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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

UNCENSORED: Banned Post Published, Ebeling story continues at CofA Blog

My attorney says it's okay for me to blog again, so today I'm publishing the article I was forced to remove within hours about publishing it one year ago today. It describes a “mediation conference” concerning my lawsuit as a victim of pedophile priest victim Fr. Thomas Barry Horne of Bartlett IL in the early 1950s, click here:

Chi Archdiocese tries to silence CofA Blog, read story here at CofA Blog.

I'm also writing an online book, at City of Angels Blog 15 ( ) which I hope to finish by 2015. It's titled “Faster Than the Speed of Life” and today I'm publishing the first of several entries on this writing project:

Starry Eyed for Krishna, In Pursuit of the Priest

Last April the Chicago Archdiocese tricked me into thinking they were ready to settle my case, in order to get me in their law offices. Then they proceeded to tell me that Father Horne's family were going to sue me (though his family never contacted me). The "Mediators" whispered things in my ear that were calculated to scare me into not writing this blog anymore.

And I did stop writing.

Then my lawyer said recently, “Go ahead and toot all you want” about Father Horne and the pedophile priests. So today I'm re-publishing the April 18 2011 post censored post from April 18, 2011.

So City of Angels Blog is back. Only thing I'm not allowed to report is the amount of money I got in a settlement, and well, there never was a settlement. But I didn't start this blog with money in mind anyway.

Who knows what will appear on the blog between now and the end of 2014.

-Kay Ebeling
PS: Wonder why no matter how many times I write a post and publish the name of my perp priest, Father Thomas Barry Horne, the story never shows up in my Google News Alerts for his name... I guess that's "internet equity."

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