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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jerry Sandusky again? Where are stories of 6000 pedophile priests?

I clanked a pan on the counter as the news story came on.  I hollered, "Jerry Sandusky again?"  Another story about this one guy, one pedophile?  

Where was the American press last few years as pedophile stories of six thousand plus Catholic priests came out?  

More than six thousand pedophile priests.  That means how many hundred thousand victims of them are, like me, slamming dishes in their kitchens these days too wondering how Sandusky can be such a huge story while Catholic priests buggering boys in sacristies draws yawns.  

Plus me, I'm just now finding out that recently in cities around the country there have been quiet settlements, one after another, going on.  No accompanying news stories, just payouts to victims who then keep silent.  

And in the end these crimes remain secret.  

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