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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Media Falls for Papal BS Once Again

I think the reason Pope Benny resigned was to take the media off the real story, the pedophile priest conspiracy, and return news writers to the blithering idiots they are showing themselves to be today. 

It's as if the decades of child rape never happened. 

I am sickened, once again, by news reporters who do no more than copy down what criminals say and reprint it as news so the gangsters get away with everything while the crime victims are left going. . . 


Whenever a new Pope is elected or dies, the news media act as if it's a significant thing for the world but as a non-Catholic pedophile priest victim, all I can say is. . . 


The Pope is at the top of a huge criminal organization and he gets treated with all this reverence? 

-Kay Ebeling

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