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Thursday, September 27, 2012

To David Pierre

(David Pierre takes issue with me calling him a pedophile priest defender in yesterday's post.  I sent him this answer: )

Be grateful, David. You should see what I deleted.  
David, you perpetuate misinformation and grab any thread you can find to make these priests look innocent.  

You publish Donald Steier's rambling legal motions as fact.
You claim victims are making up their stories because they can't remember specific details.
You side with biased judges instead of looking at the real story, such as with Poandl in West Virginia.
You find the one percent of questionable cases and amplify them as representing all the cases. 

Really questionable, David, and yes you end up defending the pedophile priests, even if it is inadvertent. Plus you provide sound bites and a forum for prejudiced haters. 

My question to you is who is paying you, David? 

If you are not being paid, what else would motivate a person to produce the information you produce?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Right Wing Catholics and Pedophile Priests

By Kay Ebeling
Paul Ryan, Catholic
It was his Catholic conscience that caused Sargent Shriver* to create the Peace Corps, Job Corps, and Head Start in the 1960s.  In 2011 it was his Catholic conscience that moved Paul Ryan** to oppose Social Security and claim a passion for Ayn Rand’s Objectivist theories.  Republican Newt Gingrich converted to Catholicism so he could marry his third wife and run for president as someone who is prayerful. 

When it comes to pedophile priests, on the right the Catholic League defends the “high number of falsely accused priests,” along with David Pierre whose website and books criticize SNAP for its “left wing” politics, as if it's a given that left-wing means something bad.  

What happened to the socially conscious Catholics, the politically compassionate such as the Kennedys?  This century Catholics are part of the most extreme elements of the Republican Party in the USA, and somehow siding with the priests in the pedophile crisis got tagged onto this right wing Catholic phenomenon.    

A Self-Perpetuated Authority

The pedophile priest apologists end up running each other’s talking points on each other’s websites. They self-publish books, and review each other's self-published books, and give the appearance that Catholics are Republicans who think pedophile priests have gotten a bad rap.  A kind of legitimacy results from the redundancy. 

Last summer during the Philadelphia priest abuse trial, NPR interviewed pedophile priest defender Pierre.  

The reporter who interviewed him, NPR's Barbara Bradley Hagerty, is part of this new Catholic right wing herself.  So much for Left Wing Bias in the news, especially at NPR: 
More troubling still is [Hagerty’s] association with Howard Ahmanson's Fieldstead and Co. and Fieldstead Foundation. Ahmanson is a California millionaire who uses his trust fund to finance right-wing Christian, anti-gay, anti-evolution groups and politicians. He was previously associated with Christian Reconstructionism, which advocates a Biblically-based governement for the U.S. (Neither Ahmanson nor his philanthropic endeavors have their own websites. Make of that what you will.) 
Hagerty has spoken twice at the Summer Institute of Journalism, a program run by the Council for Christian Colleges and University and funded by the Fieldstead Foundation. Student reactions to her talks are here.
 Hagerty has spoken twice at the Summer Institute of Journalism, a program run by the Council for Christian Colleges and University and funded by the Fieldstead Foundation. Student reactions to her talks are here. 
Hagerty's keynote address to the 2003 National Student Media Conventionwas also sponsored by Fieldstead and Co. In 2003 she also spoke at theBaptist Press Student Journalism Conference, along with Terry Mattingly, a Scripps-Howard reporter who is also a Fieldstead grant recipient.  ( per )


Some in the new right in the U.S. show a religious reverence in their political ideals.  Republican candidate for President Mitt Romney and his running mate Ryan’s belief in the individual above the village seems to be as significant to them as accepting Jesus Christ as your lord and savior.    

New Right Catholics Entering a Vacuum 

A lot of level headed persons are leaving the Catholic Church in the shadow of its cover up of a pedophile priest crime spree in the U.S.  Still actual membership numbers are for the most part staying stable in the Catholic Church nationwide and in some geographic areas, such as Los Angeles, parish membership numbers are even rising. 

Who are these wandering souls entering the vacuum of the emptying Catholic Church?  Who wants to come in while so many others are leaving?  And why are so many of the defenders of pedophile priests also part of the extreme ring wing of politics? 

As one of the pedophile priest victims, I see these new right wing Catholics as slick opportunists.  A guy like Gingrich can write checks to a parish and soon be leading his own version of Bible study.

What really scares me about this embrace of the Catholic Church by the right is to me, with my moderate knowledge of history, the movement resembles Germany in the post World War II era when Hitler was rising to power.  Like this from Wikipedia: 

Raised by a skeptic Catholic father and a devout Catholic mother, Adolf Hitler ceased to participate in the sacraments after childhood. In his book Mein Kampf and in public speeches he often made statements that affirmed a belief in Christianity.[1][2] Prior to World War II Hitler had promoted "positive Christianity", a movement which purged Christianity of its Jewish elements and instilled it with Nazi philosophy.[3] 
Today’s new right Catholics seem determined to rid the Church of liberal and progressive thinkers, which apparently includes anyone who defends the victims of pedophile priests instead of the priests.  The new right wing Catholics seem to refer to progressives and pedophile priest victims with the same disdain the Nazis had for Jews. 

