total number of pope-makers, do not want for colourful ... supreme court voted in 2012 to legalise the termination of foetuses with ...


    Cardinal Roger Mahony's reign of terror--and why heshould not ... 

    RenewAmerica-Feb 23, 2013
    Cardinal Roger Mahony's reign of terror--and why he should notboard ... is none other than the deciding vote of a corrupt human being and a ...
Posted by Kay Ebeling, 
The City of Angels is Everywhere

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Actor who played Hitler to Portray Pope on Showtime Soon

Bruno Ganz, who played Adolph Hitler in Downfall, to portray Pope in Ridley Scott's upcoming The Vatican on Showtime.

  1. Downfall (2004) - IMDb
     Rating: 8.3/10 - 147672 votes
    Traudl Junge, the final secretary for Adolf Hitler, tells of the Nazi dictator's final days in ...Downfall -- In April of 1945, Germany stands at the brink of defeat with ...
    Directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel Starring Ulrich Matthes Bruno Ganz .
  2. Images for downfall, hitler

     - Report images

More on Upcoming Showtime piece

New Pope Chosen For Ridley Scott's 'The Vatican' -
4 days ago – New Pope Chosen For Ridley Scott's 'The Vatican... The casting will no doubt spark controversy as Ganz also played Nazi leader Adolf Hitle

MORE ON GANZ leading up to new role as Pope at City of Angels Blog.  

Posted by Kay Ebeling

Bruno Ganz previous roles

Actor who played Pope and will play Hitler upcoming on Showtime in 1987 played an Angel hovering over Berlin:

  1. Wings of Desire / Wim Wenders - The Official Site
    WINGS OF DESIRE 1987. Director: Wim Wenders Screenplay: Wim Wenders Peter Handke Director of Photography: Henri Alekan Editor: Peter Przygodda ...

    "Told from the angel's point of view, the film is shot in black and white, blossoming into color only when the angels perceive the realities of humankind. Ultimately, Damiel determines that he must experience humanity in full, and breaks through in to the real world to pursue a life with Marion."

    Now he's to portray the Pope in Ridley Scot's upcoming The Vatican.  

    New Pope Chosen For Ridley Scott's 'The Vatican' -
    4 days ago – New Pope Chosen For Ridley Scott's 'The Vatican... The casting will no doubt spark controversy as Ganz also played Nazi leader Adolf Hitle

    More on Bruno Ganz portraying Adolph Hitler in last days of WW2 in Downfall: 

    1. Downfall (2004) - IMDb
       Rating: 8.3/10 - 147672 votes
      Traudl Junge, the final secretary for Adolf Hitler, tells of the Nazi dictator's final days in ...Downfall -- In April of 1945, Germany stands at the brink of defeat with ...
      Directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel Starring Ulrich Matthes Bruno Ganz .
    2. Images for downfall, hitler

       - Report images


     Rating: 8/10 - 30799 votes
    This Wim Wenders film centers around the story of two angels wandering in a mixture of post-war and modern Berlin. Invisible to humans, they nevertheless...
    Directed by Wim Wenders Starring Otto Sander Bruno Ganz .

  3. Wings of Desire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Wings of Desire (Der Himmel ├╝ber Berlin, translated literally as The Heavens Over Berlin) is a 1987 Franco-German romantic fantasy film directed by Wim ...
    Plot  - Cast  - Production  - Dedication 
  4. Wings of Desire - Rotten Tomatoes
     Rating: 98% - 46 reviews
    Damiel (Bruno Ganz) and Cassiel (Otto Sander) are angels who watch over the city of Berlin. They don't have harps or wings (well, they usually don't...
    Directed by Wim Wenders Starring Bruno Ganz Solveig Dommartin .

    Posted by Kay Ebeling
    .[The City of Angels is Everywhere