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Monday, January 25, 2016

Archbishop of Chicago has destroyed my faith, maybe permanently, someone tell the Pope

The Archbishop of Chicago needs to realize that the dirty tricks he is playing on me through his lawyers to block settlement of my lawsuit, filed bk of a pedophile priest raping me when I was age five and supposedly settled last September, has been the Last Nail in the Coffin of whatever faith I once had in God or even a "higher power" and the world needs to know that while the Catholic Church professes to give the victims of these crimes "pastoral care" and love and compassion, what they really are doing is screwing with us, using our lawsuits and lawyers to harass us, and Destroying Whatever Faith we may have once had. Destroying it. That's what the Archbishop of Chicago has done to me, destroyed what little faith I once had.

thanks for the image, Ted

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Church and Archbishop of Chicago still f---ing with me 4 Months after my lawsuit settled.

UPDATE: The week they said they were settling my case last September, I got letters from the IRS, the state of California Franchise Tax Board, and Medicare, all telling me I suddenly owe them money for things that make no sense. Thanks, Catholic Church, for showing your true colors, and NEVER sending me my settlement check, just sending letters to tax boards so I would continue to be harassed because I refused to take down this blog when you tried to make me in 2011.  (Jan 20, 2016)

For the record: I have not gotten my check from lawsuit that settled Last September bk the lawyer for the Archbishop of Chicago, James Geoly, sent a letter to Medicare that caused everything to get stalled while Medicare gets involved with it, Just To Fuck With Me Some More!!! Even Medicare does not know why they got called into it, It Is All Just Another Way for the Catholic Church to screw with a pedophile priest victim behind the scenes while lying to the public and parishioners that they are concerned and care about us. ALL THEY WANT TO DO IS MESS WITH US.

they get to call themselves pastoral, the Catholic Church, with all the benefits that go with being benevolent, when all they really are is Corporate Thugs.

Friday, January 1, 2016

They're Everywhere, They're Everywhere

Small World department, John Brown you should appreciate this. I'm trying to find affordable housing and learn about this great place, so I get the rental application. The property is run by Mercy Housing Management. Something about the name bothered me, so I did a little Google search, turns out these apartments are run by an investment arm of Sisters of Mercy who ran a wonderful orphanage in Toowoomba, Australia, where a great deal of abuse took place. . . including by the infamous Father Kevin Baker (the sisterhood is also a major player in the Ryan Report on child abuse in Ireland). So now I'm scared to move into the place, if they even accept my application, as they'd probably bug my home and put another key stroke reader on my laptop like the Archbishop of Chicago did to me in 2011. This is so frustrating as I am living in a slummy motel room and the town homes these people manage are perfect for me. So I'm wondering, do I write them a letter begging for mercy and asking them to let me have an apartment there even though my blog helped to prove the whole dang church is run by criminals who aided and abetted pedophile priests? I mean, this complex is in the best location near buses and shopping here in South Lake Tahoe, I really want to live there. Or do I just keep looking for something else? The latter is probably the best course of action. So frustrating.


Meanwhile next morning:

I've been to the same apartment complex so many times in my dreams that when I wake up, I try to remember what city it's in, until I realize the place only exists in my dreams. It's a collection of structures on rolling hills that feels like Northern California. I'm always with Lizzie in the dream and we're always moving in, and since we've always been looking for a home, in dreams and in real life, we're so happy to have found this place.
Last night we'd gotten a two bedroom with a creative layout, lots of windows, and the guy was saying "It's only two thirty a month because it's subsidized." Lizzie hugged me. It was this wonderful hug that I felt through the blankets and I carried it with me for several hours into the morning.
She posted New Year's Eve on her Facebook timeline that she was "In HELL" and included a phone number with words to whoever read it, "call me." So I called her but my call went straight to voicemail, the way it does when a person has programmed a phone to avoid calls from that number. Lizzie posted last night that her life has been hell for the past year. I want to point out that her life has been hell since she became hostile to her mother. But I'm afraid to say anything that will cause her to once again block me on Facebook completely. So instead I leave a voicemail saying, "Please call me back, we could be helping each other right now," even though I know she probably won’t even listen to the message.
She's cut me so for far out of her life that all I can do is watch her slip through more cracks while I keep my distance, this is so hard, so hard.

Kay Ebeling whatever changed her it happened while I was in Chicago trying to dig up the truth about my case. . .
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(FB Friend Name deleted) They got to her. It is easy. She may have been pre-programmed and not even know it. In my sisters case it is astounding she would make [the comments she made] since she does not give a rats ass about the Catholic Church, she is not a practicing Catholic, but the way the brainwashing works is that you believe these thoughts are your very own so in the face of reason you still stay brainwashed.
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