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Friday, April 12, 2013

Bishop Accountability Debunks Media Report

David Pierre keeps grasping at straws at his Media Report site, looking for a story about corruption, when a real one is right under his nose.  Here Bishop Accountability responds to his false claims:

Regarding: EXPOSED [Part II]: Broadcasting Rumor and Innuendo to Trample the Innocent and the Dead
[Note that is not alone in listing Muth, Haran, Lane, and O’Donovan. The Archdiocese of Los Angeles includes Haran on its list of accused priests
Los Angeles Archdiocese
and the Archdiocese of Boston includes Lane and O’Donovan on its list
Archdiocese of Boston
The Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph commissioned a report that includes a discussion of Muth’s case, including Bishop Finn’s decision to remove Muth’s faculties
Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph via]

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