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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Justice Interruptus continues in PA

In today's media circus, Watergate would have been the name of a blog and Richard Nixon would have remained President.  Thanks, Ralph, for all your work.  (This post was originally a comment at Philadelphia Abuse Trial Blog :)

The real conspiracy was between bishops and other bishops all over the country, not between William Lynn and one priest. Somehow I don't feel this one conviction of one monsignor on one count is all that monumental, as the Philadelphia  DA is quoted describing it. 

This statement by the jury foreman after the verdict says so much: "I never knew about the stuff happening in the church." 

Why don't people all over the world know by now about this "stuff," the aiding and abetting of thousands of pedophile priests by Catholic bishops worldwide? 

A federal prosecution of the bishops would be monumental, yes. Trials like this one of Bishops, not monsignors and priests but bishops all over the country would be real justice. 

So I feel a sense of "justice interruptus" here, as one of the pedo-priest victims whose case is so far past the SOL I'll probably never see any closure.  That's right, I can't get no satisfaction, part of the mania I've lived with since Father Horne-y aroused me at age five in 1953. 

The church must have a powerful PR machine working behind the scenes, to keep as little of this story from coming out as possible, even between the victims. Otherwise all the jurors would have known about this "stuff" before the trial. Otherwise, this trial would be all over national news. But instead, today, all over the national news is the Sandusky verdict, which was delivered the same afternoon, about one pedophile coach a few hours drive away from Philadelphia. 

To me, the real criminals are the bishops, and they are all drinking coffee out of golden cups in very comfortable places this morning. 

So we just have to keep on keeping on, and somehow get past the church's monumental PR machine to get the story of these crimes out, one blog at a time... 

City of Angels Blog at is my one blog by one damaged victim who was once a credentialed journalist... 

One blog at a time
-kay ebeling
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