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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

This is great QUOTE  
Chicago's Francis Cardinal George will be remembered for two over-riding themes in his tenure as head of the Chicago Archdiocese, administrator of the largest parochial school system in the world.  His main theme is a relentless condemnation of all things homosexual, especially gay marriage.
His other cause, steadfastly championed by the 50-year priest is concealing both the sexual abuse of children by priests and the identities of the perpetrators.  To sum up the George Doctrine:  Pervs good, homos bad.
At their core, these really aren't two separate themes,  just two sides of the same coin.  Like John Candy said in Uncle Buck, "You’re not a gnat are you Bug? Wait a minute, Bug, gnat. Is there a little similarity? Whoa, I think there is!"
There's a scary similarity here, not to mention a perverse hypocrisy at work.  Cardinal George endlessly interjects his opinion into secular affairs that don't concern him and affect mostly non-members of his Church, while condemning any attempt to root out and punish pedophile priests.
A report describing abuse by 30 of the Church's offenders and 40 of their victims is going to be turned over to attorneys suing the Archdiocese.  The documents will be made public later this week.  As one might guess, the Church fought the disclosures.
Included in this week's bulletin to parishioners, the Cardinal included a letter which said, in part, “Painful though publicly reviewing the past may be, it is part of the accountability and transparency to which the archdiocese is committed.  It will be helpful, we pray, for some, but painful for many.”  The policy of transparency to which Cardinal George refers isn't always clear to see.
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