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Thursday, May 2, 2013

New SOL bills do not get me aroused

UPDATE:  Correction.  Minnesota opened a window, it's just Illinois who can't.  I hate my karma.

Been emailing about new bills passing now in Illinois, Minnesota, and other states that remove the SOL on child molestation from here on out, but do not open windows for lawsuits regarding decades old cases.  So people like me never get the open window for a civil lawsuit, which is a disappointment, not just because I would love to be able to buy a condo.

Those lawsuits regarding old cases discover Archdiocese documents, decades old lawsuits can result in release of a priest's entire personnel file.  I am convinced, from the little research I've done on my own perp priest, Thomas Barry Horne of Chicago 1939 to 1985, that his files would be extremely revealing about the history of Church policy of transferring problem priests to small rural churches and covering up their crimes.

So it's not just my tightwad greed personality emerging when I say I'm not excited about bills passing now that end the SOL on child sex crimes from this year forward.  I should be happy but I'm not.  I want those Archdiocese files from the fifties through eighties dug up and publicized.

What other ways do we have of getting hold of old Archdiocese files and finding the root of this crime epidemic?

Mary emailed about a week ago and asked what I felt about the bill going through the IL Legislature right now and I wrote back:

"No windows, it does not open a window, oh well."

Then I felt I had to also write:

It's not that I don't care about future children.  Truth is, I don't think these crimes will ever happen again at the level they did in the 1940s through '80s as the culture has changed so much.  We know so much more about child sex crimes now than we used to. 
But I don't want to write that at the blog, so I'm just not writing about it.  Few "advocates" agree with me, but I doubt there will be many cases of child rape by priest in the future, with all the oversight there is now that was not there before.
So this bill is cool, but I don't seem to get excited about it or want to praise it or write blogs about it.  I've wondered about that myself, why aren't I excited about this bill, but it is what it is.  
It's a watered down version of the bill that should have passed as are so many laws passed these days.  

Oh well.
-kay ebeling

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