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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Did Bullock murder Rev. Eric Freed because of pedophile priests?

I know this is all speculation on my part, it will still be weeks before I know for sure, if it turns out to be false, it will make a really good fiction story, hmm. 

UPDATE March 29: Boy was I wrong on this one. Bullock apparently was just a drug crazed guy let free by police on New Year's Eve no connection to pedophile priests in his defense at all. That would have to be fiction and I'm just starting to read fiction these days, never wrote it. . . 

… told him not to come back. Eventually, Bullock's behavior drew the attention of law enforcement. Kenneth Swithenbank, a sergeant with the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office, testified that around 1 …
(THIS IS WHAT I WROTE earlier and I actually thought about renting a car, driving to Eureka to cover the trial, to reinvigorate this blog. But there is no connection in Bullock's murder of Fr. Eric Freed to pedo-priests. Bullock was not a long silent suffering victim as I was imagining him. Oh well. At this point, I am not sure what will come of this blog. I keep saying I am going to write short stories but I do not write them. I'm happy to get away from the computer after I get off work to be honest.  So. . . onward. I Am at least reading fiction now, never used to. Become a real Gillian Flynn fan)

It will still be at least a week before Defense gives opening arguments, they are waiting until after the People give their case. I have for two years been thinking Gary Bullock will claim the pedophile priest news or something about the issue was part of his motive for this murder New Years morning 2014. I thought I saw it in his eyes at the time he was arrested. Then I learned Bullock at age 44 had almost no criminal record Except drug use and small time dealing, still he went nuts that holiday night and murdered Rev. Eric Freed in a Most Brutal Way, also trying to blow up the rectory in the Eureka CA Catholic Church. I have been watching this case since then, but Can Not drive to Eureka and attend the trial to blog about it no matter how much I want to, traveling is not on my budget but Lost Coast Outpost has remarkably good coverage. ALSO a journalist who was altar server for Fr Freed, in fact supposed to serve the morning of the murder, started a great blog about crime in Eureka and he is covering the Bullock trial the way I would if I went there and stayed in a hotel and faced antagonism everywhere I went, but Chiv has a much different perspective from mine... Here are those two links, Lost Coast Outpost and John Chiv at Blogspot 

Above is for Lost Coast Outpost a Really Good regional news site, below are links to two John Chiv posts about the trial. 

Happy Sunday Y'all

That would be Way Too Dangerous, a little old lady alone in a hotel in Eureka, doing my transcribing job while also attending the trial. In a city where often news stories past two years have just called Freed "the beloved priest" bk as we all know, priests are all beloved, yada yada. I'd do it with a budget and a bodyguard. I'm trying to turn into a fiction writer now in my elder years anyway, so will be following this trial for the way it sparks my imagination, one way or another.
(NOTE: I do not by any means advocate pedophile priest victims going out and murdering priests, just understand how one could go crazy enough to do so.)
-Kay Ebeling
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Monday, March 14, 2016

Pope's record on paedophile priests tarnishes. . .

Comment by "Bill" at this story

Johnny's in the rectory, britches to his knees,
Father's fondling Johnny, likes what he sees.
Father's caught again, and sent out of town,
Just another transfer, Father's been around.
Another new parish, where Father's welcomed in,
Another new little Johnny for Father once again.

Story is here: "Pope's record ..."
Many words, little action: three years after Pope Francis's election, victims of priest sex abuse are bitter and disappointed, accusing the Church of having failed to punish guilty clerics and end a culture of complacency on the issue. The recent Australian Royal Commission hearings of Vatican numbe…

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