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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

With Gillard ousted, what happens to Royal Commission into Child Abuse in Australia?

City of Angels Blog will be posting developments in Australia.

For example:

Within a week of taking office, new Prime Minister Kevin Rudd gives political concession to the Catholic Church, suggesting he will back-burner  reforms created by Gillard regarding "non governmental" i.e., Catholic, schools.

"Following a meeting with the non-government school sector, Mr Rudd left open the possibility of changing the reforms [created by Gillard], most likely in the form of delaying implementation of the reforms for a year until January 2015. The non-government school sector has been particularly vocal in claiming the Gonski reforms risked hurting them.

"Catholic and private schools have blamed poor policy implementation on their lack of open support for the reforms."

Read Rudd Extends Gonski Talks at Business Spectator from Australia

This conversation about the ousting of Julia Gillard so soon after she got the Royal Commission into institutional child abuse going in Australia began here at CofA Blog

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