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Sunday, February 26, 2012

I may live in the first spa town in the USA but...

Sheldon and I share an aversion to massage. .

I'm just not healed enough to take part in all the massage therapy going on around me, oh well, there's still the water... (clip is screenshot from an episode of Big Bang Theory)

Meanwhile me, I'm real busy still working 3 jobs- no i never did get a settlement, the fuckers- and every bit of time I have I try to give to a book I hope to finish by 2015 and post here and to be honest, I get a horrible physical reaction when I open a news story about pedophile priests, almost all the time, and if SNAP is in the story I start hyperventilating. They are not worth dying over. The lies and manipulations were waking me up in the middle of the night for about 3 years and that's finally stopping. That's good as what more can I do? I think with the Vicims of Silence board and my blog just being here, people will one after another over time figure out what happened.

Meantime, I'm writing about other topics at City of Angels 9 and discovering I'm NOT a despicable horrible person to be shut out and shut up as the experience of last few years made me feel. So I continue life-changing, not disappearing, but definitely stepping back to look at things from a different viewpoint.

I'm still here, just quieter

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