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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tell your story, bypass damage control, or the Church gets away with this whole pedophile thing

I think it's really important for non pedophile priest victims to find out just how bad the damages were from these crimes. That is the part of the story that HAS NOT gotten out, and it's why pew sitters and non Catholics still don't get what the big deal is. To me this is a place where SNAP failed. The people I've interviewed have told me astonishing stories, think little boys leaving a rectory dripping blood down their legs, the astonishing outrageous behavior I've observed, the suicides, the people who change personalities right in front of your eyes, the morbid obesity and killer anorexia. Look at me, what a mess I am. 

All of us need to tell our stories, don't be embarrassed, tell the world what it did to you, AND what it did to your family AND the bizarre things that happened in your life when you interacted with the archdiocese lawyers who turned out to be thugs from a Martin Scorcese film, just more polite. 

The reason no bishop is behind bars is people don't realize how they ruined our lives and then turned the other way to accept an award on camera. 

Please, all you fellow victims out there, post your stories, put them on blogs. I will edit and help you with graphics. There is a level of damage control that has prevented the whole story from getting out there and it's we, the individuals hitting keyboards in our little rooms, who are the ONLY ONES who can get past that blockage and get the story out. 

SO HERE GOES, okay, everyone. go to blogspot dot com, start a blog, I am here as a free consultant if you have any questions.

Onward, Kay Ebeling
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