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Friday, October 16, 2015

Tom McCarthy quotes SNAP in the news and I lose interest in Spotlight the movie. Why bother, when everything you do will get damage controlled away.

Update Oct. 30, 2015, So Predictable. Almost every story now about the film that mentions survivors quotes Clohessy when I bet a lot of people would rather hear from the Boston victims. SNAP always steps in and takes the microphone, preventing anyone else from being heard unless SNAP selects them. Hello! That's called Damage Control. No one chose SNAP to run the movement, they just are always there, no matter where the story breaks, there is Clohessy or Blaine taking center stage, telling the world all the great things SNAP does for survivors and reporters write it down as truth. SNAP does not do anything for survivors except show up at news events and prevent other victims from having a voice. Is there a real journalist out there ANYWHERE who will write this story and expose this scam, this counter intelligence conducted by the Catholic Church as yet another way to screw the pedophile priest victims? Anyone?

UPDATE November 14, 2015: SNAP had Two Years to prepare for the release of Spotlight. So what are they doing? Blaine is "retweeting" reviews of Spotlight. Last week they announced a petition to the Pope asking him to change and sent an email encouraging people to go see the film. That's it.  No use of the SNAP branches in cities all over the country, no activism that involves the "thousands" of SNAP members.  If Anyone Still Believes this organization is working for survivors, please stop living in denial of the lengths to which the Church will go to keep the truth of these crimes hidden. So survivors get YET ANOTHER missed opportunity by the group that sucked up the contact information in every city, so no one else could organize anything. If you wonder why it seems as if nothing happened last twenty years and the church was not affected by the pedophile priest crimes, look no farther.