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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Catholic Bishops can still be prosecuted on a federal level

Mainstream news again reports that a bishop will not be prosecuted due to the statute of limitations in one particular state. 

When will some reporter somewhere realize that in every archdiocese in the country the same pattern of cover-up, and aiding and abetting of pedophile priests took place, so the crimes of the bishops happened across state lines, on a national level. 

The crimes of the bishops are Federal Crimes. 

So instead of we as a nation just throwing up our hands and saying the statutes of limitations are past on state and county levels, why are there no FEDERAL INDICTMENTS of bishops all across the country, since they carried out their crimes in exactly the same manner in every archdiocese across the country? 

This was criminal conspiracy on a national level.  No county DA is ready to take on the Catholic Church, but the Federal Justice Department could. 

(In response to this story in yesterday's L.A. Times: )

Church sex abuse files unlikely to lead to chargesexperts say 

Los Angeles Times-Jan 22, 2013
Over the last decade, there have been numerous calls to prosecute Cardinal Roger M. Mahony and his top aides for their mishandling of clergy ...

-Posted by Kay Ebeling

Jay Nelson of New Mexico sent me this comment Thur afternoon via email: 

It's a lovely dream. If we could find a real Elliot Ness federal 
prosecutor to go after this criminal enterprise, he or she would 
have plenty of dots to connect.

Here are a few that just occurred to me:
Baloney Mahony took over LA in 1985 -- the same time frame as:

1) The Manual was put before the bishops, but they declined 
saying they already had a policy in place. Nonetheless, it 
informed them of how to dispose of files without suspicion. 
(Thanks, Fr. Doyle! Good job!)

2) The Servants of the Paraclete are advised by the bishops to do 
just that.

3) Mahony writes the Paracletes in 1987 advising them not to 
return a predator who could face criminal charges.

Gee, sounds like a conspiracy to avoid justice to me!


FRIDAY 01 25 13

ANOTHER comment came in by email from Gerald Slevin:  

Hello Kay: Thanks for your call  on your website for a Federal investigation of the US bishops' abuse cover-up. You may find of interest my related statement of today, "How Much Longer  Can the Vatican Avoid Priest Sex Abuse?", accessible at 

Please consider posting my statement or a portion of it or link to it on your site. Thanks so much for this and for all you do.

Best, Jerry


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The 2007 L.A. Documents have not yet been released

The files from the 2007 L.A. settlements Have Still Not Been Released. 

It's bothering me that there is a media frenzy going on about the docs from a more recent lawsuit that were released on Monday. Then buried in each story will be a mention that the 2007 files will be released "in the coming weeks."

PR people know that the public attention span for news is about a half hour these days, so with all this frenzy about these docs now, when the REAL SHITLOAD finally does get released, the media and the public will think it's just more of the same. 

To me, this is all still being orchestrated by the Church.

With so many stories like the NY Times one linked here, when the 2007 settlement docs do finally get released, I fear there will be no attention paid to them. 

-Kay Ebeling

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Not Posting for now

It's just not happening.  Every time I develop a story for this blog, it gets stymied one way or another.  I'll put in hours and days of work on posts, then when I'm about to put them up here, I get a phone call or an email saying, "Don't publish my story."  

So last summer I decided to take all those interviews and fashion them into a fiction piece, but I could not do that either, because it felt too much like I was exploiting people.  

I don't know why this phenomenon keeps happening.  The paranoid part of my brain is certain someone behind the scenes is sabotaging this blog, finding out who I'm talking to and telling them not to talk to me, as the same pattern keeps being repeated.  

No matter.  Whether it's just human nature or it really is an effort by the Church, using agents disguised as advocates, the end result is nothing can get published here anymore.  

Anyone can email me at to communicate with me, but for now I'm looking for a new project to arouse my passion.

As far as I can see, the Catholic Church won their battle to keep the pedophile priest crimes as secret as possible.