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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Trump the Trojan Horse has taken my mind off pedophile priests, at least there's that

I've changed so much in the past two years. It's hard for me to even CARE about the Catholic Church and its cast of perverts right now, which I covered here for ten years.  Now I watch as the USA is under information warfare attack, which I think is likely being run by Putin and his country full of spy professionals, but likely funded by Saudis. Right now, the war on USA by messaging is on the uptake, accelerating, becoming more bold and more aggressive, and we HAVE to stop trying to make sense of what our President is doing. He's not working for USA. I'm just afraid of what it will be like in ten years when Russia and Saudi Arabia have accomplished their goals here.
Trump is a Trojan Horse, slipped into our country through a weird election, and now every time he opens his mouth it's like little soldiers pouring out of the Trojan horse's body, going on attack and doing more and more damage to USA.
As someone who once served in the Navy and worked full time for the federal government, who once was patriotic and believed in democracy, I am astounded by how quickly our nation is being attacked and torn down.
The one similarity between what happened in the Catholic Chu-rch and what is happening to USA now is the way the humans most affected just sit there and DO NOTHING, so are just letting it happen.
But in terms of what is important and relevant now, it's much WORSE for me to watch my country be attacked and destroyed the way the Trump presidency is destroying us than it was for me to learn of the hundreds of thousands of pedophile priest crimes in the last century.
So glad I'm living now on top of a mountain where it would be hard for the tanks to get to me. I'm seriously scared.

-Kay Ebeling
On top of California, watching it all happen

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