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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pedophile priests now a fixture in American culture

DVD of "Prisoners" came out last week and a plot twist caught my attention.  Police are rounding up the usual suspects after two small girls are abducted, and on a list of nearby sex offenders is a Catholic priest. No fanfare or shock that one of nine potential perps in one small New England town is a Catholic priest, he's just another sex offender in a ten-mile radius on the detective's list in a 2013 movie about abducted children.  Here are three clips that document the moment. (screenshots, for this blog only)

Detective Loki says he's been knocking on doors all night, the Captain asks, what's next. 
DET:  I’ve got nine level three sex offenders within a ten mile radius. 
CAP:  Go.  Go.

The Detective goes to one, then another sex offender on his list (fast forwarded here to set the context).
Then he arrives at the residence / church of a Catholic priest who is among the nine sex offenders on his list.

Just here we are, 33 mins into the story, time to round up the usual suspects, and since it's a pedophile crime, one of the usual suspects is a Catholic priest, who is apparently still serving, as his taking a Confession is then also part of the story. 

Not a contrived plot twist, not a rallying cry or an opportunity to insert a politically correct message into the story.

Just one more sign that the pedophile Catholic priest has become a fixture in American literature. 

And for some reason that makes me feel good.

After close to ten thousand priests have gotten away with pedophilia in the past 75 years in America, it's easy to surmise there is a pedophile priest hiding in just about every town. 

Keep an eye on your kids. 

Prisoners comes from Alcon Entertainment, 8:38 Productions, and Madhouse Entertainment and Warner Bros. Clips here are screen shots for this blog only, not for YouTube or any other promotion, just an illustration of my point.  Hope Warner Bros et al don’t come and take the clips down anyway. . .

Available at Netflix: Prisoners 2013R153 minutes - "When his 6-year-old daughter is abducted and the investigation stalls, carpenter Keller Dover tracks down the culprit himself. But his vigilante action pits him against the case's lead detective and puts his own sanity at risk."
Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman in Prisoners
-Posted by Kay Ebeling
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