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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Church Owns Insurance Co that pays clergy abuse settlements

And profits from them:
Going through notes, found: The insurance company that pays clergy abuse settlements is owned by 59 archdioceses:
"Company policies are established by shareholders for the benefit of shareholders. The company currently has 60 shareholders consisting of 59 archdioceses and dioceses and one risk pooling trust."
The National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc
Corp was established in 1985... just after that infamous bishops' conference that birthed The Project.
"Our fiduciary duty [is] as a steward of assets of the Catholic Church. We are owned by our shareholder Catholic entities and employ highly experienced professionals who understand and share the values of the Church and who work with our shareholders to develop sound solutions for optimal risk management."
National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc.
managing church assets to assure minimum loss due to clergy abuse settlements

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