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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Julia Gillard ousted months after starting Royal Commission Inquiry into Catholic Church clergy abuse

In the words of another blogger:

Julia Gillard’s legacy lives on in historic Royal Commission

Above is from Voiceless Victim Blog.  
This conversation about Gillard's ousting started on Facebook.  
CofA Blog is still on hiatus:

Started on Facebook:  Kay Ebeling shared a link.
Background: 7 months after launching this investigation, PM Julia Gillard was gone in a late night vote

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced that a wide-ranging royal commission will be set up to investigate the way institutions like the church have handled cases of child >>abuse.


Tony Abbott, leader of the Opposition (liberal) party that despised Julia Gillard so contemptuously lists his religion as Roman Catholic

Read about him on Wikipedia

Timeline of Julia Gillard's career 

TVNZ-Jun 26, 2013Share
Kevin Rudd leads Labor to victory against John Howard. Gillard becomes deputy prime minister. As education minist


Julia Gillard ousted as Australia prime minister 

The Guardian-Jun 27, 2013Share
He also paid tribute to Julia Gillard. "She is a woman of extraordinary intelligence, great strength, great energy. All of you across the nation ...

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