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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Media Whores produce similar results

Any other priest victims out there getting weirdly triggered by this Dugger family stuff? There is that "church" protecting a pedophile connection, a weird similarity especially in the way it was handled. It's really making me ... sick. When the parents found out, they went to the church who said, Pray on it and ask forgiveness, and no one reported as mandated by law to the police. The perpetrator went onto be influential and respected and as far as I know, nothing was ever done to address how this affected the five young girls. They used the Church to heal the sex-crime instead of reporting it to the law and getting help for the young victims. The similarity in the Duggers and the Catholic Church pedophilia is running through my head. They are an Influential family, they ran the Family Research Council, that's what's bugging me, the Influential stuff and thus the response from media and public- that's my trigger. that's the correlation to the Catholic Church in this that is driving me a bit wack, that they can do this and still be Influential and Respected even. The family that condones diddling among siblings is also the power behind the Family Research Council... Aaarrghghghbi!  

       onward reference

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