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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Not Posting for now

It's just not happening.  Every time I develop a story for this blog, it gets stymied one way or another.  I'll put in hours and days of work on posts, then when I'm about to put them up here, I get a phone call or an email saying, "Don't publish my story."  

So last summer I decided to take all those interviews and fashion them into a fiction piece, but I could not do that either, because it felt too much like I was exploiting people.  

I don't know why this phenomenon keeps happening.  The paranoid part of my brain is certain someone behind the scenes is sabotaging this blog, finding out who I'm talking to and telling them not to talk to me, as the same pattern keeps being repeated.  

No matter.  Whether it's just human nature or it really is an effort by the Church, using agents disguised as advocates, the end result is nothing can get published here anymore.  

Anyone can email me at to communicate with me, but for now I'm looking for a new project to arouse my passion.

As far as I can see, the Catholic Church won their battle to keep the pedophile priest crimes as secret as possible.


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