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Friday, April 13, 2012

We were receptacles provided for priests who were trying to be celibate but needed release

(The discussion at Priest Abuse Trial blog about the trial in progress in Philadelphia includes this comment by me:)

I honestly think the bishops thought children would forget being sexualized at ages like six, so they let us get raped by these priests.

I have come to believe the "altar boy" role was created in the Dark Ages to serve the priests in Mass. Children were provided to help priests stay "celibate" - we were receptacles for quick release when the naturally horny priests needed it.

They thought we'd get over it. They ignored all the suicides and the destroyed lives they caused.

It was organized hits on children to serve the priests' needs.

My 2 cents for the day, good morning..

Ralph Cipriano and Mark Bukowski are HEROES!!! The analogy with the mafia above made by commenter neilAllen76 is dead on target absolutely true. He wrote that the pedophile priest epidemic was like a series of mafia hits on children:

"The only difference is that the actual Mafia have an honor code.

And they would never rape children."


(Read the entire dialogue here along with Cipriano's in depth coverage of the current Philadelphia Archdiocese child sex abuse trial )

Kay Ebeling, rejuvenating

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