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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dang, I left out most important part

UPDATE on Cardinal's Mansion post:
DANG< I left out the most important part (updating April 15 story on April 24).  I did not know about the cardinal's mansion before six months ago.  In the dead of winter, I dug into a pile of books and in one was a description of the mansion where Cardinal Stritch lived, at the corner of North and North State Parkway.  SO THEN in November or so of 2012 I google mapped the location and went down to street view and THEN saw the house.  It then took me five more months to get here, as that's how I move.  By then I had forgotten the importance of finding out about the mansion for the first time in a book (An Alley in Chicago).  So anyway, the reason this post is called "in construction" is I put it up mainly to get the videos posted in case I drop dead or something.  But there is more of this story coming soon. kay- in chicago five more weeks)
It took me a while but I found it:
As soon as I saw the building on Google Maps, I knew this is where I was taken in 1955, and told sternly by the bishop to ...

Referring to this story on April 15)

Preview: Proof My Story Happened

This post is in construction

The post was just a preview, still I wish I'd stop making so many mistakes
Read whole thing at:

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