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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Monsignor who fields pedophile priest reports a predator himself?

Background  for Aug 29 post 
You can see in the story below evidence of Monsignor Ray Hebert as The Guy you went to in the nineties with pedophile priest complaints in New Orleans. After Ted, three other men accused Monsignor Hebert of predatory pedophile sex crimes when they were children at Madonna Manor. Hebert's pastoral response from the victim assistance office was to sue all four of them for defamation with the power of the Church behind him. The men then removed Hebert's name from their lawsuits against the Church and Hebert went on what appeared to be a press tour to tell the world his name had been cleared. 

However, Hebert died in Jan 2014, and my advisers tell me he no longer can file defamation suits against his accusers no matter how powerful the Church is. There is also legal precedent, dating back to the 1960s and the biography of Jean Harlow, saying the family of a deceased public figure cannot sue for defamation after the sited individual has died. 

When victims such as Ted Lausche said they remembered Ray Hebert as a perpetrator, the Monsignor immediately changed from pastor to litigious adversary. In my opinion, the Monsignor's reaction proved he was guilty, or he would not have been afraid of legal discovery using his name, and he would have worked with the four accusers, as that was his job, not filed lawsuits against men who he knew were damaged and vulnerable.   In the story below you see Hebert did help other victims who called the New Orleans victim assistance office, as long as they did not name him as the perpetrator: 

Molestation Case HauntsChurch, Victim

By Bruce Nolan,  Times-Picayune [New Orleans LA], December 5, 1999
QUOTE:  'From the archdiocese's perspective, the Keane story began in November 1994, when Collins and a cousin met with Monsignor Ray Hebert and told him what Keane had done to Collins years earlier.  After a follow-up meeting with Hebert, in which Hebert told him Keane had admitted the truth and the church would pay for his therapy, Collins felt that Hebert "could not wait to get him out of the room," Widmann said.' 
(More to come) 

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