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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pope Mouth on Baby Jesus Thigh Image Turns Pedophile Priest Victims' Stomachs

This pic may be religious to some, but with hundreds of thousands around the world going public that Catholic priests raped us as children, the Vatican should take great pains to avoid releasing images like this where the Pope appears to be nibbling on the Baby Jesus's thigh while the child looks up in ecstasy. Oh, no, I see, he's not nibbling the thigh he's just kissing it. Grotesque. 

The photo churned up awful awful memories as soon as I saw it, since I was age five when Father Horne diddled me, and our position and posture was likely very similar to this image.  The statue being Baby Jesus just adds to the confusion in the triggers the image musters. 

The Vatican has recently revised its PR machine putting a former Fox News exec in charge, and they release this picture?  

That they can be so crass as to put the Pope in this position with cameras around him tells me that Catholic Church heirarchy still don't see the damage they did to us, or the gravity of hundreds of thousands of sex crimes against children unprosecuted.   With a wave of a hand to the cameraman, they dismiss the pain of victims all over the world who will see this photo.   

Recent papal announcements of a new commission to investigate clergy sex abuse of children is more PR produced by that same Fox News guy, and it successfully distracted American news media from the prosecution being attempted against the Vatican by The Hague at this time.  No one in Catholic Church hierarchy has shown an understanding of the epidemic of sex crimes against children they let happen in their parishes.  Still, so many people go to their churches.  Kinda makes you long for a new planet to live on.
(Photo is of the new Pope who replaced the old Pope performing something at St. Peter's Basilica Christmas Day, credit Associated Press.)

Posted by Kay Ebeling
the city of angels is everywhere.

Edited from a post on Facebook this AM Here are some comments that resulted on this day after Christmas 2013

DB: I agree with you. Why did they not picture him kissing the babies head, like a mother/woman would do.  ...or even the feet if that was meant to be Jesus.

MS: I thought the same thing when I looked at the photo. I agree with D - much more appropriate to be seen kissing the top of the baby's head.

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MORE COMMENTS found when I woke up in the AM:

JM:  So I saw this picture...kissing a baby's big deal for the unmolested....but then I saw a picture of him cradling this baby as he placed him in the crib...that was much less creepy..and I thought...they really are stupid about the sacramental images they pimp...stone cold insensitivity...

BR:  Yeah its almost like mocking the victims  If you study the grail legends historically the thigh symbolizes the penis as well so this really turns my stomach

FMD:  Yuke

Kay Ebeling I woke up thinking, this shows they really haven't given a thought to the damages they did. It is not on their minds at all, to consider it at all.

JM:  They consider it when it money gets involved or p.r.

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