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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Catholics, Go to a Different Church, Please

I wish federal prosecutors would appear at Archdiocese offices around the country with warrants to search for and seize all documents from "secret archives" in a coordinated effort in cities nationwide. Imagine what they would find, unless the bishops and monsignors have already shredded everything, not just to do with pedophile priests, but all the other crimes being committed in this church.  

How can Catholic bishops continue to have ANY influence or power in lo cal communities and politics after this decades long crime spree where a hundred thousand American kids got sexualized by at least six thousand priests in the last fifty years?  

How can people keep going to this church after so many lives have been destroyed by these greedy false representations of God.... Really, Catholics, next time you feel you have to go to that church and that church only to learn Scripture, look around you at all the other denominations where there is oversight, where parishioners have a voice. 

The Gospel exists in plenty of other places besides Catholic pulpits, in fact a neighborhood Bible study is probably more like the original Christians worshiped than is your Sunday Catholic Mass. 

Next time you must go into a Catholic Church instead of another church, think of the hundred thousand wounded persons struggling through life in the USA right now because these pedophile priests got to us as children. 

Think about US!!!!

(And I've been working on my anger issues... )

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