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Monday, January 25, 2016

Archbishop of Chicago has destroyed my faith, maybe permanently, someone tell the Pope

The Archbishop of Chicago needs to realize that the dirty tricks he is playing on me through his lawyers to block settlement of my lawsuit, filed bk of a pedophile priest raping me when I was age five and supposedly settled last September, has been the Last Nail in the Coffin of whatever faith I once had in God or even a "higher power" and the world needs to know that while the Catholic Church professes to give the victims of these crimes "pastoral care" and love and compassion, what they really are doing is screwing with us, using our lawsuits and lawyers to harass us, and Destroying Whatever Faith we may have once had. Destroying it. That's what the Archbishop of Chicago has done to me, destroyed what little faith I once had.

thanks for the image, Ted

1 comment:

  1. Kenny sent this comment:
    Hi Kay, it is me. Kenny

    Whoever wrote "have faith in yourself" is right.

    I started reading the ANALECTS OF CONFUCIOUS today. Who knows?
    Stay strong, Friend. Still searching myself.

    Your principles of love and justice are STRONGER than their principles of hate and hypocrisy.

    That younger you pic I saw playing the guitar. She wants you to KEEP FIGHTING.

    I'll shut up now


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