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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

RIP Ken Kosiorek

I can’t really blame Ken.  I went along eagerly to the church in Pasadena where he and I wreaked havoc one Sunday as pedophile priest survivors and police were called.  The story and photos I posted on Examiner about the incident helped get me fired from that job.

Ken Kosiorek, who died July 29, had a contagious mania, a frenetic response to everything in life. Ken grew up in a Catholic orphanage in upstate New York and apparently his internal rage and passion about children's rights originated with abuse he survived at the hands of nuns in that institution.  When Ken found City of Angels Blog online in 2009, he drove up from San Diego to take me to a Catholic Church I went to as a child so I could take pictures. I'm not sure how, but the incident accelerated to Ken being detained in the street by local PD while I wandered the church grounds trying to find something I recognized (turned out it was the wrong church).  Instead I stumbled on a nun coming out of the sacristy with her dress halfway up her thigh.  I took pictures of her and posted them on my Examiner site saying, wonder what she'd been up to with the priest coming out looking so flushed just before Mass, and, well, I lost that job. 

Ken is infamous among pedo-priest survivors for producing the purple t-shirt that says "I was molested by Dirty Filthy Catholic Clergy." On the back it reads, "Would you let a nun / priest babysit your kid?"  A big hit among many of us. 

He's remembered with joy in the community that's grown up around off-road motorcycle competitions.  One Facebook obituary said:

Racers Who Care was in the midst of planning a Quick Tips on Winning in Life presentation for Ken Kosiorek to make to kids in the greater El Cajon area near where he worked when news arrived that Ken Kosiorek had very sadly passed away.

His message to kids was: "Dream it, Then Do It. Value yourself, value your time. Value that time to teach others. Always be nice to everyone and never litter the earth." He recently designed and published a comic book/coloring book for kids describing his racing experiences entitled "Las Aventuras de la Tortuga in Baja."

He was one of the founders of the Baja Cancer Foundation, through which funds are raised and gifts collected for kids suffering from cancer.

Ken worked as a sales engineer for Airgas, which distributes industrial, medical, and specialty gases, welding supplies, safety products, and tools. He studied marketing and sales at San Diego State University, and served five years in the U.S. Navy.”

He often came in last in competitions and heartily embraced the nickname given him, The Baja Turtle!

Ken Kosiorek died while on a motorcycle trip near San Diego July 29.

His t-shirt lives on forever.

In honor of Ken’s take on life, City of Angels Blog feature “We Are All Made Of Stars” by Moby as the best song we can think of to play to remember Ken. 

We are all made of stars, so, Ken, see ya around. 


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