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Thursday, September 27, 2012

To David Pierre

(David Pierre takes issue with me calling him a pedophile priest defender in yesterday's post.  I sent him this answer: )

Be grateful, David. You should see what I deleted.  
David, you perpetuate misinformation and grab any thread you can find to make these priests look innocent.  

You publish Donald Steier's rambling legal motions as fact.
You claim victims are making up their stories because they can't remember specific details.
You side with biased judges instead of looking at the real story, such as with Poandl in West Virginia.
You find the one percent of questionable cases and amplify them as representing all the cases. 

Really questionable, David, and yes you end up defending the pedophile priests, even if it is inadvertent. Plus you provide sound bites and a forum for prejudiced haters. 

My question to you is who is paying you, David? 

If you are not being paid, what else would motivate a person to produce the information you produce?

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