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Friday, August 31, 2012

Kinda sick, so not posting

I keep starting to work on posts for this blog, but my body is not cooperating. I have one of those auto-immune diseases and no health insurance, which doesn't matter as there really is no treatment for things like lupus anyway. But it's ZAPPED my energy, and I'm so tired. Still doing my part time job, then mostly just resting the rest of the time.

Now and then I'll put a few hours into a post and there are a few that might get completed before the end of the year, but that is the current state of City of Angels Blog by Kay Ebeling these days.

Meanwhile, may try to write fiction...

Friends, please stay in touch. I'm on Facebook.  

See ya.
PS:  Developing the art of Active Resting in the meantime but the pain is astonishing, but lots of rest brings the pain down so.... producing one nth what I used to.

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