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Friday, August 26, 2016

Judge got it right, just for wrong reason

I laughed out loud when I read this sentence in the judgment against SNAP yesterday

 "At no time have the SNAP defendants attempted to address their purported confidentiality concerns through other means beyond their repeated assertions of a nonexistent privilege," 

I laughed because "repeated assertions of nonexistent privilege" is all that SNAP is. For decades SNAP has been nothing more than the sentences they say in the news. There is NEVER anything more there. Survivors who've been trying to get past the obstruction that is SNAP to Prosecute the Bishops have known this for decades.

The people who run SNAP just showed up and superimposed themselves on a nascent victims' rights movement, and had all the resources they needed to take over. By the time survivors realized what SNAP was doing in their town, the damage had already been done. There Is No Survivor Movement Because of SNAP.  

Quote is from this story at Courthouse News Service in St. Louis


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