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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I didn't ask the story to go this way, it just did

A couple people think SNAP is being attacked by church lawyers for its decades of work, through the recent Kansas City depositions and subpoenas. I think SNAP is self destructing because their work is done. By destructing in a very public way, they are keeping control of the story even as they self-destruct.

Of course the "Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests" is not really self destructing, but they could.

Because their work is done here.

SNAP ran damage control over the pedophile priest story as it broke in city after city, they intercepted and garnered all the contact information for the media and victims and stashed it away, not even sharing contacts with local leaders, rarely connecting new victims with other victims who live nearby. One by one SNAP discouraged activists who came forward around the country and would have created a real movement. Now people are starting to figure them out here and there, so SNAP should get out while the getting's good. Their work is done here.

Meanwhile all hundred thousand victims in the USA are isolated and discouraged, in the same vacuum we were in before this whole thing started.


People point out nice phrases SNAP gets in the news here and there as proof of SNAP's good works. Problem is, I believe SNAP and the Church are one and the same at the executive level.

So any public disclosures by SNAP are actually orchestrated by the bishops to in the end make the church look like the good guys, and the victims look like money grubbing unsatisfiable malcontents.

Keep paying attention, look closer.

For me, today, any time SNAP stands in front of the cameras, the news is being manipulated by the church. So I read every item both the Church and SNAP releases with skepticism.

Release of the current Clohessy deposition story and the nun whistle blower in Kansas City just before its release are part of SNAP's hidden agenda.

I didn't ask for the story to go this way, it just did.

Meanwhile the cover story of being a national support organization is very effective, for finding out who the victims are and what they intend to do. Only SNAP knows what victims have said where and when, and they share almost none of that information. A dozen stories have been released through SNAP, in a very controlled fashion.

The people in the pews have no idea how many victims there are or the extent of the sexual violence that was propagated on children. If they did, the people would not still be in the pews. SNAP has run damage control on this issue very effectively.

The only ones who knew in the 1980s that there would be a need for control when a hundred thousand victims came forward were the American bishops. I think SNAP was born at the 1985 bishops conference where Tom Doyle wrote the founding documents. SNAP's real purpose was to keep us all from being able to really create a movement.

And they succeeded.

Just think, why Clohessy? Why Blaine? Out of all hundred thousand pedophile priest victims in the USA, why do we only see two-three survivors wherever the story breaks? Why haven't they changed the adjectives they use in twenty years? It's all been under control from above.

Intuitively, a genuine victims group in crimes like these would be inclusive and transparent. Instead we have SNAP.

I had a very unique perspective doing CofA blog, that allowed me to interview victims around the country and see what SNAP was doing to people, repeatedly. They really did not want me to see that and did all they could to stop me.

It has not been a fun experience.
I wrote about the whole weird experience at City of Angels 2 in a lot more detail.

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