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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I meant was...

In response to Mike S:  The reason I say this post I wrote yesterday makes no sense now: 

I say I have no support and can't find any other survivors, then I talk about all the survivors who are on Facebook that I communicate with.  That's how I meant it doesn't make sense.  And the SNAP stuff is still, to this day, very confusing for me... they are So Good at their public image, that now that I'm not doing research all the time and am just a member of the public, I'm starting to only see what SNAP puts out to the public, and they do make themselves look good, don't they.  The stuff I wrote about in 2010 was the stuff I saw from the perspective of working full time on this blog and interviewing dozens of survivors around the country.  It was the same stuff SNAP was trying to prevent me from seeing by trying to stop me from doing the blog at all.  For background, read City of Angels 2 at where I describe the whole shebang... 

Gotta get back to my paid job now...

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