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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Church Screws with Pedophile Priest Victim in creative ways

How the Church screwed with me as a pedophile priest victim who also wrote a blog about the crimes: Last September they offered a small settlement which I accepted as I need dental work. But Then the money never came, instead the Chicago Archbishop's lawyer sent letters to the IRS, CA Tax Franchise Board, and Medicare telling them something, I have not yet gotten a copy of the letters. The result is now All Three of those entities are in my life trying to squeeze what little money I have out of me for bogus claims, and The Settlement Check from the Church Never Came. It was all just another way of harassing me for doing this blog and being a pedophile priest victim who would not keep quiet. So ... right, great work the Catholic Church does for the world. Here is where it all started
UPDATE April 1, 2016
The check finally came. All the delays instigated by the Church ended up costing me, money that came out of my settlement and went to my lawyer's firm. In fact, the lawyers got more than half of my settlement. I can't even afford a set of dentures with what is left. I am left with a lousy taste in my mouth literally. Happy to be living now in a resort town where I can take long walks and slowly clean my head of thoughts from the last ten years, my experience hearing horror stories, being cyber attacked, and being disappointed in other human beings.

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