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Monday, September 29, 2014

Holder Mistake with Bishops Repeated with Imans

By Kay Ebeling, City of Angels

All of a sudden Eric Holder resigns. It looks like Obama's AG screwed up bad by being too benevolent to "nonprofits" that have Islam in their name. He allowed who knows how many dollars to flow into mosques that produced criminals such as the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston and Alton Nolen in Oklahoma. 

This is the same Attorney General who said no when he had an opportunity to file federal indictments against Catholic bishops for aiding and abetting pedophile priests back in 2009-10, astounding crime victims nationwide.  Now Holder has made the same mistake with Islamic groups, not believing that a network of criminals could operate at the top echelons of a religion.  Holder is now no longer our AG, but we have to deal with the consequences.

Eric Holder did not prosecute the bishops just like he would not prosecute the imans. In the Catholic case it means dozens of felons are still in powerful positions influencing public policy. In the Islamic case, the entire nation’s security has been compromised.

I hope someone besides me sees that the real problem here is the US Dept of Justice believing criminals are innocent just because they are leaders in religious organizations.  


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