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Friday, July 29, 2016

Priest suing SNAP looks like bad guy in Man in High Castle

I do not know the story behind the reverend’s charges, but have to point out: The priest who is suing SNAP looks an awful lot like Inspector Kido on The Man in the High Castle series by Amazon Studios.

Inspector Kido
Rev. Xiu Hui Jiang

I'm just saying. . . 

Kido played by Joel de la Fuente is one of The Scariest and Most Effective Antagonists I've seen in a while, and I keep rewatching episodes just to see de la Fuente’s performance, so when I saw Jiang's photo, the resemblance Jumped Out at me. 
As to SNAP, I haven't believed anything that's come from them in ages, but always think it’s funny when they claim other organizations are too secretive. . .  

Here is one of few news articles on the Rev. Jo Jiang's lawsuit against Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests from St. Louis Post Dispatch:

Priest asks for sanctions against group withholding information about accusers

"SNAP had until July 22 to comply with the order, which also required turning over all records of donations attorneys for SNAP have made to the organization. The order said federal law does not guarantee privacy in the production of pre-trial evidence."

A lot of us would like to know where SNAP gets its money as I bet it would be a big surprise for everyone to find out who is really pulling their strings. 

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