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Friday, March 16, 2012

Why are SNAP files secret in the first place?

Wow those files, any PI worth pennies could get into them. I wish SNAP would just X out all the names and publish their files. Imagine what we'd find out about the Church if SNAP made all the stories it's heard public. Think about it. How many victims contacted SNAP expecting their stories to remain secret? I'd think the opposite was true, we called SNAP in an attempt to tell it to the world. SNAP should have been sharing all that information with the public from the start. Why keep it secret? Let's hear all the stories of all the victims who've called SNAP last 20 years. You can change names of things to protect privacy but let's get this whole story out about what the priests did. What better way than for SNAP to publish its files in a looong website so we all can hear the details of what happened in state after state and all across the country. Why Secret Files? Who does that? Were people contacting Clohessy thinking he's a father confessor, or because he kept holding press conferences about the sex crimes of pedophile Catholic priests?

Photo is cropped from The New York Times 03 13 12 and ran with caption: "David Clohessy keeps records from his advocacy group, known as SNAP, in his St. Louis home." Why in the world are all those boxes full of stories about these crimes being kept shut?
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012
The way I see it
I read ALL the comments at the NY Times piece yesterday...


Tuesday, March 13, 2012
What I think about SNAP subpoenas, Clohessy deposition, recent events
Why doesn't SNAP just answer the subpoenas and turn over court ordered documents, with any private information redacted? You know, with a black marking pen swiped...
Posted By Kay Ebeling
NOTE: Your privacy would not be breached. Just change names and identifying information like any writer does in stories like this. There is no reason to keep these crimes secret, except to protect the criminal side of the church's reputation.

We could call it The Transparency Project.


  1. (Skip Shea emails this comment:)

    "Hell, they don't have to black out my name."

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  2. (Mike in AZ comments:)

    "I was going to comment that they dont have to redact my name either. Mike S"

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  3. Another comment came in just now:

    "I am proud to have you as a friend, Kay. You have done more to expose the true depth of the clergy abuse crisis than anyone I know." Janet Clark

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