A devout Catholic, Sargent Shriver attended daily Mass and always carried a rosary of well-worn wooden beads.[11]  During [John F ]  Kennedy's presidential term, Shriver founded and served as the first director of the Peace Corps.[4]    Shriver then served as Special Assistant to President Lyndon Johnson where he created the Office of Economic Opportunity.  Shriver is known as the "architect" of the Johnson administration's "War on Poverty".[4]  Shriver founded numerous social programs and organizations, including Head Start,[14] VISTA, Job Corps, Community Action, Upward Bound, Foster Grandparents, Legal Services, the National Clearinghouse for Legal Services (now the Shriver Center), Indian and Migrant Opportunities and Neighborhood Health Services, in addition to directing the Peace Corps. He was active inSpecial Olympics, founded by his wife Eunice.  (Per Wikipedia: ) 

Catholicism grounds his thinking about politics and the basic relationship between the individual and the state. He has invoked a principle called "subsidiarity" in justifying his view that people are more apt to flourish under government that is limited in its size and reach.  ( Per Wall Street Journal August 17 2012 ) 

Plus it figures The Vatican’s new PR guy is a former Fox News correspondent.  The extreme right neo-fascists are certainly finding a welcome home inside the emptying Catholic Church, kinda scary actually.‎ - 14 hours ago
Greg Burke has left Fox News Channel, where he's been a ... It was just last month that TVNewser interviewed Burke in Italy, where he ...‎ - 9 hours ago
Morning Sentinel‎ - 20 minutes ago

Greg Burke, a native St. Louisan who had been working for Fox News, will become the senior communications adviser at the Vatican, officials said Saturday.

Read more:
More on the NPR Reporter: 

Hagerty has spoken twice at the Summer Institute of Journalism, a program run by the Council for Christian Colleges and University and funded by the Fieldstead Foundation. Student reactions to her talks are here. 

Hagerty's keynote address to the 
2003 National Student Media Conventionwas also sponsored by Fieldstead and Co. In 2003 she also spoke at theBaptist Press Student Journalism Conference, along with Terry Mattingly, a Scripps-Howard reporter who is also a Fieldstead grant recipient. 


Funny thing is I get it. 

I get what Ryan and Gingrich are going through.

As a pedophile priest victim, part of my own personal PTSD was a misdirected passion for politics that was almost sexual in nature, much like today’s neo-right-wing religious devotees in the U.S. seem to be experiencing. 

In late 1970s Texas, at the height of my acting out as a pedophile priest crime victim, a lot of Texans broke from the Democrats to become Libertarians and Republicans.   I somehow became part of that movement and there was sexual excitement mixed in with my foray into right wing politics.

It was revolutionary, it broke new ground, it was part of my compulsion, it was breakthrough it was, it was-

For example, I embraced Ayn Rand and her philosophy too.  I voted for Ron Paul when he first ran for Congress in Houston.  I know there was a similarity in my short-lived romance with the right wing, to Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead where Howard Roark blows up his construction project rather than allow any left-leaning sympathies in its design. 

The confused mess in my brain was connected to the mish mash placed in there in 1953 by Father Horny, when he diddled me between the legs when I was five years old.  That sexual excitement entered and confused everything I did in my life.  So my safari into right wing politics in the late 1970s had an element of sick sexual perplexity attached to it. 

I just wonder what sick demented thing happened to right wingers like Paul Ryan and Newt Gingrich that made them so passionate about their political theories as they connect to their Catholic religion.

As a damaged former Catholic, watching in the last twenty years the legal maneuverings of attorneys for the church in courts, and their manipulation of the news media, I don't see how anyone can consider Catholicism a legitimate religion anymore. 

-Posted By Kay Ebeling, producer, City of Angels Network
The City of Angels is Everywhere
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Molested by a priest, thrown out of a Brownie meeting

New post at CofA15 today:

(Thanks to Fr. Horny I was a seven-year-old sexual predator.)

Read Molested by a Priest, thrown out of a Brownie Meeting at   

Faster Than the Speed of Life CofA15.

Why the lull at City of Angels Blog?

Sometimes I edit a story down so much there's nothing left, I've deleted it all.  When it's never right for publication, best to throw it out and start over...

Holy Hypocrites on YouTube

Just found this cool channel on YouTube


Holy Hypocrites channel 
Enjoy your September day 


Friday, September 21, 2012

Jesuit abuser Jerold Lindner and a suspicious death

We wrote about Jerold Lindner at City of Angels Blog long before the William Lynch trial in California last summer:  

The unresolved death of Fr. Jim Cheveddon will likely keep Jerold Lindner's name in circulation.


Monday, September 17, 2012

My New Project

Check out my new project:  Chill Hippie Blog started September 2012

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jerry Sandusky again? Where are stories of 6000 pedophile priests?

I clanked a pan on the counter as the news story came on.  I hollered, "Jerry Sandusky again?"  Another story about this one guy, one pedophile?  

Where was the American press last few years as pedophile stories of six thousand plus Catholic priests came out?  

More than six thousand pedophile priests.  That means how many hundred thousand victims of them are, like me, slamming dishes in their kitchens these days too wondering how Sandusky can be such a huge story while Catholic priests buggering boys in sacristies draws yawns.  

Plus me, I'm just now finding out that recently in cities around the country there have been quiet settlements, one after another, going on.  No accompanying news stories, just payouts to victims who then keep silent.  

And in the end these crimes remain secret.