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Thursday, July 30, 2015

This kind of manipulation of media and victims has been done before

If they were a real support network, the whole world would know about the UN hearings in Fall 2013 and how the Pope was almost brought to his knees. SNAP would have used the local groups they set up in cities across the country over last 20 years to publicize such an accomplishment.  Instead, crickets. Now hardly anyone knows the UN sanctioned the Vatican for clergy sex abuse. And the Pope was not brought to his knees at all. That kind of manipulation of the message is easy today in the USA:

On the effort to discredit Michael Moore by health insurance industry, from Deadly Spin chapter 4* -  "The Campaign Against Sicko"

"APCO, a D.C. PR firm, worked behind the scenes to 'reframe the debate. They set up a front group called 'Health Care America' who tested the phrase ‘government takeover.’ 

After the release of Sicko, Health Care America, a "non-partisan non-profit health care advocacy organization released the following statement:  'The reality is government run health systems around the world are failing patients, forcing them to forgo treatments or seek out of pocket care in other countries.' Sicko made $20 million as opposed to $125 million made by Fahrenheit 9/11.  APCO had succeeded in getting their talking points into most of the stories that appeared about the movie.

“AND NOT A SINGLE REPORTER had done enough investigative work to find out that insurers had provided the lions’ share of funding to set up Health Care America.”  [CofA emphasis] 

Just like not one reporter ever dug to find out who SNAP was and why the same two or three people showed up everywhere in the world when the pedophile priest story broke, claiming to represent the survivors. 

-Kay Ebeling 

* Quotes are from Deadly spin : an insurance company insider speaks out on how corporate PR is killing health care and deceiving Americans
Author: Wendell Potter

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Nothing they did was illegal either, in blocking pedophile priest victims from taking action. You can't report it to law enforcement, you can't get a news reporter interested in it. Brilliant maneuver on their part to kinda sorta pull off a fraud and to kinda sorta screw people, but not enough to ever be called on it. . .

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

One pervert after another in USA news, does anyone see a connection with thousands of pedophile priests let loose on the population over the last century, like they may have affected and empowered other predators? Thanks again, Catholic Church.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Pope traded Pedo-Priests for Left Wing Politics, (my theory only)

Considering what the Pope has done so far, what I wrote Dec 2013 is probably true: "My theory: It was a deal. Francis got named Pope to derail child sex abuse charges with a Sudden Left Wing Turn in the church. He gets to steer to the left and help the poor, and the old monarchs get to keep the pedophile priest files secret. Just my paranoid, plot seeing brain at work as always"
A bishop told me in 1955 to stop babbling about a pedophile priest. Another bishop told me in 2011 to stop writing about pedophile priests. Today, read about pedophile priest crimes at CityofAngels 1-30.
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