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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Homeless Slide Show, Sidewalk Style

A little off topic, although my friends assure me child sex abuse victims often end up homeless as adults, here is a Rerun from CofA11 June 10, 2009 for your Sunday viewing

Homeless Slide Show, Sidewalk Style. Photos by Kay Ebeling

She Stays Near Hollywood and Vine

Says her name is Diana Ross


Homeless Guy by Pershing Square


The sun is hot at Melrose and Vine, even in February

Close on Anguished Face

He Has a Great Spot Close to Transportation:

He used to stand all day behind a bus bench at the corner of Melrose and Vine.


He Could Be Your Brainy Uncle


Close to transportation
In the alley behind the bus stop


Do You Recognize Him?

He was outside the Oscars February 2009


This man I've seen a few times, on buses, he sits, takes up eight seats, people shove him and his things aside to take a seat. . .

She Digs Through Trash for Lunch-

I see the woman below often when going to Civil West courthouse, Dept 308 where Elias sits- she wanders the blocks near Vermont and Sixth, digging through trash for food, perching in wait in doorways....


Another Pershing Square resident:


Lenny Sits in front of Political Signs

And shabby rundown apartments that cost at least two thousand to move in, a thousand a month to live in.

Lenny, closer

Lenny, Closer


People wander day and night
The streets of L.A., all their earthly belongings in a rusty grocery cart


Across from Federal Courthouse
Downtown L.A., parks and green spots are populated by people with no visible means of hygenic toiletry...


At Sunset and Normandie on an April 2009 afternoon

Yes, life goes

Here are some more homeless pics from 2010

Friday, March 14, 2014

Boehner inviting Pope to Congress just in case

This is sychophantic kissing up to the sickest criminals just in case some of the stuff the criminals are saying is true.

Woke up to find link to this story in my email

Boehner invites Pope Francis to speak to Congress

National Catholic Reporter
Pam Cohen | Mar. 13, 2014 NCR Today
House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) reached out to the Vatican on behalf of House and Senate leaders on Thursday to invite Pope Francis to speak to both houses of Congress should he come to the United States next year, The Washington Post reports.
A copy of the letter:
It is with reverence and admiration that I have invited Pope Francis, as head of state of the Holy See and the first Pope to hail from the Americas, to address a joint meeting of the United States Congress.
Pope Francis has inspired millions of Americans with his pastoral manner and servant leadership, challenging all people to lead lives of mercy, forgiveness, solidarity, and humble service.
His tireless call for the protection of the most vulnerable among us -- the ailing, the disadvantaged, the unemployed, the impoverished, the unborn -- has awakened hearts on every continent....

At this point I have to stop reading to be sick.  This makes me sick.

This is sychophantic kissing up to the sickest criminals just in case some of the stuff the criminals are saying is true.

This makes me sick, you get the message.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

sexual abuse of children by members of the clergy a 'delicate theme' in Rome

In Renew America today
    'Francis defended the Church's handling of the sexual abuse of minors by stating the following:  "The statistics are shocking, but they also show clearly that the great majority of abuses take place in the family environment and around it. The Catholic Church is perhaps the only public institution to have acted with transparency and responsibility."  Really?  So those faithful families who trusted that their little boys would be safe in the company of priests, while serving as altar boys and performing other activities in the life of their parish, need to blame the sexual abuse of their children on the "family environment and around it" – and not on the pederasts that were allowed to remain active as priests?;
Continue Reading here at Renew America column by Marielena Montesino de Stuart

Pope calls Church victim and those molested by priests the problem

Terry McKiernan
"Terrence McKiernan of said it was 'breathtaking' that Francis had made the church the victim of the scandal, rather than express sorrow to the hundreds of thousands of victims or acknowledge the complicity of bishops in covering up the crimes.  'It is astonishing, at this late date, that Pope Francis would recycle such tired and defensive rhetoric,' McKiernan said in a statement."  Continue Reading Here in Washington Post today.

Me: Problem with Pope calling Church victim and those of us molested by priests the problem is the Pope's words are what parishioners will hear, and that is the only thing parishioners will hear.  The church set it up to end up this way from the start, they insulate the congregations against any true information about these crimes by setting the accusers up as bad guys.  Great PR on the part of the church, lousy pastoral care but hey, they aren't genuine Christians, so what do you expect. They just developed a 2-century long corporation around Christianity and billions of earthlings buy into it daily.  And they allowed hundreds of thousands of kids to be raped all over the world last century in order to protect their assets.  That's a church?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Story CBS Missed re Fr. John Feith

Now up at the *Renegade Catholic blog*: 

 Normally devoted to true crimes that have finally resolved, CBS News' 48 Hours series turned to a 50-year-old cold case this weekend. The story, "The Last Confession" was about the brutal rape and murder of a Texan beauty queen, Irene Garza, and the chief suspect, Fr. John B. Feith, the last person to see her alive. While handled with the usual sensitivity and professionalism one would expect, they totally neglected the far larger story, one that I covered in my book, Sons of Perdition. Unbelievably, the reporter, Richard Schlesinger, calmly dismissed the post-homicide career of Father Feith as being spent in "various monasteries." 


The place the accused murderer wound up in was – you guessed, Jemez Springs, at the Servants of the Paraclete's treatment center [For disturbed priests, which often meant pedophiles]. Not only that, Feith joined the order and quickly rose in it, to a position of great influence. He was the one who recommended reassignments for their "guests" – including James Porter. There is no doubt that John Feith was personally responsible for sending these monsters unsupervised back into unsuspecting communities where they could continue their crimes.  
(Continue Reading Here: )