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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just found these notes, mysteriously intriguing

Back around March 2010, I wrote these notes down while talking on the phone to a former nun who was part of the L.A. Clergy Cases that settled in 2007.  Just came across these notes now, as I was working to update my email list, in anticipation of three posts I'm launching before the end of this month.

Here is what I found in the middle of a completely unrelated file:

Lived with nun who was stationed in New Mexico, I said, those stupid Servants [of the Paraclete], everyone said it was for alcohol, but actually it was for the perverts.  The sister said, when I was in New Mexico, it was just horrible, they had free range on weekends and they would cause all kinds of problems.

A pastor in a small poor parish, there was a suspicious fire in rectory and priest died, and she felt that people from ...

Michael Baker was a fixture at my parish, Pastor Hanson had been at the seminary with him summer of '71 when seminarians were there, 8 known pedophiles were in my parish. 

Hanson had two accidents in company of married women.

It was St. Anthony of Padua of Gardena, California. among the perpetrator priests in that one parish were:



Gerald Fessard,

Lyn Cafoe is on the lam

Used to be at st. James in Torrance

There were eight predator priests who were at that parish all at the same time, one who’s not attached George Rand chaplain at USC,

These were sixth grade kids, the seminarians came to run vacation bible school and [got] too familiar with them, making friends, rocking them.  I went to the pastor and a boy from the parish, but Tony could not find him.  

More to come soon as I finish updating my email list -Kay E

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