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Monday, February 29, 2016

Oh man, of course Hollywood would fall for SNAP

SNAP got their name all over Spotlight while the film was in the news, involved no more than a handful of survivors, then followed up with nothing. yet another Golden Opportunity let slide

UPDATE: This is the result. No one shows up (as always as no one is ever notified) for a SNAP organized event, those low numbers are then used against us, here is from March 1 Catholic League post:

Most Americans are truly outraged over the sexual abuse of minors, but there are many who feign anger. Take Mark Ruffalo, star of “Spotlight”: he held a protest outside a Cathedral—almost no one showed up—before the Oscars*

I joked few weeks back and said Blaine et al would show up at Oscars and put SNAP's name all over Spotlight and claim credit for some kind of work that involved the film, showing up in the news about the Academy Awards, like Blaine always shows up, almost alone, when pedophile priests are in the news. Then nothing else happens.  I didn't think it really would happen \as the Oscars but yesterday it did... On the red carpet, Mark Ruffalo said to the mic and the world: "Yeah I was at a protest with the SNAP group in L.A. at the cathedral and they were saying that every day more and more people are coming forward with their stories." Same quote that's come out after every SNAP press event since 1995 and know what? We will never hear who those "new survivors" are or what their story is, they'll disappear into the black hole between St. Louis and Chicago. Guess what Hollywood fell for SNAP, sigh, oh well, There's even Blaine in a photo hugging the movie stars, with her "Killroy was here" smile. It really happened, I was only joking when I said she'd show up at the Oscars almost all alone again claiming to represent survivors and everyone in the news media would believe her.  If she really ran a network for pedopriest victims, then why did only 16 people show up at the protest? Why weren't the rest of survivors in California notified about this pre-Oscar protest weeks in advance so we could get there. I bet word went out around L.A. at the last minute, as always, SNAP keeps turnout low. Making it look like the "survivors network" does something when really it does not. Except keep us from finding each other by hording all the contact information. The quilt in photo below made a statement at demonstrations in 2002, it's still the same quilt... It's astounding that SNAP didn't find a way to use the hundred thousand pedophile priest survivors in the country, or at least the thousand pedophile priest victims who got settlements from the L.A. area in 2007 settlements in a more planned and meaningful way on this special Oscar night, not surprising for those of us who've been part of this for decades though.

Protesters, many of whom identify as victims of abuse by Catholic priests, marched and brandished banners outside the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels Sunday morning.

I joked when I said Blaine et al would show up at Oscars and claim credit for Spotlight. Then
Ruffalo tweeted this flyer from SNAP, my first reaction was, why didn't a protest like this happen in every city. A Snapper then posted the flyer on Facebook saying "This is why we are still in the trenches - protecting kids and exposing the truth!!!" When did we ever go into the trenches? 
Mark Ruffalo
13 hrs
Just got back from a protest with SNAP Priest Sexual Abuse Survivors
Pre Oscar activity today for SNAP and SPOTLIGHT folks (Mark Ruffalo, Tom McCarthy, and Josh Singer).
Barbara Blaine added 3 new photos.
13 hrs
In front of LA Cathedral!

Of course Hollywood believes SNAP is who they say they are,
They both exist in a world created by PR
Blaine really did show up like Killroy with that smile, so then her photo, like one above, ended up in the news with the stars. And not much else. 

Wake me up tell me I'm dreaming

I'm happy for the movie winning best picture but wish more than a handful of survivors would have been able to take part in the experience like why not use all those SNAP branches in cities around the country, to plan events coinciding with the Oscars all over the country but, no, this was it 


Of Course Hollywood would fall for SNAP
even Hollywood Reporter:
Oscars: Mark Ruffalo Joins Sexual Abuse Protest Outside Los Angeles Cathedral
Hollywood Reporter - 17 hours ago They stood with members of SNAP, the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, ...
-back to work, on Mary Mary Season 5 and a new show about Compton today...
posted by Kay Ebeling

*Catholic League Link sigh

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