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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

If only that dang priest had kept his hands in his cassock

Fr. T.B. Horne, Bartlett IL, 1953
The pedophile priest put a new dynamic in the whole family.  When Father Horne diddled my mom, my sister, and me, it was indeed sexual assault that should have been prosecuted. 

But also that pedophile priest’s crime interfered with the Darma, it was an abutting and redirecting of the destiny of everyone who was an Ebeling in Chicago in the early 1950s and some of our neighbors as well.

It affected every relationship in my family, even with aunts and cousins who had nothing to do with Father Horne.  A pedophile priest touching two little girls and making them sexually confused from the time they were age six was a dynamic in our family, and in the lives of my sister and me, that otherwise would not have been there.

If only that dang priest had kept his hands in his cassock,

-kay ebeling 

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