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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Church and Archbishop of Chicago still f---ing with me 4 Months after my lawsuit settled.

UPDATE: The week they said they were settling my case last September, I got letters from the IRS, the state of California Franchise Tax Board, and Medicare, all telling me I suddenly owe them money for things that make no sense. Thanks, Catholic Church, for showing your true colors, and NEVER sending me my settlement check, just sending letters to tax boards so I would continue to be harassed because I refused to take down this blog when you tried to make me in 2011.  (Jan 20, 2016)

For the record: I have not gotten my check from lawsuit that settled Last September bk the lawyer for the Archbishop of Chicago, James Geoly, sent a letter to Medicare that caused everything to get stalled while Medicare gets involved with it, Just To Fuck With Me Some More!!! Even Medicare does not know why they got called into it, It Is All Just Another Way for the Catholic Church to screw with a pedophile priest victim behind the scenes while lying to the public and parishioners that they are concerned and care about us. ALL THEY WANT TO DO IS MESS WITH US.

they get to call themselves pastoral, the Catholic Church, with all the benefits that go with being benevolent, when all they really are is Corporate Thugs.

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