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Thursday, November 16, 2017

I am Not a victim, a pedophile priest just got to me.

Now if anyone asks, I say I'm a journalist who helped break a story that was controversial and took a lot of guff for it, it affected my career and my life. Still I stand behind the work I did, I know it was the right thing to do. 
If someone I meet then finds out the topic I covered was pedophile priests, it is like a litmus test. If they can't handle it, I don't want them as my friend, in fact I wonder about them. When they continue to be my friend, I know they are capable of complex thought and there is potential for a further friendship there. 
Yes I probably would have been more successful if that molestation by a priest hadn't happened but I don't really know that.
When I was five-six years old I was diddled by a priest and then everyone told me to stop talking about it. That may have driven me to be a journalist in the first place, because always inside I knew there was some injustice, some wrong thing, and I had to tell it to the world. Without that experience, I probably would be a grandmother now surrounded by children and experiencing holidays. But I also could have died of Some  Mundane and Ordinary Disease decades ago. 
I am not a victim. I'm a human being who went through a horrible experience and now I'm an old lady living in a difficult time in history with a tremendous amount of survival skills. I don't feel like a victim at all.
Life goes on, even after death. 

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I am not sure, but pretty sure, that I never used the word "victim" to describe myself until I connected with SNAP. From the start in support groups they repeated, "You are not a victim, you are a survivor." Until that time, I wanted to be an activist.  In 1996 I was reaching out in San Francisco looking for others who’d had this experience to find others, to Take Action. 
I Know I started to use the word "survivor" after connecting with SNAP but to me even that word did not describe me. 
I never was a victim. A pedophile priest got to me. It happened, I'm still here, it affected me.  It was a felony and he and everyone who enabled all the pedophile priests should have been prosecuted. WTF. That aiding and abetting was the real crime. 

Monday, November 13, 2017

I heard another pundit salivate over details of an adult / teenage sex encounter, and I turned off the News for good

These stories are triggering the Fuck out of me, since Weinstein broke, bk there's nothing genuine about any of it. These stories were Placed in the news to have the desired effect they are having: Degrading Americans on the left and the right, filling our air waves with degrading stories of sick sex While the President is carrying on in ways that will permanently damage the USA forever.  We are wallowing in sexual shenanigans while our nation Goes Down and they set it up this way.  
For me this is a double whammy because 
I'm a pedophile priest victim who thanks to these stories is having all this horrible shit brought up all over again with a strange unsatisfying feeling as in, why is this happening this way now etc. 
Where were all these reporters when the priest stories came out?
On Top Of That I once was a newspaper editor, and I once worked with some really good PR people, so I can see what is happening here, to me it is so obvious:  The placement of the stories, the results the stories are getting. 
I feel like I"m in a sci-fi movie, watching my fellow human beings walk right into a trap that I can see but they can't so all I can do is watch. 
Somehow the two issues are connected
I think that if the Vatican had responded with Justice to the pedophile priest victims, then the whole world would have gone a different direction. 
I feel like the final downfall of humanity started when the Pope decided to go corporate instead of admitting what happened with the priests and dealing with it with Justice and... humanity. 
It ain't fun taking this ride down, even though I'm in a good place here in Tahoe to maybe survive what is coming. 
I think there is a connection. I think all of them, God, Jesus, and whoever else is up there, were watching, indeed, even gave humans one last chance with the pedophile priest victims and HUMANS BLEW IT. (as a class not all of us) 
thank you for listening 

Saturday, November 11, 2017

If only the priests had been celebrities, 
then someone might have heard us.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

True Pedophile Priest Sex Crime Stories do not make the news, but today we know everything there is to know about Harvey Weinstein's penis

The Fact stories of pedophile priests were IGNORED but there are Details of Kevin Spacey touching a guy's butt in 1986 all over the internet shows how UNREAL today's news coverage is.
Meanwhile I am Proud of this work I did a few years back, publishing these stories, even though it got me so ostracized, abandoned in Appallacchia, and even poisoned at one point, but I can't prove it. (Honest at CofA 15 read the "spider bite" story.) Now I hide in the Sierras but I stand by this work.

(In every Archdiocese in every city, the pattern of crime is the same. There is more to the story of pedophile priests in the Catholic Chur...